/ / Pavel Kogan: biography, creative heritage. Pavel Kogan is a romantic poet

Pavel Kogan: biography, creative heritage. Pavel Kogan is a romantic poet

This man could have a completely different future. Having become famous as a poet of a romantic direction, he went to the front. Pavel Kogan, biography, interesting facts will be the topic of our article.

kogan pavel Davydovich biography

With love of literature

Paul was born in 1918. From his native Kyiv along with his family, he moved to the Russian capital. Ukraine, he almost did not remember, since four years already learned Moscow. There is not much information about a young man. But still, who was Pavel Kogan?

Paul's biography includes information that has survivedin the archives of the Institute of Philosophy and Literature. The Moscow educational institution began functioning in 1931. In the 36th, Pavel enlisted in his ranks, and afterwards moved to the Institute of Literature named after Gorky. In this period it becomes clear that the future poet does not represent his life without poetry. In his spare time, he is fond of languages.

Modesty distinguishes talent

Very quickly in the ranks of young authors found hisplace Pavel Kogan. The biography of the talented poet contains facts that say that he took an active part in poetry seminars. His contemporaries (Alexander Yashin, Mikhail Kulchitsky) celebrated the creative successes of the comrade, however, Pavel remained modest in order to openly publish. His name was known in narrow circles. Literary youth fell in love with simple verse, as well as the author himself for his romantic attitude. He was friends with many writers, among whom, for example, was George Lepsky.

pavel kogan short biography

The main asset

Few people know in modern times whatlegacy left Kogan Pavel Davydovich. The biography of this man includes the most, perhaps, known fact of his life. The famous "Brigantine", considered the first bardic song, was written by him. When the musical trend was born, many amateur clubs were called "Brigantine." As Kogan became the pioneer of romantic verse among the creative youth of his period, so "Brigantine" is called the symbol of the author's song. It was presented to the public in 1937. For a long time remained popular, but with the war lost its former glory. In the early 60's it was performed by Yuri Vizbor, giving her a second wind.

Unfortunately, while "Brigantine" usedsuccess in a wide ranks, a few knew what Pavel Kogan, who created it, looked like. The biography of this recognized talent contains, sadly, a sad fact. In 1942, he died, participating in military battles near Novorossiysk. With the end of the war, when the power of the Russian soldier was sung in society, Kogan's name surfaced with a new wave of popularity of the Brigantine. Thus, the nationwide fame to the author came after his death.

The road, the length of life

Now it is difficult to say how many brilliant poetsparticipated and died in the domestic war. Paying tribute, contemporaries by bit can gather information about who in the ordinary life was Pavel Kogan. A brief biography can not reflect the fullness of his interests, but the most interesting facts can still be told.

poet pavel kogan biography

Shortly before the war, Paul sought recognition asprospective author. It is known that the leader of the association of poets Joseph Utkin received him personally, listening to fragments of poetry. What ended the meeting for the young man, remains unknown.

As a schoolboy, Kogan loved walking. He went through the central part of the country, visited many cities and regions, was on a geological expedition. Here, in Armenia, came the news of the offensive of the German fascists. Paul suffered from myopia. For health reasons, he was released from the draft, but he remained an officer in the ranks of the Soviet army. Later he was promoted to a military interpreter, given the rank of lieutenant. The reconnaissance group was under fire, Pavel Kogan was killed on the hill Sugar Loaf. He was buried in a mass grave.

The name of Pavel Kogan today

In 1968, the Writers' Union was posthumouslythe poet Pavel Kogan was awarded. Biography of this man for many years aroused interest. It is also known that during his studies he met Elena Rzhevskaya, who later became a writer. She took part in the war. From Paul, a woman gave birth to a daughter.

pavel kogan biography

During his lifetime, Kogan was almost never published. His works recognized the light in the late 50's, were included in the collection "Thunderstorm". Poetry poetry is distinguished by a bright confession, romanticism is impregnated with vestiges of a difficult time, noticeably noticeable influence of war. Poems of Pavel Kogan gained fame abroad. Many of them are translated into foreign languages.

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