/ / Uniqueness is a value expressed in percent, determined by search engines using special algorithms.

Uniqueness is the value expressed in percent, determined by search engines using special algorithms.

For those who work with texts, it is important to consideralgorithms for text uniqueness. To promote blogs and websites it is important to create high-quality material. Since search engines screen out resources that do not meet their criteria, it's almost impossible to get to the top of such a site.

In January 2016, to the writing fraternity, for whichthe originality of the published material is important, and the students are added. According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science, all coursework and diplomas should be checked for plagiarism.

uniqueness is

What it is?

Illegal use of other people's texts isplagiarism. Identify it by computer methods. Now this responsibility is assumed by the search engines themselves. They analyze the text in many ways. One of them is uniqueness. This is the value expressed in percent, which is determined by means of special algorithms.

The goal of search engines is to reduce spam and quantityduplicated material in the issue. The more the fragments or proposals published in the text contain, the lower the uniqueness and the search value of the article.

Search engine algorithms that determine the uniqueness,as a rule, are kept secret. However, there are free services and programs that allow you to determine how much the text is unique. The most common programs:

  • Advego Plagiatus - checks in two modes: quick and in-depth check for uniqueness. Without limits on the amount of text to be checked. Does not include the specified domains. Disadvantages of the program: it works slower than Etxt.
  • Etxt Antiplagiarism - the same as the previous oneprogram, has no limits on the amount of text to be checked. But it works a little faster, the interface is subjectively better. It checks the text for uniqueness by the accelerated or standard method. Compare texts with each other for a copy with the function "Ignore quotes."

Both programs to check the uniqueness of the textare simple and effective, they can be downloaded and installed on the desktop. You can use the services online, pre-registering on the sites: advego.ru and etxt.ru. The general drawback of both programs is the frequent appearance of captcha.

check for uniqueness

How do the programs work?

At the heart of most programs, the shingle method andmethod of passage. When checking by the shingle method, the text is divided into segments from 3 to 10 words. Each site is assigned a unique number and the result is calculated according to a given algorithm. In the process of verifying the text, the last word of one segment is the first word for the next segment.

An example with a shingle width of three words:

Increasing the shingle entails faster verification and higher uniqueness. But at the same time, the quality of search for matches decreases.

By the method of passages, the text is divided into morelong sections, and the verification is at the proposal level. For example, if five out of ten words of one sentence coincide with the composition of the other, then uniqueness will be 50%.

how to improve the uniqueness of the text

Online verification services

Each of the services carries out the analysis of the text using its own algorithm, so the results of the verification may differ. To get a more accurate result, you can check the text in several services.

  • Text.ru - checks for content and displays the percentage of uniqueness. There are no restrictions on the volume of the text. Displays a list of pages with copies of the text. In addition, the service allows you to check spelling. Highlights problem word combinations and words. Conducts SEO-analysis of the text.
  • Content-watch.ru - check for uniqueness. Ability to exclude domains that do not require verification. The volume of the text is limited to 3000 characters. For registered users, the service functionality is extended.
  • Pr-cy.ru - the speed and accuracy of verification are not the only virtues of this resource. There is an opportunity to ignore the given domains. Lack of service - the text volume is up to 1000 characters. More - only after registration.

How to improve the uniqueness of the text?

There are two ways to enhance uniqueness: automatic processing and creative text processing.

The automatic method is carried out by synonymsand help sites are online services that process text, enhancing its uniqueness. These are resources that cope with the task quickly. But they have several significant drawbacks.

In synonyms, where words are replacedsynonyms, the text is so clumsy that sometimes it's just unreadable. Help sites will process the text in seconds. But there is nothing good to expect from them. They either replace words with synonyms, or fill the article with hidden symbols. They'll ask for more money.

Here are some of them:

  • Free online synonyms: usyn.ru, raskruty.ru, synonyma.ru, online-sinonim.ru
  • Help sites: AntiplagiatFOX, UniText24.ru.

No computer can understand the text the way a person does. Therefore, the best way to increase uniqueness is the creative revision of the text.

program for checking the uniqueness of the text

Creating unique content

The Internet has existed for more than one year. During this time hundreds of tests on the same topics have been created on the network. To achieve one hundred percent uniqueness is often difficult. Even if you write the text yourself, the programs of uniqueness will find similar fragments. If the maximum uniqueness is of principle, then the first thing to exclude from the text:

  • Phraseologisms - winged expressions greatly reduce uniqueness.
  • Quotes of writers - to change quotes of famouspeople are not the best solution. If the reader is familiar with the original, then to a modified quote he clearly does not add sympathy. Therefore, it is better to abandon the classical quotations.

Now you can start creativity. A simple revision of the text conveys the basic thoughts of the original, but in a completely different language. There are several ways to do this.

  • To replace in the original with synonyms as many words as possible:
    • For petty theft in the store an administrative fine is required.
    • Fine theft in a supermarket is punishable by an administrative fine.
  • Replace verbs with nouns - so you can diversify the text even more.
    • The rector threatened to expel the student for missing lectures.
    • The rector threatened the student with a dedication for absenteeism.
  • Translate direct speech into indirect speech.
    • "Now I'll ask you a heat!" - shouted Grandfather Egor, waving nettles.
    • Grandfather Yegor waved nettles and shouted that he would ask them the heat.
  • Change the structure of sentences.
    • Igorek grinned maliciously and handed Kostya a ticket and a passport. "That's all the problems," he said.
    • Igorek handed Kostya a ticket and a passport. And, gloating grimly, said: "That's all the problems."
  • Use the passive voice.
    • Mom carefully cleaned the Colina shoes.
    • Colina shoes were carefully cleaned by mom.

Now consider a more complicated way of processingtext. He is good in highly specialized texts, where it is difficult to do without a free retelling. If the article is filled with special terms, then the above methods will also help little. But there are options that can make the text unique. This will not only not affect the meaning of the text, but, on the contrary, will increase the value of the publication:

  • Changing text structure. Do not copy from the source of informationthe order of paragraphs and sentences. If the new structuring does not violate the meaning of the text, why not slightly change it? Add lists, tables, paragraphs, subheadings.
  • Adding your own know-how to the text. A great way to change the text is to include additional data relevant to the topic. It can be inserting your own thoughts. Any little-known data taken from other sources.

Undoubtedly, the best method is to create an author's text based on the materials studied. But using the above methods, you can also add color to your text and give it originality.

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