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What are they, men's erogenous zones?

Knowing exactly the erogenous zones of men, you can deftlymanage their behavior, delivering them sweet moments. And, if the body caresses a beloved woman, then it all turns into a single area of ​​excitement. However, gentle touches to certain points will bring even greater pleasure and pleasure.

In the physiological plan, the erogenous points in menAre nerve endings that act according to certain laws of the entire human nervous system. Therefore, whatever the mood of a partner, a woman can always awaken a passion in him, knowing the secret places of his body. This is very important information for a loving couple. Otherwise, there may be problems in the intimate life due to ignorance of the secrets of arousal.

Some believe that the onlythe sensitive part of the body is exclusively the sexual organs. But there are still hidden erogenous zones of men, which are located where there is a large number of nerve endings. Among them are the tongue, the navel, the fingertips, and even the ankles. All of them are individual. Therefore it is very important to constantly explore the body of your partner and find them. This will help erotic massage, which is often included in the prelude of love games. About some hidden points you can even just not guess.

It is worth noting that the ability to find erogenousplaces for men - it's very valuable. After all, this way you can enjoy not only your loved one, but yourself. You can caress with your fingers, palms or tongue. It is on these parts of the body that a large number of nerve endings are concentrated. Their stimulation leads to imminent excitement.

There are places on the body of men where they can hideerogenous zones. So, very few people pay due attention to the back. The pleasure centers are located between the shoulder blades, as well as in the place where the sacrum is located. A woman can caress her back not only with her hands, but also with her breasts. It will bring much more pleasure to the partner.

There is nothing sexier than the male buttocks - this isa special erogenous zone of a man. Touching the loins of the body causes a strong sexual arousal. Even if the partner is tired or nerves to hell, you can excite him with a gentle massage of this part of the body, and a sexual desire, the desire will necessarily appear.

Men's erogenous zones are very diverse. Do not ignore the neck. She responds to kisses or light touches with the tip of the tongue. Sensitive places are located in the neck area from the side, starting from the shoulder and ending with the auricle. By the way, you can also play with the eye of a man.
Gently stroking is necessary and the occiput. There are also many nerve endings here. Often, during foreplay, couples use just such exciting touches.

Of course, the male breast is one of the parts of the body,which is included in the erogenous zones of men. It can not be compared in sensitivity with the female. However, to excite a partner with gentle touches of the pads of the fingers, lips and tongue to the nipples can be very strong. Particularly pleasant will be if you stroke your beloved's chest with light movements that will resemble the drawing of the figure-eight.

From the chest you can slip lower and defiantlyplay with the belly button and belly of a man. These erogenous zones of men caress better not for long. Otherwise, the partner will become very ticklish, and the whole prelude will turn into a real farce.

Finally, the sex organs are the mostsensitive part of the body of a man. Especially if a slight excitement has already come. If there is a desire to prolong the pleasure, which is achieved by intimate caresses, it is better not to touch the penis immediately.

The peaking of a partner can be achieved by doingmassage of his genitals. Affectionate manipulation of the testicles, scrotum and penis will cause a lot of pleasant sensations in men. In addition, you can stroke the lower abdomen. This will cause even more excitement, which will certainly end with passionate sex.

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