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Polina Dashkova: all the books in order. A short biography of Polina Dashkova

One of the most popular representatives of the detective genre is Polina Dashkova. All books are listed in order in the article.

Polina dashkova all books in order

short biography

Polina Dashkova (real name: Tatyana Polyachenko)
was born in an intelligent family. Father is a mathematician. My mother worked as a television director. Literary work Dashkova was carried away as a child. However, then the future writer composed poems.

After graduation, Dashkova entered the Literary Institute. Then she worked for several years in the editorial office of one of the Moscow newspapers. Literary debut took place in 1996.

Beginning of creativity

The total circulation of Polina Dashkova's books is overthirty million copies. The work of the heroine of this article can be divided into several stages. In the creation of works in the genre of action-dramatic prose, she has achieved real mastery in twenty years. And, according to the readers' feedback, each of her books is better than the previous one.

How did Polina Dashkova start her career? All books are listed in the order below, but we will start from the early stage:

  1. "Blood of newborns." This is a detective story about cynical, cruel acts committed against future mothers.
  2. "No one will cry." The book tells of the life of a modest interpreter who accidentally became a witness of a crime.
  3. "A place under the sun". On this work in 2004 was shot a series that the author did not like. Particular indignation was caused by the actress, who plays the main role. A few years later she created a reciprocal work by Polina Dashkova. All books in order are a list compiled chronologically. However, it is worth mentioning the "Source of Happiness", written much later "Places under the Sun". It is in one of the parts of this book that the heroine named Svetlana reminds Anastasia Volochkova, who played the main role in the aforementioned series.
  4. "Golden sand". The story tells of a tragedy that can happen to a person who is too zealous for fame.

The writer publishes her creations infrequently. Despite this, one of the favorite authors of Russian readers is Polina Dashkova.

polina dashkova all books in the order of new items

All books in order (2000-2003)

In 2000, several works were published. Including "Airtime". The denouement is based on the murder of a representative of the so-called yellow press.

In his work, often the prototypes of well-known, really existing personalities are used by Polina Dashkova. All books in order can be continued with the following list:

  1. "Nursery".
  2. "The image of the enemy."
  3. "Easy steps of insanity."
  4. "No one will cry."
  5. "The sense of reality."
  6. "Cherub".
  7. "Swing".

"The Chechen puppet" is a book in which the authortransfers his heroes from Moscow (as a rule, Dashkova's characters live in the capital) to Chechnya. The heroine of the work is a young ballet dancer, who turned out to be in a whirlpool of events that are not written with her calm, measured life.

polina dashkova book in chronological order

"Source of Happiness" and other books

  1. "Playing opinions."
  2. "Eternal night".
  3. "The source of happiness."
  4. "Point of no return".

There is also one trilogy among the works,which for today are published under the pseudonym of Polina Dashkova. The list of books in order - the list of works of the popular author. But it is possible to select from this list the "Source of Happiness" - a trilogy that won the love of millions of readers. To fans of prose Dashkova, the main character reminded Professor Preobrazhensky from the Bulgakov story.

It is worth saying that sometimes the writer goes beyond the ordinary detective. Corresponding to the quality of this prose are some of the works that Polina Dashkova has created in recent years.

All books in order (new items)

  1. "Pact".
  2. "The ratio of forces."

This list turned out to be the shortest. In recent years, less and less pleased with their fans Pauline Dashkova. Books in the chronological order of the master of action-based prose are not a comprehensive list at all. At least, unlike the bibliography of Alexandra Marinina. But, as already mentioned, Dashkova writes infrequently, which, however, affects the quality of her texts only positively.

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