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Poet Evgeniy Nefyodov: biography, creativity, interesting facts

Publicist and poet, journalist and translator, EugeneNefedov was born in 1946 in the Donbass, in the small town of Krasny Liman, where he was awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen" after his death. The roots of men go to Russia - in the Tver region.

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Immediately after graduation, the future poetworked as a miner, more than once descended into the face. Then followed the service in the army, which Nefedov Eugene was in Transbaikalia. And only after coming home he entered the Moscow State University at the Faculty of Journalism. After his graduation began to work by profession. He worked for 40 years in journalism. Beginning his way with the regional newspaper, he gradually reached the central press.

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"Komsomolskaya Pravda" in the life of Yevgeny Nefedov

For a long time in the 80s its ownYevgeny Nefedov was a correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine. His biography begins in this country. A little later the journalist was transferred to Moscow. He became the correspondent of the Komsomolskaya Pravda in Czechoslovakia. However, already in the late 80-ies he was recalled because he did not praise the Prague revolution. Shortly after this incident, the journalist resigned from the newspaper, left without work. Of course, Nefedov could easily settle into any edition that glorified the current political system, praising the government's activities. But he could not afford it. Therefore, I was on the very "bottom".

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The creative style of the poet

Alexander Prokhanov is the person who identifiedall the further creative life of Nefedov. His call predetermined the career of the poet. He began to work in such newspapers as "Tomorrow" and "Day." And it was he who was one of their creators. Thus, the poet firmly and for life linked his fate with Russia. Nefedov Evgeny Andreevich became one of the secretaries in the Board of the Union of Writers of the Russian Federation. In it he directed the section of humor and satire. In addition, began to produce a new newspaper, which he called "Russian laughter."

He worked as an author-poet in the newspaper SovetskayaRussia". Here he also helped journalists as an editor, proofreader and translator. Eugene Nefedov published a collection of his poems, which he called "The Moment of Absolute Happiness". The woman's face that decorates his cover is a photograph of his beloved and only wife Lyudmila. With it, he shared all the misfortunes and joys, calling every time from any corner of the country.

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It was about his love that he composed lyrical poems. Take for the soul, for example, here are these lines:

Of course, as a coryphaeus,

I was holding on as best I could, then

But the young tender fairy

Captivated me forever.

"The moment of absolute happiness" is by no means the only collection of the poet. There were others: "Govoriliada", "With whom you will lead", "Brotherhood", "Light ahead" and "Eternal circle".

"Eugene about some"

When Russian television was filled with Odessahumor, Eugene Nefedov began to write poetry in opposition to this. After all, he is loyal to the Fatherland and sworn both civil and military. This he embodied in his poetic journalism. Each issue of the newspaper was decorated with a column called "Eugene about some". It was here that he fought the destruction of patriotism, tried to protect children, pensioners. All this was filled with his satirical lines.

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In addition to a unique column, Eugene Nefedov poemsI read my own on performances that were very successful. At the same time, he knew how to perfectly hold on to the stage, combining Gogol's satire, the heat of Saltykov-Shchedrin's passions. During his life and a succession of various meetings, Evgeni Nefedov saw, learned, and realized much. Despite his Orthodox soul, he always took a pen in his hands and with the help of poems began to fight with the enemies. He did not strike an eyebrow, but in the eye, screaming from the pages of newspapers about injustice. The poet even published a collection of his poems-parodies "Nestlings of the nest of Boris. Eugene about some. "

"Russian Laughter" is a festival of irony

In the city of Kstovo, which is in Nizhny Novgorodregion, annually there is a humorous festival of ironic poetry, which was called "Russian laughter". It was first organized in 2007. It was then, at the opening, Nefedov became one of the main guests and heroes. His creativity was highly appreciated by the leaders and guests of the festival. And local journalists nicknamed him "a smiling poet". Yes, and he himself spoke highly of the event in various interviews. For Russia, such a festival is a unique event. After all, laughter gives recharging to all the people. And how else to live, when around there is often very gloomy. Laughter is Gogol, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Chekhov. These authors were the ideals for Nefedov. He tried to take the best from each of them in his works.

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The subsequent festivals "Russian Laughter" were held withEvgeny Andreevich. He was an obligatory guest speaker, spoke a lot, talked with people. But the 5th festival was held without him. However, all perfectly understood that Nefedov is present here, albeit invisibly. The fact is that the festival was given his name. In 2011, he went under a huge portrait of the poet. He was hanging right above the stage. And the event was opened by the performance of children who sang the hymn of "Russian laughter". This song was written by Eugene Nefedov.

The last days of life

Recently Evgeni Nefedov has not gone anywheretraveled. He was very sick, like many in old age. I went to Soligorsk, in Belarus, to treat my asthma. He was supposed to appear there 3 times a year. Only then the doctors were ready to guarantee some result. However, Nefedov is not a man of this kind. There was no peace and rest in his life-only his favorite work.

The ironic festival, which he was invited tothis time, - it's special. He took the train to Nizhny Novgorod, where he was held. On it, the poet was a special guest. He did not miss a single festival. The last thing he did was write a poem that he gladly read from the stage, sang a couple of songs. The audience burst into applause.

Live poetry by Evgeny Nefedov

Nefedov's poetry Eugene will never become obsolete. They talk about the truth of life. No wonder many artists still create dramatizations of these unique creations. The following poems are favorite for many: "On the trumpet" (about how the simple people are fooling), "Bracing lies, and there are no new tanks" (about the realities of the Russian army and politics), "Flowers of Evil" (about the unchanging situation all over the world ) and many, many others.

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Live poems of the poet every year come to life on his daymemory - on October, 14th. On the site of Nefedov's burial place, colleagues and all his friends gather on this day. They remember him, read poetry, tell stories. The initiators of such a memorable day were the fellow countrymen of the poet, the Donbass players, as well as the editorial offices of newspapers he had been loyal to all these years: Pravda, Tomorrow and Literature Day.

Nefedov died on the 64th year of his life. However, his poems did not die. They are relevant to this day, they live in the souls and minds of all Russians. While the newspapers "Day" and "Tomorrow" are published, the poems of this witty poet will also "breathe".

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