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How to affectionately call the guy you love

Surely every girl wondered about how to affectionately call a guy. The answer to this question is not very complicated.

how sweetly to call a guy
How do men want to be called

Firstly, a man likes to be called by his first name. Try to use the name as often as possible and in a variety of ways. The name should be pronounced gently, affectionately and quietly.

What compliments do men like?

Affectionate words for a loved one are very important, because then you show your love. More often tell him:

"You're very clever!"

- You do not compare to anyone!

"You're the first one you've met so much!"

"You're the fire in the bed!"

- You make me crazy!

- You're so smart ...

"You have a great body!"

"You're just a magician!"

"I did not think you were so brave!"

Do not know how to affectionately call a guy?

A woman, as you know, can speak not onlyprose, but also verses. Therefore, if you speak with rhymed sweet words, this will be a pleasant surprise for every romantic and loving.

affectionate words for a loved one
Also, women in love like to leave beautiful confessions and beautiful words in the most unexpected places.

The most popular places of messages and advice, how affectionately to call a man

- His diary. Do not rush to write there something pleasant and leave your tracks if you saw that this is a very expensive thing.

- Your body. For example, you can pin a tattoo. True, you do not anticipate in advance what reaction this will cause. So first, learn how he looks at tattoos.

- His desk. This is the place where he puts the papers and documents. If you immediately thought about it, exactly where the other side of the monitor is located, then try to take a chance. And leave a gentle message there.

- How to affectionately call a guy is a simple matter, but leaving a message on the ceiling is more difficult. And most importantly - it's original. About this little else thought. You will be the very first.

- Lighter. Take all its lighters and write something nice to them.

- Mirror. On every mirror in the apartment, write down something that is easy to wash with affectionate words.

- The paper. And do not care that this is banal! Fight this banality with original confessions!

- Remote controller. Why not? This will be an excellent decoration for an object that is often held in the hands of a loved one.

- The bench. You already know how to affectionately call the guy you love! So dare! Decorate the shop at the entrance with a beautiful confession.

how to affectionately call a man
- Fridge. He will see exactly this inscription! Take a pencil or a felt-tip pen, only bright, so that this inscription will be remembered for ever.

- Touchpad on the laptop. Be ready for discontent. It will be a pity to get rid of the inscription, but it will be necessary.

- Underwear or dishes, which he constantly uses. Here you are assisted by organizations that are engaged in applying accurate inscriptions on things. They will write everything you want!

Than to write

In terms of materials, there are no restrictions. But most importantly, if the surface is not desirable to marinate, then it is worth using an easily washable material. In general, you can write with chalk, pencil, pen, beautiful stem, ink. You can also use lipstick, paint, lacquer, pieces of broken glass, eggshells, shadows and much more.

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