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The first and last Horcrux Harry Potter

Heroes of the cycle of Harry Potter novels for a long timetried to find the secret of immortality of the main antagonist of the epic - Volan de Mort. Once they did it and they learned that the Dark Magician survives thanks to the Horcruxes. What is this magic, how to deal with it and how many horcruxes in "Harry Potter"?

What does the word "Horcrux" mean?

In the original language, this term is called horcrux. This name was created by crossing the words horrendus (hellish) and crux (cross) - "infernal cross."

Horcrux Harry Potter

There is a version that part of hor actually came from a noun horror (horror), which means that the word is translated as "the cross of horror".

Some associate the noun with the Horcrux name of the Egyptian deity Horus (Horus), who afterwards could resurrect.

Regardless of which of the above versions is correct, the purpose of the subject called the Horcrux is unchanged: it is called upon to grant immortality to its creator.

How to create horcrux

Despite the fact that hunting Harry and his comradesfor these subjects in the books are given a lot of space, the novels do not specify in detail the way how to create a Horcrux. Harry Potter only learned that this is a very ancient witchcraft, to which all sorcerers are treated with contempt.

7 Horcruxes in Harry Potter

It was mentioned that there are 2 conditions for creating these magic items.

  1. It is necessary to deliberately kill a person or a wizard, having previously performed a kind of witchcraft rite. How many people are killed - so many of the horcruxes can be broken up by your own soul.
  2. The severed part must be hidden inspecific subject. While it is stored in it - its owner will be able to survive even after the mortal wound: he turn into a spirit capable under certain conditions (the blood of a unicorn, a philosopher's stone, a dark ritual, etc.) to find flesh.

To destroy horcrux is almost impossible: he is protected by ancient black magic. In addition, each such artifact has its own will: in order to defend itself, it is capable of subordinating people who are close to it.

Intentional homicide, which is onefrom the conditions of creating Horcrux, is considered the most monstrous sin in the world of wizards. Therefore, the creation of horcrux is the worst witchcraft, so vile that until Volan de Mort was committed only once, Gerpo Disgusting. Moreover, this wizard created only one Horcrux, while the Dark Lord divided his soul not into 2, but into 7 fragments, in other words killed six people (one part always remains in the person himself).

The mention of the Horcruxes and the methods of their creation were deleted from all the books of the magical world, except for the publication "The Mysteries of the Most Artful Thing" (in another translation, "The Wraith of All the Unnecessary").

How can you destroy the artifact of immortality?

To overcome the magic defense of horcrux can only substances that are not subject to normal magic. At the moment they are found only two: the basilisk blood and the hellfire.

Also in the "Secrets of the most dark art" is describedway, as the creator of the artifact can destroy its creation. For this he must repent with all his heart, but such a magician will suffer such physical and moral torments that he will not live a day.

In which book, Harry first encountered Horace de Vallée de Morte

The first appearance of an artifact that preserves lifeThe Dark Lord, happened in the second novel of the cycle - "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". They had a school diary of Tom Reddle (this name was the Evil Wizard in his youth).

the first destroyed horcrux by Harry Potter

Learning about the way to find immortality, sixteen-year-old Tom decided to try it, setting on a schoolgirl (Clax Myrtle) basilisk, who lived in a secret room.

Being the first horcrux created, the diary was more powerful than the rest. Thanks to him, the spirit of Volan de Mort commanded Ginny Weasley and almost became flesh in the second book of the cycle.

Riddle's diary is both the firstexterminated Horcrux Harry Potter. Having done this, the young wizard was not yet aware of what he was facing, but his mentor - Dumbledore began to guess the nature of the immortality of the Evil Sorcerer.

After the second novel, as many as 3 books Harry Potterwith horcruxes did not come across and did not even know what it was. However, in the novel "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" Dumbledore tells his student about the mystery of the immortality of a common enemy, and since then the boy is looking for a way to destroy all the relics of Reddle.

How many artifacts of immortality were created and where they were hidden

In total, mention is made of the creation of the 7 Horcruxes in"Harry Potter." However, some fans of the cycle claim that there were officially 8 of them, because one part of the soul always lived in the body of its creator and it can be qualified as horcrux.

Honoring the number "seven" magical, the Dark Lord split the soul into 7 parts, hiding 6 of them in various subjects.

  1. The first artifact was the aforementioned diary,which its creator deposited with Lucius Malfoy. He probably did not know the true nature of the subject, but he guessed that the diary had some special power, so he carried it to Hogwarts with the help of Ginny Weasley.
  2. Despite the fact that the Dark Wizard -half-blood, on the maternal line he was a descendant of the great sorcerer Salazar Slytherin, in memory of him, Tom Riddle's grandfather kept two things belonging to his great ancestor: a medallion and a ring. The ring of Slytherin became the second horcrux. To create it, the sorcerer killed his father and his parents. For some strange reason, the Evil Wizard left this artifact in his grandfather's abandoned house.
  3. The villain hid the third part of the soul in the Slytherin medallion.
    books Harry Potter with the Horcrux
    For this he needed to kill a tramp,wandering the streets. Hide this item in an enchanted cave Dark wizard instructed Ragulus Black (brother of Sirius Black), not knowing that he dreams to destroy it. Therefore, Ragoulos replaced horcrux in the cave, and gave the real one to the house elf Kikimeru.
  4. The role of the next artifact was chosenthe legendary cup of Penelope Puffenduy. To create the Horcrux, the owner of the chalice, Hepziba Smith, was killed. The Dark Lord gave this object to the faithful Bellatrix Lestrange, who hid it in a safe deposit box.
  5. Diadem of Candida Kogtevran is anothera historical relic, was used by Voldemort for the acquisition of immortality. Presumably, creating this horcrux, the mage killed an unknown peasant. The hidden diadem was in the Room of Benefit.
  6. The last his horcrux, The evil wizard createdshortly before his return. By that time Peter Pettigrew and Barty Crouch, Jr., had joined him. Together they helped the master to partially restore his strength and he, just in case, created a spare artifact. They became Snake Nagaina, who accompanies him everywhere. To conduct a full-fledged rite, Berta Johnkins was killed.

