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Poet Sergei Shestakov

Sergei Shestakov is a poet whose creativity is manyauthoritative critics consider it a phenomenon in contemporary Russian poetry. In spirit, imagery of thought, he is close to Osip Mandelstam, while being an authentic author with his own unique handwriting.

Sergey Shestakov


Sergei Shestakov was born in Moscow on 29.01.1962 in the "mathematical" family. My father taught at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University, and it seemed that the fate of the future poet was predetermined - to become a scientist.

Indeed, the young man graduated from the faculty of the Moscow State University, but the soulrequired a search for his own way. For four years, Sergei Shestakov worked as a geologist, and night commandant, and an engineer, has not yet realized that his true vocation is pedagogy.

Shestakov Sergey Alekseevich

Profession - to teach children

Having worked a bit in the teacher's college, SergeyAlekseevich moved a mathematics teacher to a regular school. But he was an unusual teacher. Being an innovator, he developed his own pedagogical methods, wrote fifty teaching aids. But in parallel, for the soul, spilled on paper poems about love, about being, about their own emotions, experiences.

Sergey Alekseevich repeatedly admitted"Teacher of the Year" at various levels, including all-Russian. His collection of titles "Honored" envied by many. In 1995 he was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland of the second degree. At the same time, the teacher of mathematics of the GBOU School No. 7 is deputy chief editor of the literary magazine "Novy Bereg".

Joy of Reading

Verses by Shestakov and Mandelshtam are not compared by chance. Sergei Alekseevich says that it was this poet who became his most revered in his youth. It's no wonder that their octave is consonant.

Since childhood Sergey Shestakov has been an inveterate reader. Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Pasternak, Bunin were included in his cohort of elected prose writers (and included). In addition to Mandelstam, he loves the poetry of Pushkin, Tyutchev, Baratynsky, Derzhavin, Fet, Yazykov, Vyazemsky. Magnificent library of the Moscow State University allowed to read rare works, which under the USSR could not be purchased. The richness of the language palette of the "adult" Sergei Alekseevich, of course, stems from the accumulated luggage of works read in his youth.


Sergei Shestakov is printed a lot and often. The list of specialized authoritative publications that published his eight-text is impressive: Literaturnaya Gazeta, Neva, Zvezda, Volga, Znamya, Ural, Novy Bereg and others.

Also Sergey Alekseevich published full-length poetic collections:

  • "Poems" (two parts: 1993, 1997);
  • "Indirect speech" (2007);
  • "Scholia" (2011);
  • "Other landscapes" (2015, international litpremiya "Writer of the 21st century").

The poet tours a lot, does not neglect creative evenings even in small towns. Frequent participant of forums, competitions.

Shestakov's poems


Although the work of critics - "dismantle the bonesunhappy authors, "hyperbolizing the slightest flaws, they approve of Shestakov's work. Literary scholars note not only the richness of the vocabulary, but the richness of verbal images, sometimes unexpected, but always accurate and capacious.

Sergei Alekseevich attributed to underground poets. At a time when among readers the poems about love are most in demand, he is not afraid to disclose complex topics. Do not be afraid to alienate the audience. Only a thinking, searching person can appreciate a complex range of feelings, thoughts, creative message of the author.

... and life lasts, as the echo lasts,
When the voices are silent.

In his work, the trace of Shestakov as ateacher-mathematics. His texts, like equations, require solutions. They are not enough to read. Laconic eight-style is generously flavored with underscore-dots and suggestive exclamation marks. The author himself does not share mathematics and poetry, believing that these are different interpretations of the same processes.

poems about love

The Way to God

Shestakov often appeals to God, which is strange for"Preacher of the exact sciences", brought up by the ideals of the Soviet era. Can an individual who has received a brilliant technical education, a mathematician by profession, carry high spiritual values? We do not forget, first of all Sergey - the teacher. A man whose sacred duty is to teach to think, to teach a lesson, to become a conductor of new knowledge. In a word, a teacher.

and a cloud of white clay is rolled into a ball
until she barely heard it say: God ...

Sergei Alekseevich writes most of his poems withoutcapitalization. Apparently, emphasizing the importance of each word. As a result of reading, an image of prayer is formed - monotonous, but important in meaning. Darkness and light are the author's frequent heroes. And also shadows, penumbraes, tones, halftones, individual colors and their blending.

Shestakov's works may be excessivepessimistic. They show a deep, even global overtones, in which you want to understand forever. In eight lines, sometimes more sense than in the poems of "second-rate" authors.

The result

Shestakov Sergey is included in a galaxy of the best poets of modern Russia. He manages to combine mentoring, creativity, and social work. He took place as a teacher, as a poet, as a citizen.

Sergei Alekseevich with other authors speaks before the devoted devotees of poetry. Actively participates in the publication of the "New Coast" newsletter and as a deputy editor, and as an author.

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