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"Headless Horseman": main characters, brief description

"Headless Horseman", whose main charactersare the subject of this review - this is a famous work by the English writer M. Reed, written by him in 1865. This work is one of the most famous in the author's work, it occupies a prominent place in the world literature and was screened by the Soviet film studio in 1973.

Characteristics of the main character

At the very beginning the writer acquaints the reader withseveral characters of their history. The narrative begins with the description of the move of the rich planter Woodley Poindexter and his family to a new place of residence. On the way, the small detachment lost its way, but was rescued by a brave Mustang, named Maurice Gerald. This manly, strong and handsome young man, a native of Ireland. In America, he held a very modest social position, as he was engaged in hunting for wild horses. However, at home, he wore the title of Baronet. This man immediately made a great impression on the travelers.

headless rider

The work "The Horseman without a Head", the main characterswhich have bright and memorable characters, has a dynamic plot that captures the reader from the very first pages. So, already at the very beginning the conflict arises between the courageous Mustanger and the nephew of the planter - Cassius Kolhaunom.

Description of villain

This character is the antagonist of the mainhero of the novel. He immediately disliked his new acquaintance out of jealousy: he was in love with his cousin Louise, the daughter of the planter, and wanted to marry her, but she at first sight fell in love with Maurice. Cassius was a retired military with a very bad reputation. In addition, he is cowardly and arrogant, that is, he is the complete opposite of the hunter, which further intensifies the conflict between them.

head rider headless rider

Louise Poindexter

The novel "The Horseman without a Head", the main characterswhich is spelled out by the writer with the skill of a real psychologist, is interesting in that in it elements of action-packed action are interwoven with the detective line. Beloved Maurice played a decisive role in the intrigue. Because of her there was a quarrel with her cousin, who was terribly jealous of her. Louise is a bold and determined girl. She has a strong-willed character, she is brave, sensible, but at the same time jealous, and sometimes can be quick-tempered. Nevertheless, it attracts the reader with courage, dexterity, responsiveness and devotion.

Woodley Poindexter and his son

The work "The Horseman without a Head", the main characterswhich differ in the integrity and expressiveness of the characters, quite accurately and reliably conveys the situation in America in the mid-nineteenth century. Woodley is a typical representative of the class of bankrupt landowners, landowners, who were many in American society on the eve of the civil war. This person is noble in his own way: so, despite the difference in his position with the status of Maurice, he immediately respected him. He accepted him as a guest, and kept him on an equal footing. He is a loving father and caring owner.

 a brief retelling of a rider without a head

One of the most famous English writersis Mine Reed. "Headless Horseman" is his most famous work, in which he reproduced his adventures in America. Another secondary character of the work is Louise's brother, Henry. This is a hot young man who, in his misfortune, quarreled with Maurice over his sister, which in many ways predetermined his fate, because Cassius, using a quarrel, decided to kill the hunter, and blame all the blame on his cousin. However, he confused him with his rival and mistakenly killed Henry, whose corpse frightened the locals.

 Maurice Jerald

Other minor characters

The real master of prose is Mine Reed. "Headless horseman" is a work in which he skillfully combined drama, detective and love line. One of the most colorful secondary characters in the background is Maurice's friend Zeb Stump. He is brave, honest and noble. It was he who saved the protagonist from the true death (lynching) and proved that he is not guilty of Henry's murder.

Another heroine of the work is Isidora. This very hot and quick-tempered woman, who is in love with Maurice. Learning that she has a happy rival, she tries in every possible way to quarrel lovers. At the same time, she deceives Diaz, a jealous Mexican who is enamored of her, who, out of jealousy, kills her at the end of the work, for which he himself is immediately lynched. So, to get a general idea of ​​Reed's work allows an overview of his most famous novel and his brief retelling. "Headless Horseman" is a work that is a real classic of American literature.

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