/ / Joseph Brodsky. Biography of the poet in his homeland and in exile

Joseph Brodsky. Biography of the poet in his homeland and in exile

This is a very unusual personality in the history of Russianliterature of the twentieth century. Despite the worldwide recognition and fame, this boulder stands alone in it. This is not surprising for the poet, who, above all else, valued his independence in this world. Until now, many believe that he is more loved and honored outside Russia than inside her, where many are completely ignorant - who is Brodsky. Biography of his so formed. Often it evolved contrary to his wishes. But he never sagged under the circumstances.

Brodsky biography

Brodsky, biography of the Soviet period

The place and time of birth are important inthe destiny of any person. And for the poet, they are even more significant. It coincided that Leningrad was the starting point of the fate of the future poet. Here, in the usual intelligent Jewish family, Joseph Brodsky was born in 1940. Biography of the poet began on the banks of the Neva, in the former capital of the former empire. This unusual city with its mystical aura largely determined the fate of the future poet. Poems began to write very early. And they began immediately with a high level of poetic mastery. Brodsky simply did not have the usual period for many young talents, the period of imitation and imitation of the samples. Its poetry was initially difficult to perceive, imagery is multidimensional, stylistics is pretentious and refined, the level of versification is highly professional. This is how he entered Russian literature and stayed in it once faithful to the chosen path, the poet Joseph Brodsky. His biography does not have a period of apprenticeship; from the first steps in literature he declared himself a master of unique qualification.

Joseph Brodsky biography
But the external events of his life developed according toquite strange and at the same time quite logical for the Soviet times trajectory. Despite the recognition of many authoritative people in Russian literature, his poems were ignored and not published in the Soviet Union. His work was not in demand by the Soviet literary administration, and the poet did not intend to go to the slightest compromise with the literary nomenclature. Further all was in the Soviet traditions - the court on the article for parasitism and 5 years of exile in the Arkhangelsk region. "Ah, what kind of biography they make to our redhead," Anna Andreevna Akhmatova said ironically about this. From the exile the poet returned a public campaign in his defense, which unfolded in the Soviet Union and beyond. Jean-Paul Sartre promised a lot of trouble to Soviet nomenklatura delegations during their visits to France. From the link the poet returned the winner.
 Brodsky short biography

Brodsky, biography in exile

The poet had no particular desire to leave the country. But there was no doubt that the repressive machine had only released its jaws temporarily and in the near future it would certainly pay off and take revenge for the forced concession. Brodsky chose freedom. From 1972 to 1996 he lived in the United States. Has reached all possible honors - the Nobel Prize and the title of Poet Laureate. No one asks who Brodsky is. A brief biography of him is contained in all the reference books and textbooks. Students get acquainted with her in preparation for the exams.

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