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Dmitry Svetlov: a great science fiction writer

Svetlov Dmitry is a modern science fiction writer,who was widely known for his talent. His books are capable of taking everyone to that fantasy book universe, which the author describes so colorfully.

Dmitry Svetlov: biography of the writer

Dmitry Nikolaevich was born in Belarus, in the cityMinsk on February 10, 1948. His father had the honorary title of officer, during the war he served on the fronts. For family reasons Svetlov had to move to Estonia, in Tallinn, in 1963. After a while, Dmitry Svetlov was drafted into military service in Tallinn naval forces. Years in the army caused the writer only positive emotions, and he decided to continue his career in the Tallinn Shipping Company. Simultaneously Dmitry Svetlov enters the LVMU named after Makarov. In 1981, Dmitry graduated from the Faculty of Management.

Dmitry Svetlov

In 2001, the writer decided to move to the Russian cultural capital - St. Petersburg. After retiring in 2009, Dmitry Svetlov became interested in literature and began to develop his writing talent.

Writer Dmitry Svetlov: fantastic, breathtaking

Incredible worlds, funny adventures,twisted stories - this is how you can describe the stories that were written by Svetlov. Dmitri wrote all the books with his heart. According to the development of events, it is clear how rich the writer's imagination is. There are a lot of stories in his writing arsenal, but there are two series of books that stand out most clearly against the background of the rest: the Admiral and the Norman.

Dmitry Svetlov

A series of books "Admiral": the incredible adventures of Sergei

Svetlov Dmitry Nikolaevich created a series of five parts.

The first book is called "Captain Commander". It tells about the incredible events that happened to the naval officer. Waking up one morning, the main character discovers that he was in Russia in the XVIII century. The reality that he sees before himself is very different from the one about which Soviet history teachers told him. What adventures await the hero?

The second part of the series - "Jump to glory." Caught in the reign of Catherine the Great, the protagonist managed to find his refuge. His knowledge helped him get the title and title. Without dwelling on what has been achieved, the hero continues to gain ground - he directs the available knowledge to help in the development of the metallurgical industry and shipbuilding. The hero goes to an incredible battle with the Ottoman Empire ...

The third book was called "Flag over the Ocean". The protagonist approaches the organizers of the palace coup during the reign of Catherine. It is he who convinces the organizers of the need for new reforms that imply the creation of the Senate. It is with this that the history of the state begins as a constitutional monarchy ...

Dmitriy Dmitriy all books

The fourth part was called "First amongequal ". In this book, the story suddenly changes - the main character by chance is on the space station. He is so anxious to return to his home planet, which by recklessness revives the long-extinct humanoid race, endangering everything that has now ...

The fifth and last part was named"Battle for the galaxy." As in the previous part, the plot unfolds in outer space. Already returning to Earth, he sees that his native planet is in a very different time - all human life is directly connected with the cosmos. Will the main character be able to regain the house?

A series of Norman books: books with historical facts

The series consists of four parts, the first of whichbecame the "Bear Castle". Events develop in Russia in the 14th century. Endless war, the division of land between the princes - in the vague atmosphere of that time the main character gets ... For him, the main goal is survival. But what ways - let it remain a mystery to you!

The second part is called "The Right to Power." The plot unfolds in the same era, but this time the protagonist is no longer an easy target - he falls on the throne. What adventures and events await the hero?

Svetlov Dmitri Nikolaevich

The third book was The Law of the Sword. Before the eyes of the reader Europe of the XIV century, the period of the birth of kingdoms and secret orders. After he plundered the Golden Horde and the city of western Lithuania, he decided to flee to the central part of Europe. But will he be saved?

The fourth book is The Black Prince. The Russian people have always had many enemies. The main character, becoming a Karelian prince, must protect his people from the attacks of adversaries. Will he be able to save the entire Slavic people? Everything depends on the courage and strength of the prince ...

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