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Condoms Sensex - "hot" and safe sex is guaranteed!

A condom is considered to be one of the best contraceptive methods. Unwanted pregnancies, venereal infections, HIV / AIDS - this is the result of sex without a condom.

Condoms Sensex will solve this problem, because they are famous for their strength, sensuality and the fact that they give sexual partners a sense of naturalness.

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The main distinguishing features of Sensex condoms?

What criteria should be followed first of all when choosing a condom? Of no small importance are: material, thickness and size.

Sensex condoms in the sex market are presented in a full variety of species and are able to satisfy the demands of even the most sophisticated "sexual gourmet".

The first criterion is the material. The products of this brand are made of natural latex, which guarantees reliable protection against problems associated with venereal diseases, as well as unplanned pregnancy.

The second criterion is the thickness. Condoms Sensex appreciate fans of close contact and a sense of naturalness, because in the arsenal of the brand a complete set of products - from just thin to super thin.

The third, strictly individual, criterion is the size. From the properly selected this parameter depends on the safety of sex, because it is the wrong size chosen is the cause of slipping or irritation of the genital organ. Information on this criteria you will find on the condom package.

Condom features

Condoms Sensex have one distinctiveline. Each condom is equipped with a bag for disposal. It is very convenient and hygienic, immediately after sex, utilize the used product in the prescribed way.

Condoms of this brand have the usual andincreased silicone grease. They are completely different in texture: smooth, pimply, ribbed. The variety of colors and scents will make your sexual relations even more vivid and unforgettable.

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Condoms Sensex: consumer reviews

In general, the "users" of Sensex marka number of advantages of these condoms. First of all, this is the ratio of price and quality. Not very expensive condoms are capable of giving bright sensations and safe sex, no worse than expensive brands of condoms.

A bag for recycling is a nice addition, helping to avoid a lot of unresolved issues after sex.

This is the best choice for those who love hot sex and want to feel the partner with all the fibers of their body.

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