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Neal Walsh: biography, photos and interesting facts

Neal Donald Walsh began writing books afterexperience of mystical experience. The first work entitled "Conversations with God" became a bestseller. The author came to world fame, recognition, success.

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Youth years

Neil Walsh was born September 10, 1943 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to an American Catholic family. The craving for spiritual search was manifested from childhood and grown up encouraged.

He graduated from Catholic school. More than other students, he was interested in questions of life and religion. It amazed his parents and teachers. They constantly wondered: where did he absorb all this wisdom?

The parish priest tried to satisfy the boy's religious curiosity. They met once a week. Over time, Neil began to be more confident about asking his questions.

By the age of 15, he was completely immersed in the process of comprehensive knowledge of various religions and spiritual writings. I read the Bible, Rigvedus and the Upanishads.

For higher education, Walsh enteredone of the colleges of the University of Wisconsin. But his heart did not lie to the academic sciences. He dropped out of school and went into the broadcasting industry. Work began in 19 years.


As for the professional plan,Neil Walsh developed many ways. He held such positions as the radio station program director, newspaper reporter, editor in chief, public relations specialist.

He did not just jump from one job to anotheranother. So the existential saturation of his inner world reflected in his actions, deeds. He preferred to live his own way, and not "as it should be to all normal people." Eventually, he founded his own firm for public relations and marketing.

The complete collapse

In the early 1990s, Neil Walsh got into a whirlpooldifficult life situations. All his property destroyed the fire. There was a break in the marriage relationship. During a car accident, I received a serious injury - a neck fracture.

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Walsh was left alone. Sick. Without work and means of subsistence. He had to start from scratch to rebuild life. It was necessary to find a place for life and money to pay off numerous accounts.

Circumstances forced him to be a temporary refugechoose a tent in Jackson Hot Springs, near Ashland, Oregon. It was necessary to collect bottles and aluminum cans for processing, to provide themselves with at least some food.

At that time, it seemed to him that life came to an end. But it was after reaching the very bottom that he began his path of rebirth.

The turning point in the life of the writer was a letter

Neal Donald Walsh "Conversations with God" began to create in the spring of 1992, although he did not yet know about it. Just wrote a letter to Almighty ...

He had such a habit, formedfor years, to scribble messages to their "tormentors" who never went. His thoughts and feelings he poured into a specially designated for this purpose notebook. So he usually let off steam.

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In those years, Neil Walsh felt unhappy,believed that life was not a success. Therefore, I decided to address the letter not to anyone, but directly to God himself. The lines were filled with despair, perplexity, censure and angry questions. Why life does not add up? What did you deserve? How to arrange everything? It was the cry of the soul.

The future author, to his great amazement, has becomereceive answers. According to his own statements, the words sounded in his head. The voice that spoke them was soft and kind. He dictated the answers to all the questions written on paper.

These conversations were repeated many times. Walsh woke up in the middle of the night to ask questions and write down the answers. So began his communication with God, and at the same time work on the first book, stretching for 3 years.

At first he did not believe in these records. Then I thought that they would be valuable for him personally. And only then realized that the text was not intended for him alone. Neil Walsh talked with the Creator published. Notes from the notebook became bestsellers.

Unorthodox views on communication with God

Neil Walsh "Conversations with God" did not publish right away. Many publishers refused to cooperate. It upset him. Did he represent the scale of future circulations? In 1995, the first book was published and became an international bestseller.

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The ideas of the book do not correspond to traditionalrepresentations of a religious nature. Instead of strict and punishing, the concept of a kind and friendly God is offered. This need not be feared. He will not blame, condemn. He has no reason to punish.

The goal of any life is one - gaining experiencehappiness. Everything else that a person thinks and does, only serves her. Most amazing, it's like an endless ladder. If the moment of sensation of all completeness of a life comes, there will immediately be foreseeable a more grandiose state, which one wants to achieve.

All the necessary knowledge is already inside the person. In this world he comes to experience what he already knows at the level of concepts. His life is the process of creation. Man does not open, but creates himself anew. Therefore, one should strive not so much to open oneself as to determine who wants to be.

Freedom of choice allows you to choose actions eitherout of fear that binds, draws, closes, or out of love that radiates, expands, develops. The inner voice - feelings, sensations, experiences, thoughts - is a divine radar that guides, sets a course, paves the route, if a person allows it to do so.

Prayer should be expressed in the form of gratitude for what is not yet. The request itself confirms the fact that there is a shortage of something, as a result, the person receives exactly the experience of the absence of the desired.

The book's adaptation to the book

For 10 years, Walsh received proposals to turn his book and life story into a film, but rejected them. However, one person still managed to persuade him - Stephen Simon, he is Stephen Deutsch.

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"Conversations" by Neal Donald Walsh producedindelible impression on Stephen. As a producer and director, he has always been guided by his main rule: cinema must be from the heart. And his heart said: "Yes!"

October 27, 2006 in theaters of the United States for the first timethe film "Conversations with God" was shown. The plot narrates about the dramatic events, life peripeteia, which prompted the author to create the book. Neal Walsh was played by actor Henry Czerny.


In 2003, the feature film "Indigo" was released,where Neil Walsh played the main role - the grandfather of a ten-year-old granddaughter with extraordinary abilities. By himself, together with James Tuymanom wrote to him the script. The film was directed by Stephen Simon.

In 2006, the documentary "The Secret" was released,which became very popular. Already hosted TV producer and author of the idea of ​​Rhonda Berne with his team worked on its creation for about a year. Successful leaders of various spheres of business, economics, medicine, psychology, theology, and science were interviewed. 25 of them took part in the shooting, including Neil Walsh.

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In the film, he talks about the meaning of life. Many people think that the destiny of man by God has already been spelled out somewhere. And to understand why they are here, they must certainly find this knowledge.

According to Neil Walsh, there is no need to seekthe goal appointed by God. It just does not exist. The meaning of life, the goal of each individual person is what he sets himself. His life will be such as he himself will create it.

Shooting documentaries "Three magic words" - 2010, "Touching the Source" - 2010, "Life in the Light" - 2012, too, did not do without his participation.

Personal life

By his average age, Neil Walsh was marriedrepeatedly. But each of these relationships did not add up and ended in divorce. In total, he married four times. He is the father of nine children.

Currently married to the poetess Em Claire. Together they live in the southern state of Oregon. Many travel around the world, meet with large audiences and share messages about the material "Conversations with God."

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Contribution of the author to the life of society

Neil Walsh has published 28 books. His works have been translated into 37 languages ​​of the world. They touched the hearts of millions of people.

In 1995, to cope with the response topublished works, he and his wife Em Claire created the non-profit educational organization ReCreation Foundation, Inc. Its goal is to inspire and help people around the world move from negative to positive life forces.

In 2003, Walsh founded the Humanyty team. This organization works with children from different countries - South Africa, Australia, China, Romania - collecting and donating clothes, food, furniture, small appliances, and helping terminally ill children.

His inspirational work he contributed totransformation of the concept of God and spiritual paradigms around the world. His books provide answers to questions of an existential nature. They help people overcome the semantic crises, choose new goals, change lives for the better.

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