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Arthur Conan Doyle, The Lost World. Summary

For the vast majority of readers ArthurConan Doyle is the author of detectives and the literary father of the detective Sherlock Holmes. But on his account there are other works, albeit not as popular as stories about the adventures of the great detective. This includes the story "The Lost World", a brief summary of which we will try to explain to you.

The Lost World

Here, Sir Arthur addresses the readers in theas a science fiction writer. The author turns to the flora and fauna of the Jurassic period, making a bold assumption that on our planet, dinosaurs still living in hard-to-reach and poorly explored corners of the earth could well survive. At the time of writing the book the most little known place on the planet was South America, however, there and now there are many places where "the foot of a white man" did not step, as the author's contemporaries liked to express.

Conan Doyle - "The Lost World"

The summary of the story can be summarized inIn a few words: in the jungle of the Amazon on a high plateau, a scientific expedition finds quite dinosaurs alive. But such a retelling is unlikely to interest a potential reader, so we'll try to more coherently outline the plot.

Doyle "The Lost World" is a summary,

We begin to re-present the summary. The "lost world" begins with an explanation in love. The budding reporter Edward Malone asks for the hands and hearts of his beloved Gladys. The girl refuses to him for the reason that he is too mediocre for her sublime nature, and that her husband can only expect to become an outstanding and brave person, capable of doing risky things for the sake of love. Under the impression of such a response, our hero runs to the editor at a run, demanding immediately to send him to the most risky place on Earth. So that he could make an outstanding report from there. A wise-minded editor satisfies the request of an ambitious young man. The most dangerous assignment is the task of interviewing a scandalous Professor Challenger, famous throughout London for his pathological dislike for the journalistic brotherhood. Melone can only agree to this task, and after a small fight with the professor, he gets an invitation to attend a press conference, in which Challenger must make a sensational statement.

"The Lost World"

As all the readers of the book "Lostworld, "which we summarize, this statement is that the dinosaurs did not die out. The professor himself saw them during his expedition, but failed to save the evidence. The scientific community scoffed at such a bold statement, but decided to organize yet another expedition consisting of Challenger's opponent Professor Summerlee and independent public representatives. Naturally, our hero decides to become this very representative from the press. The second candidate was the famous hunter Lord John Roxton.

The composition of the commission is approved, and a group of brave soulstravels to South America. There they are joined unexpectedly and Challenger, who decides personally to lead the expedition. After numerous adventures, they approach the foot of the plateau, on which the lost world is located.

Summary of the story does not implya detailed recount of the vicissitudes of the plot, the interested person will read them in the book, we will only outline the outline of the work in general terms. By the will of fate and a criminal conspiracy, our heroes are cut off from the world on this mysterious plateau and are forced not only to observe the dinosaurs as researchers, but also to save their lives, which are actively attacked by carnivorous lizards.

After numerous expedition adventures, allit is possible to leave the lost world. The summary of their trip is recorded by our reporter, and he provides it to his editor immediately upon return. There is going to be a new conference, now four of them claim that dinosaurs are alive. But again there are skeptics who do not believe in it. If only the words of Challenger were questioned before, now they also distrust the message of our heroic four. But Challenger, taught by bitter experience, presents to the assembled a live pterodactyl, than fully confirms the truthfulness of his statements.

Our travelers are almostnational heroes, and the young lover hastens to his Gladys, in order to retry the offer of a hand and heart. Now he can count on reciprocity, because thanks to him, a whole lost world has been discovered.

The brief content of the story leaves no room fordescriptions of the scene of explanation, everyone can read it themselves, but we will only say that our hero is still single and plans to go on a new expedition.

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