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Prospect - what is it, what is its difference from the street?

Virtually every city you can find at leastone pamphlet. What is this prospectus? What are its differences from the street? How does this word differ from other similar terms? This article will tell you about it in detail. You will learn everything you need to know about such a road unit as the prospectus. What is a prospectus? This is the first question to which you will receive an answer.


the prospectus what is

First, you need to determine the valuethe words "prospectus". What? It is a long and straight street, which usually has an impressive width. Very often it is planted with trees or other greens. Strictly speaking, these are the main features of the prospectus. However, there are other details that must be taken into account in the construction of this facility. Only with their observance, the received object can receive the proud name "prospectus". What is the prospectus, you already managed to find out, now it's time to look into its features in more detail.

Signs of the prospectus

Leninsky Prospekt

So, you have already learned about what constitutesthis object, so now you have to get acquainted with its characteristics, without which its existence is simply impossible. It turns out that he must not only be wide. The prospectus should not have deadlocks from both ends. This means that it ends and it begins not from scratch, but from some other object - for example, from a crossroads or from a square.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact thatalmost always it must maintain a constant through passage, while highlighting the impressive pedestrian areas for foot traffic. And, of course, public transport must necessarily move along it. This should be the focus of construction.

Naturally, the presence and absence of datasigns does not completely determine whether a street will be named a prospectus or not, but in most cases this classification is used. So you can safely highlight a few differences between the avenue and the street. The avenue, first, must always be in the city, while the street can also be in the countryside. Secondly, the street can be both dead-end, and pedestrian. A prospectus always begins and ends elsewhere, and also transport is always moving along it. Well, of course, the width and length of this object is much larger than that of the street.

Interesting Facts

Moscow Avenue in Kharkov is the mostlong on the territory of the CIS, while Small Sampsonievsky - the shortest. The length of the first is 18 kilometers, while the second is only 230 meters. Leninsky Prospect in Volgograd, Independence in Minsk and Ryskulov in Alma-Ata also have an impressive length - as much as 15 kilometers.

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