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Poet-songwriter Nikolai Nikolaevich Dobronravov: biography, family, creativity

The names of Pakhmutov and Dobronravov always go together. Both on the creative path and on life, being an example for many people, not only an attitude to life, but also a guiding light, thanks to their creations: songs, melodies and poems created over many years of successful creativity.

A brief biography of Dobronravov Nikolayev Nikolaevich

So, about everything in order. Dobronravov Nikolai Nikolayevich was born in St. Petersburg (then, in 1928 - Leningrad) in a family of intelligent people who instilled in him a love of art from his youth. When the boy was 14 years old, it was necessary to evacuate to the suburbs - the war spared no one. These years will be forever engraved in his memory, later they will pour into texts of verses and songs that are amazing with their depth.

dobronov nikolay Nikolaevich biography
He received two educations: an actor and a teacher. For a long time I did not dare to make a choice in favor of teaching literature or writing books. The meeting with your beloved woman put everything in its place.

Personal life

One of the most successful days the poet believesmeeting with Alexandra Pakhmutova in 1956, when they began to work on the first general project: a children's song for the program. This is exactly the same Love about which they write in novels and make films: for fifty years the couple has never parted, and still in their eyes the fire of love shines more than half a century ago.

Pakhmut and Goodwill
They were married six months after the firstmeetings, and continuing to go hand in hand all my life: in the family, in my life and in my favorite work. Unfortunately, the children of the brilliant couple do not: the family of Nikolai Nikolaevich Dobronravov is only his favorite Alechka. But, who knows: would they create such a record number of songs, poems and melodies, if the children were still there? Maybe it's the will from above, so that they do not spray their talents on other aspects of life, completely giving themselves to art?

One of the best tandems of the Soviet space

Creative Union of Pakhmutov and Dobronravov formany years of activity created a great many brightest songs, popular not only in the territory of the Union of Republics, but also abroad. Spouses did not focus on one topic of the propaganda necessary in the Soviet times and were happy to create hits on the theme of love, sport, the theme of astronautics and geology that was relevant in the 1960s and 1970s. Romance bonfires - so lovingly called their hits fans of peace of mind by the fire, with a guitar and a warm company. "The main thing is not to grow old in our hearts", "How young we were", "We do not live without each other", "The Bird of Happiness", "You are my joy" is just a minimal list of what was written by a tandem of genius authors.

dobronovov nikolay nikolaevich poetry
World recognition was the song "Goodbye, Moscow", which became the anthem of the Olympics in 1980, under which thousands of spectators cried, escorting an eight-meter inflatable bear in the sky.

Literary creativity

Dobronravov Nikolai Nikolayevich began to write inyears of work at the Theater of the Young Spectator, in the distant 50's: already then, in co-authorship with actor Grebennikov, the first New Year's performances, children's plays and fairy tales were staged in theaters. And now, they are pleased to represent some theaters.

At the dawn of the 60s a play for children was written"The beacon lights up", which is still being staged on children's holidays, and soon a libretto was created, according to which Ivan Shadrin was later installed. In the biography of Nikolai Nikolaevich Dobronravov there is close cooperation with the publishing house "Young Guard" - one of the largest in the Soviet space. Thanks to this, such works were published:

  • Island Hawk Horn.
  • "The lighthouse lights up."
  • "Desperate, get off!".
  • "Holidays are coming soon".
  • "The third is not superfluous."

Poems of Nikolai Nikolaevich Dobronravov - thisa separate story, moreover - this is the whole era of lyrical, soulful and heartfelt lines that plowed the expanses of Russian-speaking space. Even now the brilliant poet does not give up positions, presenting the next child to the world. For fifty (!) Years of creativity, many collections of poems were published, which formed the basis of many songs, poetic novels and reflections on the eternal theme of good and evil, attitude to life, the soul of man and his actions. He touches very sharply the theme of the war, which was a fat red line in the biography of Nikolai Nikolaevich Dobronravov, which is deeply reflected in all the well-known songs: "Children of War", "And again the battle continues," "Belarus."

