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Shelton Herbert: biography and bibliography

Founders of various exercises on healthy imagelife, the peak of their activity fell in the middle of the twentieth century, still cause the genuine interest of the public. And even the contradictoriness of their biographies, the controversy of preached views, criticism from traditional medicine do not prevent attention and sincere curiosity on the part of the public. One such preacher of health was Herbert Shelton. Despite the fact that this man left the world of the living more than thirty years ago, his books still occupy pride of place on the shelves of adherents of a healthy diet.

The origin of interest in starvation

Herbert McGolfin Shelton was born on the 6thOctober 1895 in the city of Willie, Texas in a family of deeply religious parents. The boy was born prematurely and very weak. The health situation was further exacerbated by the poverty and dilapidation of the parents' home, in which the fragile baby was forced to fight for his health. However, fate was favorable to Herbert, and he grew up quite a strong young man.

Strict religious education did not prevent Sheltonfrom an early age to show a keen interest in science, including health. He looked at the life of farm animals and paid attention to how they recover from the disease with the help of fasting.

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And only with the move of the family to a larger cityGreenville, Herbert was able to truly develop his knowledge in the field of healthy lifestyles. This was promoted by working in a newsstand, spending time in which, a young man enthusiastically "swallowed" articles about physical culture, starvation, body cleansing. In the same period Shelton tries to switch to the food of unprocessed food - he eats raw vegetables and fruits, tries to reduce his weight. His parents condemned him for these attempts, but did not prevent them. In the declining years, Herbert's father also showed a keen interest in the theories preached by his son, in the hope of easing his state, provoked by asthma.

Training and the beginning of literary activity

The next few years Shelton dedicatesactive and in-depth study of the works of well-known hygienists of the nineteenth century - McFadden, Troll, Volcker, Oswald and others, and goes to study with a clergyman named Sylvester Graham, known for his commitment to the hygienic movement and the consumption of unprocessed food. Trying a three-day starvation leads him into raptures, and he begins to more confidently propagate his views on a healthy lifestyle.

While serving in the army, Herbert continues to study valeologic literature, and concludes that there is an extreme danger of traditional medicine.

Since 1919, Shelton began to attend trainingthe College of Physical Education McFadden, the Crane sanatorium, the Lindlahr College of Natural Therapy, and others. Being a graduate student in several places at the same time, Shelton does not forget about her personal life, and in 1921 she makes an offer to the beloved Epepe Pape. In two years the couple have their first child. By that time, Herbert has been awarded two academic degrees: a doctor of naturopathy and a doctor of naturopathic literature, and begins to work as a doctor.

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In the same period, a book was publishedthe title "Basic principles of naturopathy", the attitude of which in various circles was very controversial. However, the light saw all the works that Shelton Herbert dedicated his life (author's books are still very popular).

The idea of ​​the revival of the doctrine of hygiene

Shelton firmly adhered to the view thatthe doctrine of a system of hygiene, successfully begun in the nineteenth century by Sylvester Graham and Isaac Jennings, must be revived. And the responsibility for this revival he placed on himself.

Since 1925, Dr. Shelton Herbert, bibliographywhich has more than one dozen books, began to write actively for popular magazines for health. Most of his publications contained criticism of classical medicine and medication management. Despite the fact that during this period of life Shelton from a believer turned into an agnostic, according to him, his articles contained many messages to the Holy Scripture - somewhere as an example of starvation, somewhere - in the form of an ironic remark with a hint on the inconsistency of religious dogmas.

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In 1927 the second son was born to the Shelton family. This period was not easy for the couple, in terms of material well-being. Herbert was three times arrested and fined for illegally practicing treatment, and in the wake of these troubles, magazines that previously willingly published Dr. Shelton's scientific articles broke with him under pressure from the police and representatives of traditional medicine.

