/ / Abstract: "Neznayka in the Sunny City", Nikolay Nosov

Abstract: "Dunno in the Sunny City", Nikolay Nosov

N. Nosov in 1958 wrote a story-tale about Neznaika. First it was published in the magazine "Youth", and later - a separate book. Now we will bring to your attention its brief content. "Neznayka in Sunny City" is easy to read in the author's presentation and contains many amusing details.

Dreams of Neznaika

Our hero was very fond of reading fairy tales and became friendswith the girl Buttons, who also loved them. Dunno completely lost faith in fairy tales and wizards, but somehow not only the old man rescued from the dog, which he let go for a walk, but also ran to find out if the dog had harmed him.

a brief information in a sunny city
The old man turned out to be a magician and gave Neznayke a magic wand.


Dunno with Knopochka asked for a magicalchopsticks car. Pachkulia Pestrenky joined them. They went to the sunny city. On the road, they saw cars of different designs, a steamer and a steam locomotive, a tractor and a combine harvester. Now we will find out what the adventures of friends are and their brief content. Neznayka in Sunny City and his friends drew attention to the fact that all the houses in it are very beautiful, and many cars drive through the streets, which had a variety of designs.

They went into a multi-storey house, which hadescalator. Riding on it, they passed on and saw dining rooms, in which the shorties not only ate, but still sat behind chess, lotto, dominoes, read the newspapers. In the courtyards all played ping-pong, football, volleyball, in the towns. In some places there were swimming pools. The theater or cinema was almost in every house. Looking at one of the tall houses, Dunno came across a little man named Listic and called him a donkey. Leaf politely talked to him, but the unrestrained Dunno turned the Leaf into a donkey. What else will our hero do, we learn by reading the summary ("Dunno in the Sunny City" - a unique work).

Further adventures

Once in the hotel, the travelers saw onwall huge screen. The writer predicted the appearance of modern flat wall TVs. For many years ahead, Nosov looked. Neznayka in Sunny City and his companions will see the touch control of navigation devices, laser printing, video surveillance systems. When Neznaika went to bed, his conscience spoke to him. She reproached him for his behavior with Leaf. The next morning Neznayka from the newspapers will find out that a new donkey has appeared in the zoo. He decides to fix the situation and calls on Knopochka and Pachkulu to go to the zoo. Conscience always tormented Neznaika and hurried him. He mistakenly, one by one, turns 3 real donkeys into shorties.

noses are unknown in a sunny city
They turned out to be hooligans. Because of one of them our hero got to the police. He was very frightened and decided to get out of it with the help of a magic wand. The walls collapsed, and the militiaman Svistulkin received a concussion and was hospitalized. Conscience will then talk to Neznayka about his behavior, and we will continue our brief content. Dunno in the Sunny City will see many miracles.

Continuation of adventure

Friends will be amazed that in Sunny City there are houses that rotate. They will get acquainted with interesting shorties: the architect Kubik, engineer Klepkoy, artist and chess player Nitochka.

They will visit a sports and water town, wherethey go in for sports and swim in swimming pools. They will see the theater, chess and gay towns. Dunno, having learned from the newspapers about the riots in the city, wants to stop everything with a magic wand, but loses it, and when it finds, it turns out that she does not have magical power. At this time N. Nosov again arranges a meeting of our travelers with a magician. He will know their desires.

neznayka in a sunny city the main characters
They want everything to go well in the city: donkeys must get to the zoo, Leaf should turn into a short man, the policeman Svistulkin should get well. The good wizard managed to do everything.

"Neznayka in Sunny City": the main characters

  • Dunno - very cunning, lazy dreamer, boastful, ignorant, but smart and smart and very charming.
  • The button is a smart, kind girl who believes in miracles. She can keep, when she sees, from the wrong actions of her friends.
  • Пачкуля Пестренький - lazy, good-natured and eternally dirty. He asked the wizard to make him love to wash. His wish was fulfilled.
  • Conscience of Neznaika. She appears constantly and does not allow him to forget about bad deeds.

The story of N. Nosov non-zero teaches children to be attentive, sociable, kind.

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