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List of Pushkin's fairy tales - gold collection

list of Pushkin's fairy tales
List of fairy tales of Pushkin, the famous poetnineteenth century, is not large. It includes only seven works, but what they ... We know them from childhood, they are loved by us. Many of them are filmed. The most venerable Russian artists considered it their duty to reflect their vision of these tales on paper, in our imagination from childhood the famous illustrations come to light. Stories and musicians reflected in their musical works, creating masterpieces.

List of Pushkin's fairy tales includes suchworks, as, for example, "The Bridegroom". The undoubted adornment of the list is "The Tale of Tsar Saltan, of his son, the glorious and mighty hero of Prince Guidon Saltanovich, and of the beautiful princess of Swans." It is unlikely that someone has not read "The Tale of the Priest and of his Worker Balda," she has known us since childhood. We read out "The Tale of a Fisherman and a Fish", and some of the clippings from "Tales of the Dead Princess and the Seven Knights" and "Tales of the Golden Cockerel" we know by heart.

List of Pushkin's fairy tales includes one morea work called "The Tale of the Bears", but unlike the others, the tale is unfinished. First published by the historian P.V. Annenkov, after that, several times edited and reprinted by other historical figures.

Pushkin's fairy tale

The bulk of works in a fairy-tale stylewas created by the author in the period from 1830 to 1834 years. It is for these years that the poet's most fascinating time of life is: his love, marriage, the birth of children. Only "The Bridegroom" was written in 1825, and published in 1827.

Pushkin's fairy tales, the list of which we cited above,many critics admit, as the old, well-known folk works rewritten in a new way. It is believed that the writer contributed to the stories something originally Russian. Moreover, several new details distinguished the product from the original materially.

List of Pushkin's fairy tales is the basis forpublications of a huge number of collections and collections. The reason is banal - demand. Despite the fact that the works were written for a long time, the love for them has not passed to this day, and it's not the first generation of people who brings up their children on the tales of Alexander Sergeyevich.

Pushkin's Golden Tales

Pushkin "Golden Tales" edited by YevstratovaAlexandra is one of the most popular publications at the moment. By the way, it is illustrated by Reypolsky Alexei Dmitrievich. The edition includes not only fairy tales, but also the famous excerpt from the poem "Ruslan and Lyudmila", also ancient expressions and words are included in the content.

It is impossible not to say a few words aboutthe fine gift of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin to convey simple things in verse speech. Elementary thought with the help of his phrases penetrates right into the heart, not giving the opportunity to remain indifferent to anyone. His rhymes are not only for adults, but also for children. Moreover, they are perfect both for those and for others, equalizing, erasing the boundaries and facets, learning and education, lowering to the level of banal perception of inner feelings, no more. What gives everyone the opportunity to just sit and listen to fairy tales, in beautiful Russian, conveying eternal values ​​about good, evil and beauty.

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