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Eugene Soya: Biography and Creativity

Today we will tell you who is Eugene Soy. His biography will be discussed in detail later. It's about a young poet from Odessa. Our hero is well known both in Ukraine and in Russia. He constantly tours, often independently publishes his collections.

early years

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Eugene Soya in his childhood most lovedwork "The Little Prince". Our hero could not get into the university, so he devoted himself completely to tours, performances and creativity. He is not at all afraid of the absence of a profession. Our hero began to write when he was 16 years old. In the spring the young author read books all day long, listened to music. As a result, poems were born.

Evaluation and creativity

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Eugene Soy is so voluminous that in hiscreativity everyone finds something of his own. For someone, it is cosmic, childishly naive, eternally in love, quiet or disobedient. But in his work he tries to raise many different themes, but for him there is nothing more important than a conversation about love. The poet is also asked questions of death, ideals and growing up. Our hero recorded the CD together with David Arthur Brown, the representative of Brazzaville. Also, the poet's book entitled "Flowers from Nothing" deserves a separate mention. It was released by the publishing house "Azbuka". At the present time he managed to become the author of five collections of poems. He regularly performs at concerts and literary evenings. Currently he lives in St. Petersburg.

Secret of success

Eugene Soy is open to everyone coming to himproposals, even very strange ones. He does not pursue success. The poet is not afraid to experiment. Success comes to our hero himself, as this person does not close the door before casual acquaintances and sudden collaborations. Another mystery is hidden in his special diligence. You should look at his schedule to realize this.

Interesting Facts

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Eugene Soya professionally engaged in football. Even played for "Chernomorets". The poet admits that in his childhood he really wanted to become a pilot. He even went to Kirovograd to enter the Aviation School. However, he was not accepted because of poor vision. The poet admits that at the time of writing the work he tries not to think about anything. In addition, he very little edited the resulting material. According to the author, recording a poem is like trying to save a dream. Our hero admits that the invented string can acquire the proper amount of rhymes and turn into a separate work only in years. In this case, it is not uncommon for a poem to be born on paper in a matter of seconds. The work takes shape in the head instantly. It remains only to transfer it to paper.

About our busy schedule, our hero says thatTo sustain such a schedule, people help him. The poet notes that if he comes to the meeting tired and broken, this state lasts only a few minutes, and after talking with the spectators again fills it with energy. Our hero among his favorite and most comfortable cities are St. Petersburg, Kharkov, Stavropol, Orenburg, Odessa and Kiev. He admits that he appreciates performances in Ukraine, although he has fewer spectators there than in Russia. And financially it is less profitable. In Russia, it is treated with more seriousness. However, he still loves Ukrainian evenings. The poet claims that his attitude towards his own works is gradually changing. Since he has been engaged in creativity for quite a long time, many of the poems written earlier depart from him. Thus, these works become closer to the reader than to the author who created them at another time. Now you know who Eugene Soy is. His photo is attached to this material.

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