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Ecological holiday: script, themes. Poems on an environmental theme

Ecology begins to be studied from the kindergarten. Pre-school children get acquainted with the surrounding nature and learn to cherish it. Extra-curricular activities of primary school deepen knowledge, and from the fifth to the eleventh grades, children acquire those skills that will later become useful in life and help make the right decisions.

One of the memorable methods of studying istheatrical ecological holiday. The script is made taking into account the material and capabilities of the participants. Undoubtedly, with proper preparation this will bring joy and benefit to children.

Theme of the holiday

The purpose of the event is to consolidatematerial, therefore, for each age group, different environmental themes have been identified. It is possible to single out several directions within which the scenario of the holiday will be interesting.

ecological holiday scenario

  1. Preschool education: "The Earth is our native home", "The Tale of Rain and Rosinka", "Take Care of Nature".
  2. Primary school: "Ecological KVN", "Save and preserve nature", "The world I live in".
  3. The fifth class: "Water is a miracle of nature", "Among flowers", "Nature does not forgive mistakes".
  4. The sixth class: "The Kingdom of Plants", "The Miracle of Photosynthesis", "Help the Forest".
  5. The seventh class: "Our smaller brothers", "Red Book", "What the tiger is silent about."
  6. Eighth class: "When food is poison", "Ecology and man", "Healthy way of life".
  7. The ninth class: "The war of the cyclone and the anticyclone", "The climate of the planet", "Natural disasters. How to prevent trouble. "
  8. The tenth class: "This green planet", "Water is a miracle", "Save the forests".
  9. Eleventh class: "The Arctic is melting away", "Cosmos", "The ecologist is the work of life".
  10. A general ecology holiday, the script "Three kingdoms of nature."

High school

Perhaps, the most interesting holiday is spent athigh school students. They already know much and assess the situation on the planet much more seriously than the kids. In the quiz there may be questions from the course in chemistry, physics, astronomy, human physiology.

"Earth Day", the scenario of an ecological holidayfor high school students, it is advisable to make up three parts. This is a quiz, a dramatized sketch, poems or songs. The holiday can be arranged in the assembly hall, combining several classes.

Lead or the two leading represent the program,announcing speeches. At the very beginning, to determine the theme and set the tone for the whole holiday, the representatives of Greenpeace are on the scene. They are disguised high school students. They briefly outline the range of problems that will be covered in the submission process.

Then they are replaced by different characters who sing or read poems on environmental themes.

Quiz, which includes two or three dozenquestions on ecology, can be conducted by the teacher. The rules of the conduct depend on the number of participants. But questions should be drawn up so that even the audience was interested.

A sketch about the ecological situation on the planet will be the final stage of the holiday. At the end, the actors sing the song for a famous melody, the hall sings.

General holiday

Scenario of the ecological holiday "Three kingdomsnature ", like no other, is suitable for a school-wide event. The three elements - earth, water and air - are leading. In turn, they talk about the situation in their possessions, how conditions have changed over the past ten years. Their story is accompanied by performances of amateur performances: skits, songs and poems.

environmental activities

The earth represents a garden and a garden. A group of junior schoolchildren goes out dressed as fruits and vegetables. They talk about love for the sun and clean water. Then come Forest, Field and Mountain. They are high school students. They talk about drought and seismological situation.

Water represents the River and the Sea. They talk about the warming of the climate and the melting of ice in the Arctic, due to which irregular cyclones and anticyclones are formed. Somewhere a drought, somewhere a flood.

The air represents the ozone layer of the atmosphere. This is a high school student. He reads rap about how he suffers.

In conclusion, the hosts call everyone on the stage, they sing a common song.

"Protect nature - save ourselves": the scenario of an ecological holiday

Senior students already know a lot about healthynutrition and lifestyle. They are interested in this, as it gives a good sporting form and a good feeling. An ecological holiday is another reason to instill in the children useful habits of eating.

At first, the scientist and fat man come on stage. They talk about how the composition of food has changed in relation to ecology. There are not many vitamins and microelements, because of the increased predilection for pests and diseases, the products are half composed of chemicals.

Continuing the theme, the dance teamwith a pest of plants. They are driven by the Scientist, spraying water from a bottle with the inscription "Poison". Out Vegetables who complain of a lack of food. Some Vegetables with bandaged hands and feet. They are fed with chemistry, and they get sick. They talk about climate warming and its consequences.

The fat man and the scientist are again on stage. They decide how to change the situation, and come to a decision: organic farming.

The scenario of an ecological holiday forSenior pupils can include elements of reports on the theme of the disease of the planet. The two-minute notes entrusted to several participants can be included as a rubric between the main speeches or given to read to the presenter.

"We are your children, dear Earth"

Scenario of an ecological holiday for childrenhigh school can look like a waybill. The general fee on the ruler determines the tasks that should be performed by the detachments of the units. Each squad has its own name, which they come up with in advance. After all, they go out on an ecological path.

On the ecological path you can arrange stations with tasks. These are cabinets, designed in accordance with the themes of the tasks - the forest, the river, the sea, the field, the bird kingdom, the beast kingdom.

The assignment is given ten minutes and two minutes to go to the next station. The detachments of the youth disagree on the cabinets, following the route given by the commander.

Station names:

  • "Miracle water." Brief report on water and its properties. Quiz.
  • "Do not shoot at white swans." A Brief Report on Birds. Quiz.
  • "Tourists". Sports relay race.
  • "May cold - the year of the baker". Brief report on people's signs. Quiz.
  • "Waltz of the Flowers". A short report on the colors of the edge and medicinal plants. Quiz.
  • "Under the shadow of the forest." A short report on the trees of the region, folk beliefs associated with them. Quiz.

environmental themes

After passing all the points - a general collection and summarizing. The children receive certificates and valuable prizes for performing tasks in the process of passing the stations. All together sing the final song.

How to make a script

Children's ecological holiday is not an educationallesson. Rather, it is a repetition of the material with presentations. The program depends on where the holiday will take place. Since the room should be properly decorated, it is unlikely that the classroom can be quickly prepared.

For presentations it is good to use the library, for tourist competitions - the school yard, for theatrical scenes - the assembly hall.

In the library, you can use the screen and projectorto demonstrate reproductions. For each picture, a poem or lines in prose are selected. Such a literary and visual orientation of the presentation will set a good tone.

After watching the presentation about the native nature, it's time for the quiz. Questions include the information that was scanned. Therefore, they are not difficult for children.

To the holiday was memorable, the whole class performs a song about nature. As a musical accompaniment, you can use phonogram-minus, without a voice.


Poems have a strong impact and easyremembered by rhyme. Therefore, it is advisable to include reading poetry from the stage on a holiday. Now many poems on the ecological theme can be found on special Internet resources, which are led by talented teachers.

Beautiful poems about nature are also suitable for a holiday. They will set a positive tone, because if we talk only about the harm done to nature, the holiday will turn into a funeral.

Poems on the ecological theme of the guys canthink up yourself under the guidance of a teacher. To do this, prepare cards with rhymes. On one side of the card there will be four words, rhyming in pairs. The guys are divided into groups (for example, four people each) and they disassemble the cards.

While performing the task, they discuss possible options and write the resulting quatrains on the front side. The teacher walks the ranks and helps to compose a verse.

Approximate rhymes:

  1. Sea - grief, ice - trouble.
  2. The forest is a miracle, the moss is withered.
  3. The bottom is full, the inhabitant is the abode.

Poems obtained by composing rhymes:

  1. In the Arctic the sea is warming, the bears are also in sorrow. No to rest them ice. That's such a trouble there.
  2. There used to be a curly forest full of miracles. There is now only growing moss, and that in the heat withered.
  3. Under the wave of the seabed all sorts of garbage is full. And the wretched sea inhabitant curses that monastery.

poems on an ecological theme

As you can see, this task resembles chastushki. This is quite possible for the children of middle and high school. The most successful poems can be read on the ruler during the award ceremony.

Environmental Scenes

Ecological holiday, the scenario of whichis made for holding in the assembly hall, can include theatrical performances. It is not necessary to make a big performance, you can confine yourself to short sketches.

Principles of writing scenes:

  1. "From the opposite." When ridiculous actions are mocked, this is very well remembered. To children it was not insulting to act in the role of "bad characters", it is necessary to urge humor.
  2. "Conversation". A representative of nature (Forest, River, Earth, Beast, Bird) talks with the guys and talks about problems. He can sing a song. Guys decide to help.

In this case, the action on the stage will resembleconcert. Cognitive information, which will be covered by the participants in short messages, here alternates with the performance of amateur artists. This is somewhat like a living newspaper.

Day of the Earth is an ecological holiday scenario for high school students

Themes of scenes that can be offered to children:

  • Talking with a group of tourists. After supper they sit by the fire and hear his voice. The forest appears, tells about the old times and modern problems. Tells about his brother - the rainforest. Complains of a bad attitude. The guys find solutions to problems on the Internet and promise to help. Then they sing a song.
  • You can offer a slightly different option. Such heroes as Baba Yaga, Leshy, Mermaid and other such fairy-tale characters can portray the dense ignorance, and a group of ecology tourists tell about the proper attitude to nature.
  • On fishing guys cook an ear and suddenly catch goldfish. She talks about the harmful drains into the water, about the debris on the bottom and the siltation of the bed. Sings a song about clean rivers. Fishermen release it into the water and decide to help.