The Shelton School of Health

Despite the trouble with the law, popularityShelton, as a practicing hygienist, was growing rapidly. Therefore, in 1928, a family with two children moved to the city of San Antonio in their native for Herbert Texas and opened there its first "Shelton's School of Health". At the same time, his second book, entitled "Human Life, Its Philosophy and Laws," was published. A year later, Ida gave birth to Herbert's third child - daughter Vaylodin. This period became the most difficult for a young large family - the Great Depression did not give such a scientist as Shelton a chance to live a normal life, and they had a very miserable existence. But the doctor did not lose heart, and, tirelessly, he worked on new books and publications, which gradually gained authority in the reader's environment.

Dedication to work and need

He actively lectured, collecting dozens andhundreds of grateful listeners, but it did not bring money. At the beginning of the forties he received an offer to conduct an author's program on the radio, at the end of which an advertising of a laxative drug was to sound. These conditions ran counter to the scientific and life philosophy of the well-known humanist, and, of course, he refused, despite the fact that it promised a significant improvement in the financial situation of the Shelton family. Herbert, whose biography is imbued with poverty and vegetation since childhood, was so in need of money that even cleaning the school premises, washing the bed linens for patients lay on his wife's shoulders.

Lecture activity. Successes and failures

The following years, until 1972, Shelton spent inaway lectures, which he read without interruption for 10-12 hours a day. A person advocating a careful attitude to health, brought his body to complete exhaustion, tirelessly giving himself to work. This was Shelton Herbert.

Separate nutrition, which he is so activepromoted, is still the subject of a huge number of disputes both in scientific circles and among those who have practiced it. During the life of Dr. Shelton, several scandals related to his method of treatment also erupted.

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So, in 1942, a trial took place over him. The charge of murder as a result of negligence was based on the death of the patient at the School of Health, but at that time Shelton was fully acquitted.

Skeptics and critics of the hygiene movement were in theequal degree many. Herbert was repeatedly ridiculed by them for the way he moved from one principle of a healthy lifestyle to another. So, in 1945, Shelton was injured by the jaw from hitting the horse's hoof. This led to the loss of teeth and the inability to consume meat in the future, as a result, the doctor began to actively promote vegetarianism, according to many, not to be alone in the face of new restrictions. His rejection of sex and the belief that he does not need a man, many attributed banal impotence.

Growing popularity against the backdrop of failure

However, the number of followers grew. This was due, in many ways, to the strong oratorical charm of Shelton. Several tricks, mastered by him at the very beginning of the lecture experience, became the key to the success of his performances. In 1948 Vivian Vetrano joined the movement.

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Being a talented and successful dancer, shediscovered the School of Health as a patient and became the most loyal follower of the teachings of Shelton, actively studied his theory, also read lectures and wrote articles. Paradoxical and almost comical was Shelton receiving a grant to create another School from the company Frito, which produced chips. Its founder was a school patient and was so shocked by the results of starvation that, without hesitation, he allocated fifty thousand dollars.

The wrong ending to a correct life did not disprove the teachings of Shelton

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1978 was fatal for the School of Health -One of the patients died of a heart attack, and after five years of trial, Shelton and Vetrano were accused of his death. The court sentenced them to pay the widow of the deceased about nine hundred thousand dollars, as a result, in her declining years, Shelton turned out to be a sick, devastated man, whose own weakness ruined the work of his life. Parkinson's disease bedridden him for many years, during which he tirelessly continued to develop his teaching. Herbert Shelton passed away in 1985. It is safe to say that his youthful dream to revive the hygienic movement was realized.

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Until now, a huge number of people practiceseparate food, despite much controversy about its practical suitability, which Shelton Herbert argued. All books of the author are published to this day and are in steady demand.

Founders of various healthy lifestyle teachingslife, the peak of which fell on the middle of the twentieth century, still arouse the genuine interest of the public. And even the inconsistency of their biographies, the controversy of the views preached, criticism from traditional medicine, do not prevent attention and sincere curiosity from the public.

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