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Warm and kind wishes for the wedding!

It is impossible to imagine a more touching andan exciting event in the life of two people than a wedding. This is a special day when a couple of loving people unite their hearts in a single whole, assumes all responsibility for the decision to be a support to each other, begins a completely new life in a new quality for them. Of course, this holiday will always remain in the memory of the young. Gradually, the guests' dresses will start to forget, the value of gifts will be lost, but there is something that will remain forever in your memory - the most sincere wishes for the wedding of close friends who were lucky to become participants in the first celebration of the new family.

And, undoubtedly, the most moving will bewishes for the wedding in your own words, spoken from the heart. Think about it, because it means that a person who congratulates not with a learned rhyme, but with his own words, for a while thought about this pair, remembered the events that happened to them, imagined that it would be nice for them!

Different countries have their own customs of congratulatingthis unusual day. It is interesting to consider them in more detail! After all, every culture is a whole collection of its own traditions, customs, etc. For example, in hot India young sprinkle with different petals of flowers. In Germany, right on the doorstep of the house, a young bride is smashing utensils on a multitude of fragments. In Greece, perform wedding songs that scare away evil spirits. As you can see, customs are very different, but their common goal is to wish young people happiness, prosperity and prosperity. The Slavs revered the magic of the word back in ancient times, which is why the wishes for a wedding are the most important tradition.

It is very important to choose the right wishes for the wedding, the most necessary, sincere, true words will undoubtedly play an important role in the life of the new young family.

First of all, the wishes for the wedding areimportant advice to the young. Someone can treat this with a grin, but the bride and groom will hear in a comic manner that one must respect each other, be tolerant, work around the house and bring money for the family, raise children. Even cool wishes for the wedding should be taken a little seriously, because in every joke there is some truth.

Attending the celebration of the birthyoung family, it is impossible not to feel the special spirit of such an amazing event. And it is no accident that those who were invited to participate in such an important event, feel themselves involved in this great sacrament. Wishes for a wedding can be attributed to a special category of congratulations, because in each of them lies worldly wisdom. It is this wisdom that is the firm foundation of a long-term alliance and family well-being. With the help of the wish to really convey their experience, suggest how to avoid misunderstanding, and protect against irreparable mistakes.

Very important and memorable arecongratulations of parents at the wedding. Who else can know better than his own mother and father, how to congratulate young people to touch their soul and heart, and make them think about worldly wisdom. The speech of the parents, first of all, contains the parting words and blessings for the children who decided to build their happiness together. That is why it is so important to approach with all responsibility to this moment.

Certainly, congratulations on the wedding can be found andin ready poetic form, and even in prose. If you want, you can combine your words and ready-made congratulations in verse. There are a lot of beautiful words and poems dedicated to the wedding day. The main thing is to choose the necessary and suitable poems for close people. Solemn, tremulous, they also can remain in memory for many years!

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