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How correctly to write a review? Sample of a review of articles

Before talking about what constitutesa sample of a review of the articles, I would like to talk about the genre itself. After all, only knowing its specifics and understanding its features, it will be possible to write a really literate journalistic work.

Review as an analytical genre

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If we draw a parallel between this genre andany other, then for comparison in this case, the expanded annotation is best. They have quite similar tasks. Both the abstract and the review are called upon to tell the reader what is involved in a particular work (a performance, a film, an article) than it is interesting, what features are noteworthy. Still this genre has something in common with the literary critical article, since the writer is obliged to have his own opinion, his idea, to know how to correctly delineate the essence of the work and bring it to readers. This is not a review, for which only impressions from reading or viewing are enough. The review is a multifaceted, complex and interesting genre. You need to be able to work in it. And so it is important to study more than one sample of the review of the articles, so that you can learn to apply theoretical skills in practice.

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Components of the review

So, we should consider what it consists ofreview. In the role of its object is an artistic phenomenon, which is created by some kind of art. In this case, a review of an article from a journal is considered, so that it will be a journalistic work that will help to write it. That is, the phenomenon of mass communication. The article on which you must write a review is an object. Now about the main tasks. The author should not only submit an article, he must evaluate it, and from all sides, if possible. This is the main specificity of this genre - to consider the article from all points of view. This multidimensionality determines the complexity of the review. This goal in front of him poses unless the review (in terms of the genre). It is important that the author is able to correctly correlate the information aspect with the analytical, the objective - with the subjective. If all this is observed, then we can say that half of the genre features are taken into account.

How to draw up a review

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After the mainFeatures of the genre, you can proceed to the main part. Namely, to the question of how to write a review of an article. This is a very important issue. And it is best to give a sample of a review of the articles for clarity, describing the sequence of presentation of the author's thoughts on paper. The first thing is the title of the article, the name of its author. After that - a description of the issues and the main problems, which the journalist tells about in his work. It is worth noting that the sample review for a scientific article is somewhat different from the one by which reviewers work, describing journal or newspaper publications. However, the differences are small. If scientific work is considered, it is necessary to indicate affiliation along with the name of the article, as well as regalia. The third item is the degree of relevance of the work, and then - the definition of the most important aspects of the publication. And finally, conclusions about everything that was said by the reviewer. Complete the publication of information about the person who is the author of the review: the place of his work, academic degree, rank, name, stamp, and signature.

Stylistic features

After the sample review of the articles wasConsidered, it is necessary to pay attention to subtleties of the process of writing a publication. Many find it difficult to begin to present their idea, however, guided by some tips and the example above, you can write really clever work. Many novice journalists are concerned about how to write a review of the article. To begin with, you should follow some advice from experienced reviewers. In the text, it is advised to use such phrases as "the author pays attention to such aspects as ..." or "he correctly analyzes and rightly notes ...", etc. Such phrases can not only link sentences to each other, but also start new paragraph. After all, every such phrase implies development: the reviewer can write about how the author perceives the plot, how he describes it, what techniques he uses, how rich his speech is, whether it abounds in comparisons and comparisons. To write this kind of work well, you need to feel yourself as a reviewer, because only so it will be possible to understand the whole essence of the written and how to best convey it to the reader.

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Conclusion and conclusions

Review - a very important part in anyjournalistic work. The author is obliged to systematize and generalize all of the above to them, and as clearly and briefly as possible. The conclusion is best to start with the words: "Based on all that has been said, it can be argued that ...", and then directly to give a conclusion whether the article is informative and useful for the reader, is it clear whether its author has stated the essence, whether volume or not, how good his style writing. In a word - all to sum up and put, thus, a point.

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