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Analysis of the "Memory of the Mother" Tvardovsky AT

Alexander Tvardovsky from the very childhood of his parentsinstilled a love of literature. His father, although working in the village as a blacksmith, was a well-read and educated man. Trifon arranged literary evenings for children, where they read the works of famous Russian classics with their whole family. But the poet's mother was more fond of folk art, which she introduced to Alexander.

Parting with the stepfather

analysis of the mother's mother's memory
The analysis of Tvardovsky's "Mother's Memory"how difficult the poet was to experience the loss of a loved one. For Alexander Trifonovich, the death of his parents was a great shock, so he longed to criticize himself for not paying them proper attention. The poem was written in order to rethink their relationship with the mother, because people realize how precious a person was to them, only when they lose it forever. Analysis of the verse "Mother's Memory" by Tvardovsky allows us to divide it into four parts, corresponding to the biography of the writer.

At the very beginning the poet tells howtried to leave his father's house, not suspecting that he was saying goodbye to his mother forever. Children grow up, they strive to become free, independent, to achieve something in life. Mother understands that when leaving, the child will not return back to the father's house, so mentally bids farewell to him and blesses. An analysis of Tvardovsky's "Mother's Memory" shows that the author regrets the rare meetings with his parents, because he only told letters about his life, sent photos of his future wife.

Parting with the native side

analysis of the memory of the mother of Tward
The second part of the poem is devoted to the linkmother and father to Siberia. The family of Tvardovsky was dekulakized, and they had to live for about 10 years in a foreign land. Mother most of all was afraid to die in a strange and unfriendly side, where the cemetery was located just behind the barracks, where there are no curly birches where birds did not sing. Parents did not want to find their last shelter in this harsh land, and fate took pity on them - Tvardovsky returned to their homeland. Of course, they were waiting for destruction, the house was ruined and burnt.

Analysis of the poem "In Memory of the Mother" by Tvardovskytells how difficult it was for the poet to survive the death of the native person. The author's funeral is described in the third part of his work. Alexander reflects on how quickly the grave diggers dig a hole, only the coffin was seen, and here the hillock has already grown. The gardener planting wood with more love and caution, but this person is buried forever. An analysis of Tvardovsky's "Mother's Memory" shows that the poet does not at all reproach gravediggers for their haste, he would be happy to help them, so that everything ends sooner.

Favorite song of mother

an analysis of the poem of Mother Twardowski's memory
In the fourth part of the poem Tvardovskyalmost literally leads a song that, at the time of his childhood, was sung by his mother. Its meaning boils down to the fact that a child who abandons his father's house is considered a cut piece, his life paths from that moment are at odds with the ways of his parents. The analysis of Tvardovsky's "Memory of the Mother" only says one thing: the poet was very sorry that during his lifetime he paid little attention to the most close and dearest person, but understanding of this came only after his death.

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