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How to become a good mistress and take him out of the family

What is a mistress

how to become a good mistress

Under the "mistress" is traditionally understood as a permanentsecret girlfriend, with whom a man meets, despite the presence of an official wife. Sometimes in this status for a long time do not linger. An incorrect spouse can change a partner, or the woman herself will no longer want to continue meeting, understanding the hopelessness of the relationship. However, the girl on the side is needed not only for constant love of comfort. She replaces and supplements the wife in those qualities that are not available. For example, she can be a good listener, an interesting interlocutor or support his hobbies. Without other non-sexual qualities it is impossible to become a true mistress, you can only get a partner for a couple of meetings. How to become the best mistress for your man? The secret is not known to all. Many wives assume that the trader inevitably meets with the top model, and then with surprise discover that her husband on the side of the novel with the girl is quite ordinary appearance. It's just right to reconsider your family values ​​and look at the spouse.

Than a mistress is better than his wife

how to become a better lover

Mistress - this is not necessarily an unearthly beauty. And if a man, despite everything, continues to maintain a long relationship, then she has every chance not only to replace his wife at certain stages of life, but also completely take him away from the family. For this you need to be the best in everything. It is also important not to overexpose the situation, otherwise the man will understand that it is convenient for him to have both: his wife and his secret friend. How to become a good mistress? Having started a relationship with a married man intentionally or through ignorance and even bursting with great love, women often give up personal happiness in favor of an already existing family. Do not justify your behavior and refusal to fight women's solidarity or fear of public opinion. If a man is dear to you, you must fight for him. It's not a fact that he is happy in the family and he is happy there. Usually husbands do not have permanent relationships on the side, if with his wife he has complete harmony.

How to become a good mistress and lead a man from the family

than a mistress is better than his wife

In order to ruin someone else's marriage, a special mindit is not necessary, and it is not worth taking active measures. It is necessary to begin an unofficial war when a trusting relationship is established between lovers. Then he shares everything that disturbs him, both in the family and outside it. It remains only imperceptibly to bring confusion to the married life of his lover - to make his wife jealous. Most often, it is her jealousy herself, with her own hands, will destroy the marriage. It has long been known that there is nothing more terrible than a jealous wife and there is nothing worse for a man than the endless disassembly in the house. Granting, against the backdrop of unstable relations in the family, the necessary peace and comfort, the mistress acquires an additional and obvious advantage. But for happiness it is not enough to know how to become a good mistress, you still need to learn how to be an ideal wife.

Opinions and examples

The view that a man will never give up hisfamily, and only mistakes his mistress with his promises - it's only partly true. The development of events depends on the actions of each side of the love triangle. It is worth remembering at least an incident that occurred in the British royal family, when Prince Charles parted with his wife because of his lover Camille Parker Bowles. She knows for sure how to become a good mistress!

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