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Top-100 compliments to the guy

This may seem surprising and a little strange, but a strong half of humanity, courageous heroes and defenders, also like compliments.

With confidence, you can say that every guywords that point to his best sides and achievements are pleasant, they bring incredible pleasure. And if it is 100 compliments to the guy, he will be truly happy and proud of himself. And to the man who gives these heartfelt words, the young man will be particularly disposed and supportive.

25 best love compliments to a guy

Being next to a loved one, I want toconstantly give him warmth and tenderness. And if there are not enough ordinary words, compliments come to the aid. Of the 100 compliments your beloved boy can choose the main 25, the most sensual and the most outspoken. They certainly will not leave him indifferent and will remain in his memory for a very long time.

  1. Temperamental.
  2. Passionate.
  3. Sincere.
  4. Frank.
  5. Sensual.
  6. Seductive.
  7. Only.
  8. Right.
  9. Caring.
  10. Captivating.
  11. Significant.
  12. Sensitive.
  13. Exciting.
  14. Exceptional.
  15. Unsurpassed.
  16. Spectacular.
  17. Indispensable.
  18. Unique.
  19. Irreproachable.
  20. Heady.
  21. Playful.
  22. Courageous.
  23. Strong.
  24. Invincible.
  25. Tender.

Such words will show the guy his importance in the eyesof the chosen one. And if they are combined with words of an excellent degree, such as, for example, "most-most", then each phrase will have a double, or even a triple effect.

100 compliments to the guy

25 best friendly compliments to the guy

In a situation where a young man is just a friend, and he has good friendships, compliments will also be very, very appropriate.

Stressing his life merits or excellent comradely qualities, you can express your respect and once again show that friendship with him is important and valuable.

Since we discuss 100 compliments to a guy, a list of the 25 best ones for a friend or colleague is singled out separately.

  1. Hardworking.
  2. Responsible.
  3. Wise.
  4. Kind.
  5. Polite.
  6. Generous.
  7. Clever.
  8. Clever.
  9. Able.
  10. Gifted.
  11. Sly.
  12. Cheerful.
  13. Smiling.
  14. Interesting.
  15. Fair.
  16. Creative.
  17. Selfless.
  18. Curious.
  19. Vigorous.
  20. Uncommon.
  21. Witty.
  22. Economic.
  23. Humane.
  24. Bold.
  25. Courteous.

A friendly compliment is also a wonderful occasion for acquaintance and attracting attention. Thus, you can make a positive impression on the interlocutor and win sympathy.

100 compliments guy list

25 unusual compliments to the guy

In addition to the standard set of words and phrases thatwill help express their feelings and emotions in relation to a person, you can use extraordinary, explosive, vivid expressions. Out of the 100 best compliments, the guy will identify the most exciting and fantastic.

  1. Sunny, illuminating everything around.
  2. Magical and fairy.
  3. Grandiose and inspiring.
  4. Almighty, hands do not pokladayuschy.
  5. Brave and daring.
  6. Dazzlingly divine.
  7. Bezbashenny and risky.
  8. Voluptuous and spicy.
  9. Magnetic, sex-sexual.
  10. Perfect and flawless.
  11. Energetic and rhythmic.
  12. Festive and enchanting.
  13. Conquering, knocking down.
  14. Painkiller and healing.
  15. Appetizing, tasty, juicy.
  16. Explosive and explosive.
  17. Harmonious and aesthetic.
  18. Impressive and gallant.
  19. Dazzling and stunning.
  20. Lucky, fate kissed.
  21. Waving, lifting into the clouds.
  22. Sensational and shocking.
  23. Stimulating and intoxicating.
  24. Hypnotic and attractive.
  25. Fragrant, feeling lifting.

100 best compliments to the guy

25 best compliments-phrases guy

Sometimes I want to surprise my loved one andwhile avoiding banality. Or just write a couple of lines in the SMS. But such that through them a red thread passed overwhelming feelings or subtle hints of great circumstances. You can, of course, say all 100 compliments to the guy at the same time, but you can choose the most suitable words.

  1. From all problems savior and passion tamer.
  2. Muscular, athletic, this is the most erotic.
  3. Brave, brave, it's so important.
  4. Intimate, selfless - and this is not a problem.
  5. With incredible skill, strong, bold and dexterous.
  6. Love swallowed, striving toward passion.
  7. Phenomenal, unsurpassed, this life perplexed.
  8. Wounded in the heart, he found the key to the secret door.
  9. Life is beautifying, everyone around is inspirational.
  10. