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A. Kuprin. "Emerald": a summary of the work

Often wrote about animals Alexander Kuprin. "Emerald", a brief summary of which is given here, is one of the most famous of his stories of this kind. Its singularity is that the narrative in it is conducted on behalf of the stallion. All events are seen by his eyes. Let us recall all the main points of this work.

A. Kuprin. "Emerald": a summary of 1-3 chapters

Emerald is a four-year-old Americanwarehouse gray suit, often participating in cross-country competitions. It is contained in the stables of an Englishman, keen on horseback riding. Next to the stallion, there are other horses in their stalls. This is a young filly of the Chest and the old horse Onegin. The horses are courted by grooms. They wash their wards, feed and groom. Animals are very attached to them. But most of all they love their master - an Englishman. Emerald, he seems as strong, calm and fearless as himself. Today is the day of the races. This time the horses guessed by the special mood of the grooms, by their haste and sharp movements. Konevod Nazar led Emerald into the yard and began to wash it, squeezing his shiny coat with his broad hand. From the barn rolled out carts - two-wheeled Americans, who used to ride. The steward appeared in the stables, who today especially meticulously looked around his beloved Emerald stallion. It was clear that in these competitions he is betting on him.

A. Kuprin. "Emerald": a summary of 4-5 chapters

alexander kuprin emerald short summary
The bell rang at the racetrack. It was a signal to start the race. The Englishman came and sat behind the Emerald in an American. The brisk horse was standing, shifting from foot to foot, rejoicing at the impending run. But the owner pulled the reins, letting him know that he needed to listen carefully to his instructions. The race began. Roaring tribunes rushed past. Red prize poles quickly flashed before my eyes. On this day at the racetrack there were many thoroughbred wonderful horses. On Izumruda did a little stakes. It seemed to the public that this stallion was far from the best horse in the field today. Another moment, and ahead is already visible the finish. The tension of both people and horses is growing. Minute, and Emerald breaks the control tape. The Englishman slowly climbs out of the cart, putting his drenched legs to the ground. He smiles. But his victory is very disappointing to the public. People run up to the Emerald, shout, touch the brand on the horse's rump. Hearing exclamations: "Deception", "Money back", "Fake horse". All this scares the Emerald. He sees the angry face of his master. There is a sound of a slap in the face, breaking this human howl.

"Emerald": a summary of chapter 6

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The winner-racer was taken to the stables and given oats. Since that moment boring days for Emerald have been stretched. At the race, he was no longer driven. And one evening, when it was dark, he was taken out of the stall and taken to the railway station. There the steed was put in a car and drove away for a long time. Then the Emerald was brought to an unknown stables and placed in a remote stall, away from other horses. Sometimes the stallion saw them through the open door, shouting and complaining to them in his own way. But the door was quickly covered. Initially, some people came to the Emerald, felt it and inspected it. Then they disappeared. The most important thing in this stables was a big-headed man who instilled an incomprehensible fear on our steed. One morning, when everyone was still asleep, he went to the Emerald and poured oats into the manger. The stallion was very surprised by this, because the time of feeding has not yet come. But still the steed began to obediently eat oats, which gave some sweetish flavor. A few minutes later, the Emerald felt a strong stitch in the abdomen. Then she passed for a moment. And then came back with renewed vigor. It was impossible to endure the pain. The red fire-wheels turned in front of them. The stallion's legs cramped. Another minute, and Emerald collapsed to the floor. Some terrible force carried him into a deep cold pit. A moment, and everything disappeared. This episode ends with the story "Emerald", a summary of which is set out in this article.

The injustice of our world, human cruelty,capable of ruining all life, that is what the author condemns in his creation. I want to think that evil will be punished, and justice will prevail.

The brief content of the book "Emerald" allows readers to recall all the main points of this work. But I advise you to read it in the original.

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