"There is no song without destiny"

These lines from Dobronravov's poems became hisa guiding thread in creativity: the author believes that a good song must be "experienced" in the process of writing, that is, to feel all the fibers of the soul before taking to the court listeners. And Nikolai Nikolayevich succeeds, like no one else, because the songs on his poems have been performed for several generations. The list of performers includes: Muslim Magomayev, Valentina Tolkunova, Iosif Kobzon, Sofia Rotaru, Yuri Gulyaev, Edita Pyekha, Nikolai Baskov, Lev Leshchenko, Alexander Gradsky - that is, masters of the stage, bringing light and the height of the human soul to the masses.

songs on the verses of dobrodravov

Also in the list of singers for poemsDobronravova there are well-known collectives: "Pesnyary" (all known "Belorussia" and "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" won the hearts of millions of fans of Nicholas's creativity), "Syabry", "Gems".

Most popular works

Songs on Dobronravov's verses sound several alreadygenerations. But, still, do not lose their relevance, freshness and depth of transmitted emotions. In the biography of Nikolai Nikolaevich Dobronravov forever will remain such hits:

  • "Tenderness" is a hit of a global scale: its quail was not only domestic, but also foreign performers: Frida Bokkara (France), Lourdes Guil (Cuba), soloist "Modern Talking" Thomas Anders (Germany), Ingrid (Italy), Slava Pshybylska (Poland). The text was translated into the languages ​​of many countries, many recognized this song as "the hymn of love." For the first time "Tenderness" was performed by the great Maya Kristalinskaya, who, during her performance, could hardly restrain the tears of ecstatic emotions from this unique work.
  • "Coward does not play hockey" - is considered unspokena hymn of Russian hockey players, which was also sung several times by contemporary performers: Sergei Mazaev, the group "Brilliant", and for the first time in 1968 it was performed by Vadim Mulerman.
  • "Bird of Happiness" is a song of an optimist, performed by various artists: V. Leontiev, Vitas, Nadezhda Cheprag.
  • "I can not do it" - the song was performed by ValentinaTolkunova, all the following years, remaining her business card. The melody of the singer's voice perfectly emphasizes the lightness and purity of the song, beloved by many women for their sincerity.
    dobronravov nikolay nikolaevich family
  • "You are my melody" - the brilliant performance of Muslim Magomayev gave this product many years of popularity and numerous attempts to perpetrate it.
  • "Belovezhskaya Pushcha" - was written in 1975. The song became an unofficial anthem of Belarus. It was performed by the group Pesnyary, Syabry.

Dobronravov's winged phrases

Some lines from the songs were so popular with listeners that they became common words, and are used everywhere to express some special states and feelings.

  • "We do not live without each other" - first performed Gradsky as a soundtrack for the film "Oh, sport! You are the world! ".
  • "The Earth has emptied without you." This is one of the most famous songs - "Tenderness".
  • "Bird of happiness of tomorrow." This is the song "Bird of Happiness" from the repertoire of Nikolai Gnatyuk and Vitas.
  • "The main thing, guys, heart does not get old" - in a song with the same name, which Valery Syutkin performed.
  • "The first half we already played" - a composition from the movie "My Love on the 3rd year".
  • "I can not do it" - words from the famous song of Valentina Tolkunova.
    dobronov nikolay creativity


Dobronravova Nikolai Nikolaevich was repeatedly awarded with honorary titles, prizes and orders.

The first recognition from the authorities of the poet was received inIn 1978, it was a prize of the Leninist Komsomol, a pretty weighty reward in those days. Then followed by the State Prize of the USSR in 1982, then - the Order of the Labor Banner and the Order of Honor in 1984.

Dobronravov Nikolay Nikolaevich awards

Order of Merit for the Third andsecond degree, Buninsk Prize, the Ministry of Defense Prize in 2016 - this is not a complete list of all the awards of Nikolai Nikolayevich, whose contribution to the development of art is incredibly huge and will be appreciated by more than one generation.

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