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Copiapast is what? How to make a copy-paste?

Writters, creating content, webmasters andsite owners often have to deal with the concept of "copy-paste". Moreover, this word is pronounced with obvious negative coloring and even caution, causing uninformed users to take an interest in an unknown and mysterious term. So what is a copy-paste and how dangerous is it?

Kopipast - theft of foreign texts

Copiapast is the fastest way to create an articleby full or partial copying of other people's texts. This term originated from English words: copy - "copy", paste - "paste." The use of this method implies the search by the writer of one or several articles, similar in theme, and the creation of the necessary text from them without changing the original one. That is, unlike rewriting (changing the text in order to obtain a new unique material), kopipast is stealing someone else's ideas and texts and handing them out for their own.

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Consequences of copy-paste

It would seem that copy-paste is an excellent method both forbeginners in copywriting, and for site owners who want to quickly fill their service with content. Fast, cheap and simple. However, the appropriation of other people's articles does not go unnoticed on the Internet, which at the moment makes the most stringent requirements for fans of plagiarism. And punishment can not be avoided and unscrupulous author, who decided to outwit the customer. This method is often resorted to by novice writers who are not aware of what a copyaplast is and what its consequences are.

Kopipast for the author - a cross on a writer's career

Many copywriters starting their way to the topwriter's skill, make a stupid mistake. Wishing to create articles as quickly as possible, they steal materials from other sites and hand them over to customers or place them on text exchanges for sale. Even if the grieving author succeeds in outwitting the customer, the exchange will necessarily check the uniqueness of the article for the presence of plagiarism and punish him for a copy. The program, specially created for these purposes, determines the uniqueness of the text as a percentage and provides links to sites from which the information was stolen.

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To the unscrupulous author apply strictmeasures: lower rating, negative reviews and even account lockout. And with a lot of negative reviews and low ratings, it will be very difficult for him to gain the confidence of customers. As you know, for a writer, reputation is everything, so those who want to make a career as a successful copywriter, it is better not to resort to copy-paste.

Copiapast for the site owner - blocking the service

Any site begins life with the passing processindexing (adding a resource to the database of a specific search engine). The goal of any webmaster is to push his service to the top of the search results. Indexing is done by the robots of the search engine, whose task is to check for copy-paste, the uniqueness and similarity with other resources of the content of the new site. Coincidence is expressed as a percentage, and if the articles are copied completely from an already indexed site, the content will be regarded as plagiarism. And, as you know, plagiarism is theft of material and copyright infringement. Plagiarism is punishable by law, no less loyal in this respect and the measures of search engines.

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Site pages where the site was foundcopy-paste, will not be allowed to be indexed, or the entire resource will fly out of the index of both search engines ("Yandex" and Google). This means that search requests will ignore this site, and it will never come out in the results of their issuance. It remains only to regret all efforts to promote the site, wasted money and the owner himself, who also can be prosecuted for plagiarism and copyright infringement.

Types of copy-paste

As described above, copy-paste is the reprinting of articles from other sites. In this case the copy-paste is white, gray and black.

White copy-paste - link placement

This placement of information from another resource whenproviding an active reference to the source material. In this case, copying will not be considered a violation. A vivid example of sites, literally filled up with white copy-paste, are social networks. All texts, stories and stories that require the user to click "like", "share", are placed there with an indication of the source (namely the page with the material, not the site itself).

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Gray copy-paste - the "rule of seven"

This is a reprint of the material with the referencenot on a specific web page, but on the resource itself. Gray plagiarism is allowed by the search engines, but with one condition: the method is only applicable if the sites in the results of the issuance that copied the same information are no more than seven (the "rule of seven"). If your site is the eighth with a copy-paste site, it is likely to be blocked, so when using this method, consider all these aspects.

Black kopipast - theft of content

Theft of other people's texts without spreading the linkon the primary material is called a black copy-paste. Algorithms launched by search engines and received the nickname "attack of clones", severely suppress plagiarism, not allowing non-unique texts to be indexed. Therefore, webmasters rarely resort to copy-paste, preferring to rewrite or synonymize the original article for obtaining new material.

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The legal copy-paste. How to make a site on cloned materials?

If you still decided to stop your choice on kopipaste (and if it is the right approach, it is also capable of generating income), you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of lawful "cloning" of the material:

  1. The owner or the author should give you permission to post an indexed link to their site under the articles of your resource.
  2. It is acceptable to use white (in rare cases gray) copy paste.
  3. It is better to create one site with unique texts than 10 sites with cloned articles.
  4. Copiapast on a small scale (30 percent) is not dangerous, but this condition applies to sites that have existed for 2-3 years.
  5. Before creating a site on a copy paste, fill it with 20-25 unique articles, wait for them to be indexed, and in case of a successful result, dilute the content with the copied information.
  6. Of great importance is the frequency of updating information on your site, so add new articles as often as possible.
  7. In any case, white copy-paste is not as high-quality content as, for example, copywriting. Even if all requirements are met, preference is given to sites with unique materials.

How to deal with plagiarism?

If you yourself became a victim of plagiarism, having found your articles on other sites, you need to do the following:

1. Notify the owner that the material posted on his resource is stolen, and advise him to post a link to the source text.

2. In the event that the appeal is ignored, you can make a complaint in Google Adsense, through which monetized traffic, "Yandeks.Vebmaster", which fights against spam. Search engines immediately put filters on non-unique resource information.

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3. The most effective way to combat plagiarism is to complain to the hosting company with which the "thief" works. If the fact of the black copy-paste is proved, the site will be immediately blocked.

The ultimate goal of every webmaster, blogger andthe owner of the site is the position of his "child" in the top line of the search results. The surest way to promote your resource is to fill it with interesting, useful, and, most importantly, unique information. A copy-paste - this is not creativity, but rather its dull copy. But even if you manage to untwist such a site, in the forefront it will not last long, as it will inevitably run into any filter. Therefore, it is better to abandon this idea and try to create something new and original.

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