Songs on an ecological theme

Environmental themes are addressed in the songcreativity. This can be used during the celebration. In this case, the script will resemble the contest "Voice. Children". Do not sing songs completely, just pay attention to the brightest ecological example. A group of dancers and singers can hold posters and depict nature.

If funds permit, you can combineseveral classes. So it will be easier for the guys to rehearse performances. Not such a load will fall on the teacher. The training work will be distributed evenly.

If you want to include a phonogram, it is better to put an adult for this purpose. Maybe the parent. But just in case, you need to be ready to ask the teacher of music to become an accompanist.

Songs that can be used for performances are easy to find today. It's amateur poems, laid on famous music.

  • "The mice died, the reeds wilted."
  • "Carefully put a hand on my palm."

protect the nature save ourselves the scenario of an ecological holiday

Songs of domestic bards also tell a lot about nature and attitude to it.

  • "Shadows of the tundra."
  • "Wind under the windows."
  • "Ecological - apocalyptic".

Songs of S. Yesenin, A. Pushkin, the people awaken love for their native nature.

  • "Behind the window is evening."
  • "White birch".
  • "About arable land."
  • "Winter evening".
  • "Here is the north, making clouds ...".
  • "I see a wonderful freedom."

Songs of Soviet composers, undeservedly forgotten, also beautifully tell about nature.

  • "Bialowieza Forest".
  • "That birch, then rowan."
  • "Birch juice".
  • "You make noise with me, birches."

In the intervals between performances, the presenter tells about the benefits of a competent attitude to the Earth, makes puzzles and plays with the audience in verses "deliver word".

Mysteries for the Hall on Ecology

To a holiday passed smoothly and fun, you need a presenter. He will smooth the hitching of the actors, fill the pauses and occupy the hall, while the actors prepare the skits.

One of the forms of cognitive game are poems on the ecological theme "word-board". The host reads the couplet, and the last word is spoken by the hall.

Poems are composed in such a way that the rhyme gets the wrong word. This causes laughter of the children, and the leader makes a puzzled face and corrects them.

  • If tourists come to the forest, then the two of them or the three of them can put out the fire quickly, using ... (fire). No, not fire, but water.
  • In the swamp, my friend and I listened for a long time ... (frog). No, the cuckoo.
  • We went to the forest for mushrooms. We still remember how we found ... (fly agaric). No, not amanita, but white!
  • We went for berries, suddenly found the strawberries. And, trembling with joy, they sat down on ... (hedgehog). No, at the stump!


If the holiday is decided to be held as a finalstage of training, it is possible to reach the "ecological pathway". Pre-invented environmental activities will preserve the structure of the lesson and become practical exercises in the field of ecology.

scenario of an ecological holiday for high school students

Tasks for the guys can be the following:

  • Identify the sides of the world by moss in the trees.
  • Find edible plants.
  • Confirm the finds with a cycle of plant life.
  • Find the leaves of certain trees.
  • Find the garbage, collect it in a bag and bring it to the collection point.
  • Find the moss.
  • Collect natural material for crafts.

Environmental activities can also beUseful for landscaping the school grounds. Planted plants, flowers, bushes or trees will long remind us of good deeds. In addition, all passing by people will see the result.

Feeding of birds, hanging out of the birdhouses - thisalso useful minutes for environmental education. Extracurricular lesson on ecology in the nearest park, one-day trekking with a fire - these are good ways to instill useful skills for children.

Teaching aids and special subjects

In the arsenal of the teacher of biology, there are many auxiliary tools for the visibility of learning. This can be used for the event.

All children like performances with a school skeleton. On an ecological holiday, the script can include such joy. Of course, the manual should be handled with care and not let it out of sight. For example, dress him up in a sheet and give him a braid. It will symbolize the end of life.

A globe can wear a character Earth or Planet. The metric ruler and the large compasses can belong to the Scientist. A group of children in gas masks can show air pollution.

Using fantasy, you can use improvised means as props.

Tips for the celebration

To make the holiday fun and bring everyone a good mood, the teachers give the following advice:

  • Do not go into complicated, though interesting tasks. Questions for the quiz should not be double and triple (when and where).
  • The competition should not be held too strictly. The more winners there are, the better.
  • Musical accompaniment is better to choose "live". The accompanist will always adjust to the guys, which the audio recording can not do.
  • The decoration of the room is an important factor. This can be done by children.
  • Rewarding is a compulsory procedure. A simple charter will bring more joy than a public praise of a student.

scenario of an ecological holiday for children

Of these activities, and then the memories of school years are added. Let's make them interesting and joyful for our children.

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