/ / Frosty morning, described by Pushkin in the poem "Winter Morning"

A frosty morning, described by Pushkin in the poem "Winter Morning"

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin forever rememberedus as an incomparable painter of Russian nature, who draws her with a passionate patriotic love, awakened in him as a child. A little later, she was reflected in his charming lyrics. And one of these romantic poems was "The Winter Morning," written by the poet on December 3, 1829 in the village of Pavlovsky. The usual rustic frosty morning turned into a beautiful poem. It begins with the exclamation "The frost and the sun; a wonderful day! ". Such a positive and joyful mood of the author immediately spreads to the reader.

frosty morning

Frosty morning Pushkin

In this allegorical poem, you can notice a silent monologue of two characters: a lyrical hero and a sleeping beauty, whom he calls "dear friend", "friend charming".

To enhance artistic expressivenessPushkin uses his antithesis. First, there is a contrast description of the "today", which is sharply replaced by a description of the past "Vechora".

The frosty morning in its splendor is even sharper and more pleasant in comparison with the restless storm, described also very accurately and with a grand scale.

Analysis of the "Winter Morning"

The second stanza is saturated with comparisons andpersonifications, here it is indicated on the sadness of the beauty. The last stanza returns to the atmosphere of happiness, which is immediately felt after yesterday's blizzard. And if there was not such a gloomy and sad atmosphere of evening restlessness, it was impossible to feel all the charm that brought a frosty morning.

The third stanza describes the enchanting winter landscape,where everything shines and shines. In the fourth, the shine of frost is replaced by the amber heat of the submerged furnace. Here the author no longer admires nature, but describes a room in which he is very comfortable to be.

In the poem "Winter Morning" a sense of delight overwhelms the poet, an excited mood requires movement, and he so wants to harness the filly and visit fields and forests.

frosty morning Pushkin


The heart of the poet is very expensive these places, and he persuades to wake up soon his dear friend, to immediately go to a very important and dear to him shore.

Harmony is beautiful in life. The poem "Winter Morning" is dedicated to it. The day is wonderful, when evening frescoes and a quiet, frosty morning are harmonious in it. The weather change is similar to the alternation of everyday storms and happiness. To enjoy these colors in full force is simply impossible, if in life one did not experience these dreary lonely dark evenings, which are replaced by a bright and good morning.

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