/ / Yuri Nesterenko is a Russian programmer and writer who emigrated to the US

Yuri Nesterenko is a Russian programmer and writer who emigrated to the United States

Yuri Nesterenko is a poet whose poemsrepeatedly took prizes at the All-Russian Pushkin Competition of Youth Poetry. This person is an extraordinary person and his eccentricity often attracts attention.

Poet and writer who left his homeland

Oddly enough, but Yuri Nesterenko is a poet,who successfully publishes not only his poems, but also prose, has a technical education. Along with his literary career, he actively works in the field of cybernetics. Being a programmer of the highest class, Nesterenko is engaged in developing and writing scripts for fairly popular computer games. In 2010, he emigrated to the United States, where he openly criticized today's Russia. Many compatriots of this can not forgive him until now and perceive such behavior as a betrayal of their homeland.

Yuriy Nesterenko poet poetry

At the moment, Yuri actively continues to work in writing, is fond of diving and aviation.

Brief biographical note

Yuri Nesterenko, whose biography began in1972, was born in Moscow. Possessing clear abilities for exact sciences, he successfully graduated from Moscow's Fizmatov School No. 542. He received higher education at MEPhI, where he completed his studies in 1995 with a red diploma.

Literary works

Yuri Nesterenko writes most of his prose ingenre of science fiction. At one time, living in Russia, he published his works in such publishing houses as "Science and Life", "Exmo" and "Avanta +". Little stories that came from Nesterenko's pen were printed in such magazines as "The Reality of Fiction", "Chemistry and Life", "The Threshold", "The World of Fiction" and "The Technique of Youth".

Yuri Nesterenko poet

The most famous of his works include the following fantastic novels:

  • "Rillen Lee's mistake."
  • "Black Top."
  • "Wings".
  • "Hunting for an island."
  • "Time of the sword."
  • "Ivy on the ruins."

Yuri Nesterenko also wrote a number of short stories that were distinguished by a peculiar and specific "computer humor." Success had such stories as:

  • "WinWars 2002".
  • "If programmers built houses."
  • "Song about the programmer's youth."
  • "The Genesis Project."

Despite the readers' interest in theseworks and enough positive feedback about these stories, Yuri Nesterenko is annoyed when he is called a humorous writer. In his interviews, he said many times that he wrote such works exclusively for the sake of material gain, since they are more readily published and read.

A lot more fun the author receives fromthe publication of his more serious works, in which he expounds his philosophy and understanding of the world. Various journals published such journalistic articles by Yuri:

  • "Syndrome of political immunodeficiency."
  • "Intellectocracy".
  • "On the Russian national idea."
  • "The End of the Stone Age."
  • "The Myth of Human Rights."

Cybernetics is an important part of a writer's life

Yuri Nesterenko, in addition to his literary achievements, is a talented programmer. He was a member of the leading authors of popular multimedia publications devoted to computer games:

  • «GEM».
  • «Playhard.ru».
  • «SBG Magazine».

In addition, Yuri Nesterenko took an active part in the development of scenarios for popular computer games, among them - "Space Rangers", "Ivan Lozhkin: the price of freedom", "FIDO".

Philosophical views of Nesterenko

Many readers Nesterenko irritates hisworks, and this is a logical explanation. Not everyone is ready to accept his point of view, because he is an ardent opponent of any sexual relations. He is also a supporter of the death penalty, believes that women have the right to make abortions, and protects the right of mortally ill people to euthanize.

In his interviews, Nesterenko posits himselfas an ardent hater of everything that can be attributed to "gregarious collectivity." He criticizes communism, opposes any religious orthodox (this applies both to Islamism and to Orthodoxy).

Yuri Nesterenko

Yuri Nesterenko also became famous forhis frequent criticism of the Russian state. He regards Russian society as "deeply pathological," and the number of "decent" people living in Russia is determined by no more than 5% of the total mass. Yuri often criticizes the policies of Putin and the party "United Russia". He criticizes the Russians' position on the conflict in Ukraine and believes that the fault in the Russian-Georgian conflict lies entirely with Russia. As he considered the general atmosphere of this state to be unfavorable, he made a decision to change his place of residence. In 2009, Yuri filed a petition for political asylum in the US and, having obtained the consent of the Americans, changed his permanent residence.

Yuriy Nesterenko Biography

Many opponents who disagree with his views,argue that articles and publications by Nesterenko are paid by opposition forces. Yuri himself claims that his life in the US is rather modest, and the main source of his income is the publication of works of art.

On his official website, this person is openwrites that he is ready to cooperate with any anti-Putin forces (with the exception of the Communists). At the same time, he does not enter any political parties in principle, nor is he a member of any organizations.

The author himself, among his most powerful novels, revealing his worldview and philosophy, singles out "Hubert alleys", "Sentence" and one of his last works - "Combine".

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