/ / A short analysis of the poem. Pushkin, "I remember a wonderful moment"

A short analysis of the poem. Pushkin, "I remember a wonderful moment"

"I remember the wonderful moment" of Pushkin - this is one of the most tremulous, heartfelt and harmonious masterpieces of the poet's love poetry. And this despite the fact that he has many such revelations.

an analysis of Pushkin's poem I remember a wonderful moment
For example, "I loved you", "Spell""Recognition" and many others. Feelings without a trace are dissolved in the text of the poem. The words "I remember a wonderful moment" seem to lie at ease themselves with music. M.I. Glinka composed in 1840 a famous romance. And since then, beautiful poetry has forever united in the minds of a Russian person with fascinating music.

Analysis of the poem. Pushkin, "I remember a wonderful moment": the addressee

It is believed that the author addresses in thisa work specifically for A.P. Cairn. He first met her when, in 1819, he stayed with the Olenins. Even then, her beauty and charm charmed the poet. Six years passed and they met for the second time in Trigorskoye. Anna stayed there with her aunt, Osipova PA. The almost forgotten, extinguished feeling resurrected in Pushkin's soul, awakened him in the atmosphere of a painful, monotonous Mikhailov exile. Before Anna left, he wrote a poem and gave it to her along with the second chapter of Onegin.

I remember a wonderful moment Pushkin
Analysis of the poem. Pushkin, "I remember a wonderful moment": an analogy with "The Letter of Tatyana to Onegin"

Already the first words of the work, his musicfascinating reader. With each line everything is more clearly heard something long familiar. Not immediately, but gradually I remember: this is Tatyana's letter, in which she pours out anguish in her sincere confessions. It is known that the third chapter of "Onegin" was written before the second meeting with Anna Kern. Perhaps it was Tatyana's letter that prompted the poet to write the first lines of the poem "I Remember ...". Of course, if we assume that it is dedicated to a specific person, then the comparison with "Eugene Onegin" is not entirely successful. However, in this case, it is more important not so much the addressee himself, but rather the state of purity and freshness of the feeling that brought to life a declaration of love close to prayer. Poetic image is filled with Pushkin's earthly content. He has this perfect, beautiful, but still real woman.

words I remember a wonderful moment
Analysis of the poem. Pushkin, "I remember a wonderful moment": the years of Petersburg life

The subsequent lines of the work are autobiographical,but their emotionality does not fall. The poet remembers how he lived for several years in the noisy, bustling Petersburg, as his soul languished with sadness. Then he talks about the painful days spent in the backwoods during the Mikhaylovskaya exile. Here the poet does not simply reproduce what he experienced before, but emphasizes that in his soul the tender voice has not died away, the cute, heavenly features have not been erased. And suddenly the feelings explode with renewed vigor. In place of quiet tenderness comes a stormy passion. The pleasure of the woman who absorbed him with love, the beauty of a woman brings bliss to the poet in itself. He experiences happiness, which is incomparable with nothing. The poet understands that for him without inspiration, deity and love there is no life.

Analysis of the poem. Pushkin, "I remember a wonderful moment": the conquering power of the work

This poetry is especially attractive becauseis not just love lyrics. In the poem, this line is inseparably linked with Pushkin's philosophical reflections on life in general, about the joy of being, about the renewal of creative forces in such rare moments of meeting with real beauty. Emotional explosion, passion is combined in it with such tender feelings as trepidation, lyricism. The phenomenon of the beloved prompted the poet to revel in and admire her chastely, gave him enlightened inspiration.

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