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"Crystal Mountain": an instructive and interesting tale

Tales are a genre of literature that takes itsbeginning long before our era. From ancient times, all people at all times loved fairy tales. And this is not at all surprising. Any work of this genre carries a deep meaning, teaches the listener good and honoring the elders. Russian writer A. Afanasyev retold many Russian fairy tales and thus was able to convey and preserve them for many generations.

crystal mountain

Description of the work

In every fairy tale there is a confrontation between good and evil. "Crystal Mountain" - a fairy tale, which is a confirmation of this. This work, being a Russian folk tale, bears a deep meaning. The power of evil appears before the reader in different ways and always stands in the way of good and happiness. In "Crystal Hill" the road to happiness is covered with many difficulties, and only having faith in a miracle and doing good deeds, Ivan Tsarevich will achieve what he wants, will destroy the villains and save the world.

crystal mountain fairy tale

"Crystal Mountain" - a fairy tale with a beautiful name

This name is not accidental. In the plot there is a real Crystal mountain. In the fairy tale, it resembles a certain cage in which a beautiful princess was imprisoned. Beautiful, but at the same time a lifeless mountain covered the castle of the princess more and more. This is the personification of evil, just as in our time the negative is spreading in the soul of people, filling their hearts with hatred and anger every day. A reminder of greed and cruelty of people on their way to the desired. Sometimes it is not easy to destroy such a spell, but good and true love have unprecedented power.

"The Crystal Mountain". Heroes of the plot

crystal mountain heroes

As well as it is necessary to any fairy tale, in it are presentpositive and negative heroes. In the tale "Crystal Mountain" is Koschey. A real villain, who is the most important instigator of intrigue. If you deal with it, the magic charms will fall, and the sun will shine again in the sky, and the singing of birds will begin to be heard. However, such a task is not simple. Dealing with the villain is difficult, because his death is the seed that is in the egg, the egg is placed in the duck, the duck in the hare, the hare is located in the trunk, and the chest is hidden in the trunk of the twelve-headed snake itself. The key to unraveling the villain's death was good deeds. Ivan Tsarevich helped the forest dwellers, and they repaid good. Now Ivan Tsarevich is able to turn into a falcon and an ant, which allowed to unravel the evil plan of the villain.


crystal mountain

Almost in all Russian folk talesthere is a confrontation between good and evil. In the fairy tale "Crystal Mountain" the brief content of the story begins with the three sons asking for the blessing of their father to go hunting. It is here in the forest that Ivan Tsarevich meets the first test. He saw a dead horse, and around it there were beasts that could not divide it. The hero of the tale needed to help the forest dwellers cope with this difficult task. The difficulty of the solution was that it was impossible to offend anyone. Using smartness and intelligence, Ivan easily coped with the test. For this, the beasts rewarded him with the ability to turn into a falcon and an ant.

How Ivan Tsarevich defeated the evil

Turning the falcon, Ivan flew to anotherkingdom and saw that he was half drawn in by the Crystal Mountain. Interested in this picture, the hero decides to ask the king to take him to the service. As well as the plot of the fairy tale is supposed, the Tsar's daughter falls in love with Ivan and asks permission to go with him to the Crystal Mountain. When they reached the mountain, young people noticed a golden goat. After chasing her, Ivan lost the princess. He could not return to the palace without his daughter, could not look into the eyes of her father. Then the prince decides to turn to the old man and ask for the king's shepherd. In order to graze the herd, the king gives orders to the shepherd. That if a three-headed snake arrives, then it is necessary to give three cows, if six-headed, then six cows, and twelve-headed twelve heads. But Ivan Tsarevich did not give a single cow, no villain. Having shown his mind and courage, he was able to fight the villains.

Turning an ant, the prince was able to break through the crackcreep inside the Crystal Mountain. As it turned out, there was a princess there, who told him the mystery of Koshchei's death. It was a seed (and there was a seed in an egg, an egg in a duck, a duck in a hare, a hare in a trunk, a trunk in the trunk of the worst snake). Having won this battle, the prince could not only emerge victorious, but also marry the princess.

What does the tale teach?

in a fairy tale the crystal mountain is a kosche

"Crystal Mountain" - a work that carries a deep meaning and teaches its readers a lot. Namely:

- Courage. Everyone in any situation is tested. Destiny itself tests it for strength, and if you do not show courage, you can just break down.

- Respect for seniors. The very tale begins with a request of the blessing of the father. Walk prince and princess also happens only with the consent of the parent. And he could not appear before the eyes of the Tsar without the Tsarevna. In the minds of the youth, a sense of responsibility must be brought up before the older generation.

- The fact that any difficult situation can beto overcome, if you show resourcefulness and ingenuity. The very death of Koshchei is presented to the reader in the form of a well-known matryoshka doll. There is always a big one in it, in it there is less, and in it even less, etc. Opening each one in turn, one can cope with difficulties, although at times it is tedious and, as it may seem at first glance, impossible.

The relevance of Russian folk tales in our daysnot lost. Now, in a rapidly developing world, there is not enough simple respect for the elders, skill and patience. People often have no time to just say hello to each other, listen to the opinions of others. Such tales as "Crystal Mountain", it is simply necessary to read to the younger generation.

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