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Yezidi wedding is a tribute to traditions

Yezidi wedding begins early in the morning in the dwellingthe groom with the obligatory invitation of musicians. The ceremony of marriage presupposes the presence of the closest relatives, good acquaintances and long-time neighbors. Approximately about noon the trustees of the groom go to the bride's house. There, in the middle of the courtyard, the bride's parents organize a small table with drinks and meals.

Yezidi wedding

Pronounced in such cases are words aboutsolemnity of the day. Among the guests are those women who bring gifts to the bride on the so-called seni (round trays) or in their hands. The Yezidi wedding presupposes a special attitude to gifts: the gifts are arranged in the most skilful way, they are pre-packed in transparent material and bandaged with colorful ribbons. The Yezidi wedding provides for at least five trays, but they are obligatory. On one of them there are necessarily heli (red shawl) and a dress for the bride, in which she will be at the wedding. On the trays are also sweets, there are bottles of champagne and other gifts. Under cheerful zadornuju music native brides accept gifts and answer the gifts to the trusted groom. Now the Yezidi weddings in Moscow are held quite often, and have ceased to be exotic.

Yezidi weddings in Moscow

Joint dance "Govand" anticipates departurebride from the parental home. But before that, all guests must come into the house. There, with the words of gratitude, a show of all the gifts brought to all present is arranged. Relatives of the bride give the groom a ring, which the bride will soon put on him during the ceremony. New Yezidi weddings are held in accordance with all traditions and mandatory demonstration of the dowry. He is taken away by the trusted bridegroom, then to deliver the young to the house before the arrival. The dowry basically consists of bed linen (nevine bouquet): blankets, mattresses, pillows. Symbolical is another ceremony before the start of the meal in the bride's house - the linking together of two shawls - one that is presented by the groom, with the one that is already available to the bride. The bride remains in them for the rest of the ceremony. The total length of the meal in the bride's house is on average two to three hours.

Number of rituals that take place before departurebride from the parental home, this is not exhausted. Two more follow. In the first brother of the bride (if any, of course, there is) three times binds and unties a ribbon around her waist. The second is the ransom of the groom's pillow. Once the action has taken place, the bride, finally, can be taken away from the threshold of the parental home with a clear conscience and a joyful heart. At the threshold of the groom's house, his mother showered young sweets, after which the groom stands on the dais, placing the apple on his head, a symbol of fertility and reproduction.

new Yezidi weddings

While following the house on the shoulders of the newlywedsalternately put lavash - a symbol of family prosperity. At the doorstep at the same time the feet of the bride and groom should be broken a plate. If the groom succeeds, the boy will be born first, if the bride is a girl. At the wedding feast, men and women sit separately. Yezidi wedding - it's dances and songs, and the music accompanies the whole ceremonial. To observe the traditions, a toastmaster is appointed.

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