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A short biography of M. Gorky, which causes respect

In 1869, on March 14, a writer was born in Nizhny Novgorod, whose pseudonym was Maxim Gorky. His real name is Alexei Maksimovich Peshkov.

M. Gorky: biography, brief life story of an interesting person

He lost his parents very early, so allchildhood and youth lived with his grandfather Kashirin Vasily. His grandfather died when Alexei was 19 years old, after which the future writer went to travel around Russia, wishing to find ideas for creating interesting stories.

Youth of the writer

biography of the bitter

Biography of M. Gorky, just like life, is very complicated. After enrolling in the school, after 2 years he was forced to drop out of school. This is due to the death of my mother and the complete devastation of my grandfather. After that, the future writer had to become a shoemaker, work in a drawing shop and study iconography. In subsequent years, all attempts to resume studies were failed. Solid failures in life almost led to the fact that he almost committed suicide. Biography of M. Gorky in his youth speaks of the severity and intolerability of being. During the years of travel he saw a lot and worked in completely different spheres of activity.

During the years of wandering and wandering, he succeededto get acquainted with the writer V. Korolenko, who helped to improve the work of M. Gorky. The first story of Alexei appeared in the newspaper "Kavkaz", he was called "Makar Chudra". So in 24 years the writer became known to people under the pseudonym Maxim Gorky.

The role of V. Korolenko in the life of the writer

Since 1892, the biography of M. Gorky began to develop much more successfully. It was from this time on, his main assistant and mentor was V. Korolenko. He helped in the publication of subsequent stories of Maxim. It was Vladimir Galaktionovich who gave him recommendations and talked about the writer in various publishing houses. From 1893 to 1895, more than seven of Gorky's stories were published. All of them were first published in the Volga press.

m bitter biography short

After the publication of the stories, the biography of M. Gorky received a new development: he entered a permanent job in the Samara newspaper, where he was daily published under the heading "By the way." But he only signed the pseudonym of Jehudiel Chlamyd. The first book ("Essays and stories"), which was written in two volumes, was published when Maxim was already 30 years old. And she liked the critics very much, so Gorky began to write the novel "Foma Gordeyev." At that time he became a recognizable writer: now he was recognized as one of the best and famous authors of that time.

Then Gorky went into drama and wrote twothe most famous plays - "Mieshes" and "At the bottom", which received an unusually great success, but at the same time caused the appearance of anti-government public. Gorky was repeatedly arrested and sent into custody, and he was also one of the most active participants in the revolutionary movement. In 1905 the writer was imprisoned for six months for calling on the people to overthrow the government. But he was released because of the pressure of society. One of the most "scandalous" works of Gorky is the novel "Mother", which was written in 1906, at the height of the revolution.

creativity and bitter

After the publication of the story, Maxim lived for seven yearsEurope. Then, in 1913, he again returned to Russia and wrote many more interesting works. After the revolution, his career went uphill. From 1934 to 1936, Maxim Gorky headed the Union of Writers of the Soviet Union. The writer died at 68, having lived a rather rich and interesting life.

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