What Horcruxes were in Harry Potter

However, there was one more horcrux that the Dark Wizard was not going to create at all. Moreover: he never learned about its existence. This Horcrux is Harry Potter.

The fact is that the magic by whichimmortality was achieved, it was forbidden, and therefore little studied. Moreover, until Volan de Mort no one tried to split the soul into more than 2 fragments. Therefore, in the process of creating artifacts, the Evil Wizard encountered a lot of unexpected consequences.

  • In the first place, his appearance suffered: chopping off from the heart in pieces, the image of the sorcerer changed more and more, losing human traits.
    Harry Potter and the Last Horcrux
  • The same thing happened with Tom Riddle's personality: because of the magic of the Horcruxes, he gradually lost his humanity, turning into a soulless, ruthless monster, experiencing only a thirst for power and the fear of death.
  • Another very important consequenceThe use of forbidden magic was the instability of the soul of the Dark Magician. So, trying to kill the young Harry, Volan de Mort collided with the power of the mother's sacrificial love, which repelled his curse and directed him against his creator. At that moment the villain's soul, defending itself, spontaneously split, and a new splinter penetrated the Potter's baby. Thus it turned into the seventh Horcrux Harry Potter.

Who and how destroyed each of the Horcruxes

Although a young sorcerer with a scar is considereddestroyer of the Dark Lord, in fact they were neutralized only one horcrux - a diary, and killed the defenseless Volan de Mort. So if we consider the magician himself to be horrendous, it means that Harry himself personally destroyed the first and last parts of the soul of his main enemy.

The rest of the relics of Riddle were neutralized by different people.

  • The ring was defused by Dumbledore with the help of Godric Gryffindor's sword, tempered in the blood of a basilisk, and therefore took over its properties.
    how many horcruxes in harry potter
  • The Salazar Slytherin medallion was destroyed by Harry's best friend Ron Weasley using Godric Gryffindor's sword.
  • Ironically, Joan Rowling, the cup of Penelope Puffenduy was defused by a woman (Hermione the canine of a basilisk), and in fact, for the creation of this artifact was also killed a representative of the fair sex.
  • The fourth relic of the sorcerer (Candida diademKogtevran) was exterminated because of the stupidity of one of his supporters - Krebba. Wanting to destroy Harry, Hermione and Ron, he set fire to Hell's fire all the Room of Benefit and died with the diadem himself.
  • The faithful companion of the villain - the snake Nagaine, was the last destroyed artifact (except for the Dark Lord himself). He killed her with the help of Godric Gryffindor's sword Neville Dolgopups.
  • Unplanned Horcrux (Harry Potter) was destroyedby the Evil Wizard, who always dreamed of taking revenge on the boy, not knowing that he was killing himself with his own hands. Applied to Harry, a deadly spell killed him part of Riddle's soul, and the hero himself survived with a resurrecting stone.

Known analogues of the Horcruxes in the world literature

Although the term horcrux was coined by Joan Rowlinespecially for their novels, the very concept of a magical subject, in which the secret of the immortality of a character is located, appeared in the literature long before her.

For example, in many Slavic fairy tales KoscheyThe immortal hides the secret of his eternal life in the needle, which is in the egg. Until the needle is broken, how many not early - the villain will remain unscathed. Judging by the magical properties - the magic needle of folk tales - the most krestrazh.

Another analogue of this artifact can be consideredRing Absolute power from the novels of Tolkien, which at one time was fond of Joan Rowling. Probably the idea of ​​an object with its own will, capable of making its host immortal, was inspired by this particular work.

Quest "Harry Potter: The Last Christening"

In recent years, more and more popularityacquires new entertainment: quest rooms. For a moderate fee, visitors are allowed into a specialized game complex, where in 1 hour you need to solve riddles and puzzles in order to get out of there.

In most cases, storylines for quests are taken fromfamous books or horror movies. Among them was the cycle "Harry Potter", according to the plot of which the company Ilocked organized the room-quest "Harry Potter and the Last Crucism" in St. Petersburg.

quest harry potter last krestrazh

Pamper yourself with such entertainment can not only the inhabitants of the northern capital, but also residents of other cities, because Ilocked organizes their quests in many large cities of the Russian Federation and four more countries.

After the adaptation of the Harry Potter cycle, manyenterprising shopkeepers began to offer their customers to become owners of souvenirs disposed of under horcrux. And today, despite the fact that 5 years have already passed since the last movie of the epic was released, there are always people who want to take possession of Volcano de Mort's crucifixion.

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