/ What is the difference between fantasy and fantasy? Main differences

What is the difference between fantasy and fantasy? Main differences

Today many writers skilfully combine in theircreations of various genres of literature, reproducing to the light of new masterpieces. Recently, books devoted to fictional worlds have been very popular among readers, so it became necessary to find a clear explanation of how fantasy differs from fantasy. Although these two genres and are similar to each other, but still there are some very significant differences.

What is different about fantasy from fantasy
In science fiction, basically everything is examined withscientific point of view, in it events take place in a world that is different from modern historical, physical or technological reality. Such works use machines or devices, which at the time of writing the book did not yet exist. What is the difference between fantasy and fantasy? The fact that the ideas of writers in the future are reflected in the technical progress.

At one time, Jules Verne described in great detailsubmarine, although then no one thought about the possibility of swimming underwater. Robert Heinlein, Isaac Azimov has repeatedly written about artificial intelligence, Alexander Belyaev sent his heroes to the near-Earth orbital station long before it was suggested to use satellites for communications. And there are plenty of such examples, perhaps what modern authors have dreamed up and that seems to us a common invention, in a couple of decades will be taken for granted.

than fantasy is different from fiction
What is different about fantasy from fantasy yet, so thisanomalous in terms of physics properties of the world. We perceive time that moves only in one direction, but writers have suggested that it can move in a circle, repeatedly repeating the same events, or to return to the past. This can not be called a complete invention, because various anomalies are found in our world. And the fact that the best minds of humanity have not yet found this explanation does not mean that this can not be. The difference between fantasy and fantasy is that the creator of the work tries to expand the accepted frames of perception of the world, to conduct a mental experiment. Quite often in such books one can also read about extraterrestrial civilizations, at the moment this is an unconfirmed fact, but it can not be denied.

Than fantasy is different from fiction, so this isthe presence of magic, fictional worlds and races. In such works, heroes use unusual powers, magic wands, secret knowledge, magical abilities, various artifacts to solve the problem. Among the races, the most common are elves, goblins, orcs, gnomes, brownies, hobbits. Among modern writers of the genre of fantasy is to highlight JK Rowling with her world-famous novels about Harry Potter, John Tolkien with the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings", etc.

fantasy and fantasy library
Works of this genre can be consideredentertaining, because the events described in them will never happen in reality. The action usually takes place in a fictional world, on another planet, the writer does not indicate the exact location of the magical country or it is hidden from the eyes of ordinary people, as happens in the novels of Rowling. The fantasy and fantasy library is a curious collection of books. Many writers unite these two genres, creating interesting works worthy of reading.

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