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How to recognize a gay: sexual orientation and behavior

Sometimes it is important to have the necessary information about that orother person. For example, in order to decide whether to let him into his social circle or not, whether to deal with him or refrain from it. People can not be judged only on certain features of their behavior, their character must be considered entirely. Next we will consider such an important detail as sexual orientation and methods of its definition.

If you are a beautiful girl, you might be wondering why the one you like does not pay attention to you at all. Maybe he has another? Or simply

how to recognize gay
women do not interest him? The answer to this question may help you save a lot of time. Or, if you are a guy, and with the attitude you are all right, then you might want to avoid communication with the "blue"? Or, on the contrary, would they like to meet with like-minded people? This also happens. If you are interested in an answer to any of these questions, this article is for you. So, let's talk about how to recognize a gay man.

The first sign is increased attention: if you are a guy and notice how another male creature, previously completely unfamiliar, shows a sudden interest and friendliness to you. For example, if in a completely new collective this person with you began to communicate much more than with other people. Naturally, this is not a reason to consider it "blue". But it's worth checking out. How to do it? Look long and carefully into his eyes. If you are like a person to him indifferent (as it should be in this case), then after a few seconds he will look away. But if the subject continues to look straight into the eyes for a long time or lowers them, this is the first signal. The second possible sign is a smile. In ordinary men, communicating with each other, it is often absent. They can smile when it is justified - with a pleasant memory or after a successful joke.

young gay men
How to recognize a gay man? Naturally, by the one with whom he meets. If the suspect prefers women, then this is "straight". If, on the contrary, he likes men, then such a person is called "gay." Seriously, there are two important issues that will tell a lot about him. Is he married? Does he have a girlfriend? If it is a question of a person who is already 28-30 years old, then the answers to these questions are quite characteristic of him. Of course, there is a possibility that he temporarily does not have a relationship or a vow of chastity, or is generally impotent. But there is another alternative to these assumptions, which is now quite rare not only in the tolerant countries of Europe and America, but also in our state.

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When asked about how to recognize a gay man,It is worth noting that a lot about a man will be told by his appearance. Does he have an earring in his right ear (less often in the left ear)? Does he look after himself very carefully? Does he sometimes try to get ahead of fashion? Is it extravagant and unusual? Does the ring wear a little finger? Does he want to go for a straight, but while talking about women gives too banal answers, indicating only the lack of experience? Answers to these questions will help in this task, how to recognize a gay man.

Those who read this article shouldstill some information for reflection. If you are young and you have not had such an experience yet, is it worth looking for a partner of the same sex with you? Especially if you consider how the consequences can affect your self-esteem, self-confidence and even the hormonal background of the body. According to statistics, in the US, young gays make up an insignificant percentage of the population, but they make a third of all suicides. Obviously, these people do not do this from a good life. Gay teenagers are seven times more likely to commit suicide than their peers. Now it is fashionable to say that non-traditional orientation is normal. But in fact, it is often associated with serious problems - both with health and psychological.

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