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Apology to the girl: how to do it right?

Apology to the girl is an important step thatcan save your relationship. The individuals of the "weak" sex are usually vulnerable and sensitive. Therefore, if you are guilty before her, try to do everything possible to correct the situation.

Women are emotional - this is a fact. Therefore, they usually experience a quarrel or separation is extremely difficult. In some cases, it is better to wait a bit until the beloved calms down and can more calmly look at the situation. It is also important that you yourself are calm. After all, an apology to a girl requires patience. Perhaps your favorite little "pull" with reconciliation. It is important that you react to this correctly. She most likely just wants your attention. And even if your lady says she does not know how to proceed, tell her that everything will be fine. Often it is precisely such phrases that the girls are waiting for after a quarrel.

Apology to the girl: SMS

The best option is to ask for forgiveness personally. No phone calls and SMS-ki will not replace a tete-a-tete conversation. If you avoid personal conversation, the girl may think that you are afraid, you want to "hush up" the situation rather quickly and do not realize their guilt at all. And this is not the effect that is needed. So gather your spirit and go to it.

Of course, in some cases

apology for a girl sms
such an option is not possible. For example, if she does not contact you at all - does not answer calls, avoids meetings. Then you can write her a message. But in any case it will be better if in SMS you ask to meet and talk. Do not write a spatial "Let's talk". It is important that she realizes that you actually realized that you were wrong. Write that you repent, love her and cherish her very much.

If you live in different cities, try to talk at least on Skype. At a telephone conversation you can not see the facial expressions of the interlocutor, which means that many intonations can be interpreted incorrectly.

Give her attention

Feel beautiful, beloved, desired andmost-most - that's what any woman wants. Therefore, when meeting, be sure to pay attention to it. Say that it looks great or emphasize some of its features. It is important that the compliment, like an apology to the girl, be sincere. Even if the chosen one does not show her mind, she will certainly appreciate your deed. In principle, there is no universal apology for the girl. The words should be addressed to her, taking into account your situation. Just say what you think and feel.

Of course, it is advisable to come with a beautiful bouquetflowers and / or some nice gift. What is your favorite? It all depends on the degree of guilt, your relationship and, of course, the budget. In principle, almost any girl will be happy even for romantic trivia. Be it a nice postcard, a pretty soft toy or some kind of heart. If you know that it has long dreamed of something, you can bring it to life.

apologies to the girl's words

The main thing is that the apology to the girl should be accompanied by the words that you understand why and why you are guilty, that you want to be with her, love and appreciate your chosen one.

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