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Ray Bradbury, "Vacation": a short summary of the story

Writer with a capital letter, who managed out of fictionmake a real art, I remember a lot of readers Ray Bradbury. "Vacations", the brief content of which describes an alternative way of life on earth without people, touched on a lot of topics vital for humanity. The story shows the inability to set goals, communicate with surrounding people, misunderstandings of loved ones, suffering from loneliness and boredom.

Meaningless wandering

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Ray Bradbury "Vacation", a summarywhich tells that sometimes desires can come true, wrote to show an alternative version of the development of events, which many people dream about. On earth, there are many who wish to delimit the whole world, but what will happen if the desire is fulfilled? The main characters of the story are a man, his wife and a young son. They travel around the world in solitude, moving around on a small trolley, stopping to rest and have a bite where they have to repair the rails.

The day was fresh, butterflies flutter around,there is an atmosphere of peace and quiet, but people are not happy about it. While the man was repairing the rails, his wife and son went down to the sea and spread a tablecloth, laying out supplies on it. The husband changed into a strict suit, as if he was hoping to meet someone, but there was not a soul around. The family began to make plans for the future, determining by the atlas, in what places they will visit. Raymond Bradbury wanted to convey the loneliness and meaninglessness of life in his story. Vacation (a summary of the mental suffering of both the child and adults), it turns out, too, can get bored.

Be afraid of your desires, they can come true

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The story of "Vacation" Ray Bradbury begins by saying thatone evening, sitting on the terrace, a man in conversation with his wife said how great it would be if everyone disappeared and only their family would remain in the whole world. Do not have to get up early, go to work or school, obey the boss, communicate with imaginary friends, tolerate discontent of others. If the world was empty, they could travel all the time, replenish edible stocks in stores, ahead of them would wait for an endless vacation. Having woken up in the morning, the husband and wife realized that they were alone, all the people had disappeared somewhere. They were delighted, because they had 30 years of happiness ahead of them.

Regret about the deed

In order to raise the issue of mutual understanding of peoplewrote Ray Bradbury "Vacation". The main characters after several months of endless wanderings began to regret their desire. Planning a further journey, the man burst into tears, confessing to his wife that it would be good to go to bed, and in the morning to see that everything had become like before: stupid children, evil people, all hopes and hopes returned. The son saw a crying father and concluded that there were no adults to play with.

Ray Bradbury vacation main characters
People should listen to the desires of their loved ones, aboutthis wanted to remind Ray Bradbury. "Holidays", the brief content of which shows the reader the despair of the little boy and the confusion of his parents, told where the stupid desires of people can lead. The son did not want the fate that his mother and father had predicted for him, he wrote a note, put it in a bottle, throwing it into the sea, desperately wanting that his dream come true.

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