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The main characters of "Lefty" Leskov. Who are they?

Of course, many will agree that prosethe talented Russian writer Nikolai Leskov is unusual: there are elements of a fairy tale in it, in which both tragic and comic are intertwined. All this is largely manifested in the famous work of the above-mentioned master of the word "Lefty".

The main characters are lefties

It should be emphasized that the main characters of Leskov's Lefty got ambiguous marks from the writer.

The image of the Tula "craftsman"

The author emphasizes that his main character had a completely ordinary appearance: he has a birthmark on his cheek, and there are no hair on the temples that the teacher peeked to him in the past.

So, the main characters of "Lefty" Leskov. In their chain the Tula man plays a key role. The writer in the work emphasizes his unique skill, which he possesses. The left-hander is not just an ordinary gunsmith, he is "talented". At the same time, the author does not try to create his image ideal, saying that the science of the Tula peasant was given "with difficulty".

So what is so unique he did, which is notcould the other main characters of Lefty Leskov? He goes abroad at the request of officials, namely to England, where he manages to shoe a flea. And here the writer wants to emphasize how skillful and talented a Russian person can be. And to possess the above qualities, it is not necessary to know the technical sciences perfectly.

Leskov left-handed main characters

Of course, against the backdrop of the "Tula" craftsman, the other main characters of Leskov's "Lefty" are perceived by the reader as "unremarkable", since the writer gives them negative qualities.

At the same time, the armourer from Tula, in spite ofpersuasion of the British, does not want to stay with foreigners and comes home. He can not be bribed by any money, he feels like a "small" person compared to "state men". Confident of the quality of his work, he is not afraid to go to reception to the Russian sovereign.

Lefty - collective character

Nikolai Leskov wants to demonstrate to the reader,that a Russian person can go to anything in order to show his devotion to the cause, if the interests of the Fatherland are "at stake". He goes hungry to foreigners, without any documents - and all this in order to show his wit and talent to the British.

I have given such amazing qualitieshis character Nikolai Leskov. The left-hander, the main characters of this remarkable story are taken from the domestic history to give the product a certainty.

the main characters of the left-leaning story

Other characters in the story

Here are images of the Emperor AlexanderPavlovitch, who believed that there was simply no equal to the English in the technical sciences, Emperor Nicholas I, who, on the contrary, liked to claim that the Russian man was the most talented in the world. The writer also acquaints the reader with Matvei Ivanovich Platov, who heads the Don Cossacks, he accompanies the king on a trip to the British and is also supportive of Levsha. Skobelev and Kleinmichel are also historical personalities, of which almost everyone who is interested in the past of Russia knows.

It should be noted that representativesbureaucratic apparatus and nobles, who are the main characters of the story "Lefty", Leskov introduced by people who have a set of negative qualities. They are arrogant, sometimes cruel and short-sighted, which once again shows that the Russian peasant is capable of much to prove his devotion to the Motherland.

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