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Let us recall our classics: a brief summary of the "Quiet Don" by Sholokhov

A classic of Russian and Soviet literature, heHe created his main novel as a monumental work about his small homeland. The theme of Sholokhov's novel Quiet Flows the Don is a deep and systemic depiction of the life of the Don Cossacks on the demolition of the early 20th century. Being a native of this land, the writer created images of the heroes of his novel, based on real prototypes, which he knew personally. There were more than two hundred such in the epic. For more than 20 years, the writer has completed the content, deeply studying the information of the archives. A multi-layered epic picture betrayed the handwriting of the real master. It is estimated that more than eight hundred characters have passed through the pages of the book.

a brief summary of the quiet Don Sholokhov
The Summary of the "Quiet Don" by Sholokhov is familiarmillions of connoisseurs of historical classics. It is noteworthy that the talent of the writer, who was a true Communist by his party convictions, compelled him to write realistically, truthfully, did not allow him to turn the main character into the ideal adherent ideology that prevails in society.

In the interweaving of central and secondary plotlines creates Sholokhov "Quiet Flows the Don". Images of representatives of the Melekhov family are central to this work. Once the Cossack Porfiry returned from the war, not himself, but with a Turkish woman, who fell in love with him with all his heart. People envied their love and once, accusing them of witchcraft, they beat a pregnant girl.

sholokhi silent don images
Cossack saber Porfiry defended his beloved. However, she, having borne the father of Gregory - Pantelei, died. Pantelei Prokofievich, growing up, turned into a sensible and economic Cossack. He gradually and consistently increased his property. His wife Vasilisa Ilinichna became a reliable assistant and guardian of the family hearth. Dimly flowed their lives. Sons Pyotr, Gregory and daughter Dunyasha grew up. Grigory Melekhov was a remarkable young man - black, strong, sincere in his feelings and impulsive in his actions. Father prudently planned his marriage in order to multiply family property. However, we, further retelling the summary of the "Silent Don" by Sholokhov, should note that Pantelei Prokofievich was, to put it mildly, wrong. It was impossible to break the fate of such an open, freedom-loving, courageous guy as Gregory. He himself finds his love in the stately Cossack Aksinya, the wife of Stepan Astakhov. The father, blinded by his practicality, disregarded the feelings of his son, forcing him to marry his chosen passions - Natalia Korshunova, having married him with a well-to-do Cossack family. Passionate love for Aksinya is stronger. Gregory throws his wife and leaves his farm with his mistress, hiring to work in the household of a centurion. They have a daughter.

Legitimate wife of Gregory Natalia tries to end her life by suicide, slaughtered by a scythe, but survives. She is very fond of a father-in-law with her mother-in-law, and she goes to live with them.

The theme of the novel is Sholokhov the quiet Don
Briefing further on the summary of the "Quiet Don"Sholokhov, we will pay special attention to those who escaped from all lovers. Their idyll is destroyed by the First World War that began. Cossack Gregory goes to the army under the instruction, having bought a horse with money earned and having received the necessary harness and possessions from his father. The bloody life of the war does not immediately glare Grigory's heart with his iron grin. In particular, nobility and honesty built by family upbringing force him to intervene to prevent the rape of the maid Frani by the brutal Cossacks. His soul does not accept meaningless brutal deaths. He grabs the gun to shoot the Cossack Chubaty, who does not take prisoners and destroys even unarmed opponents. In battle, he gets wounded, however, bleeding to death, saves the officer. For this feat, Gregory is awarded the first St. George cross and is given the lowest officer rank. Having cured the hero in the hospital, he is sent on vacation home. However, earlier Aksinya, like the parents of Gregory, mistakenly receive news of the death of a Cossack. The centurion, who serves as a woman, enters into communication with her. (By this time, Grigory's daughter, getting sick, is dying.) Having arrived on a visit, Melekhov learns about the betrayal of a beloved, beats the loveliest Listnitsky with a whip and leaves from Aksinya to Natalia's wife.
The theme of the novel is Sholokhov the quiet Don

From vacation to the front comes anotherGrigory, fierce in heart, devoid of any sentiment. Retelling the brief content of Sholokhov's "Quiet Don", it is impossible not to mention the special military bravado that appeared in the main character: he is mad at fighting, savagely risking his life, merging with his whole essence with the bloody life of war. His chest is decorated with crosses, his place in the ranks - near the battle banner. Only the Cossack feels: something immeasurably more important than military differences, he lost in life, something deeply human. And the army is falling apart. The agitators of the RSDLP are working in it, introducing ideas that are destructive for the foundations of the state. Gregory returns home. At first he is attached to the Bolsheviks, which causes his conflict with his father and brother Peter. However, his views changed after the shooting of the captive Cossacks by the chairman of the local revolutionary commissariat Podtelkov. The Melekhov brothers abut the Cossack general Kornilov.

a brief summary of the quiet Don Sholokhov
Only he has not enough of his strength toeffective opposition to the Reds, and disagreements with Wrangel make the idea of ​​the Don Cossack power into an absurdity. At this break, Grigory Melekhov, fighting with the Revolutionary Military Council, skillfully commands an equestrian Cossack division. He is indistinct in his connections with women, his pregnant wife Natalia will find out about it. In a state of indignation she independently makes herself an abortion, but the bleeding that he causes soon kills her. On the Don civil war collects bloody harvest. Dying brother Peter, Pantelei Prokofievich fades from typhus. The last year Vasilisa Ilyinichna lives. Among this iron and blood, the love of Gregory and Aksinya flares up again. They together are going to escape from the village, deprived of native people, which is actually under the authority of the Red Commissars. They, rushing on horses, noticed the soldiers of the detachment and opened fire.

The bullet mortally wounded a woman. Gregory buries Aksinya right in the middle of the field, the light fades for him from grief. The scene of the description of the dazzlingly bright black sun by Sholokhov is undoubtedly a brilliant creative find. Gregory returns. He had the only thread connecting with the Don land, the son of Mishatka, whom he, as a father, had to raise.

For the creation of this outstanding work, MikhailAlexandrovich was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1965. The writer, having received the award, spent less of his money on traveling with his family across Europe to Japan, and the rest of the money was spent on building a club and a library.

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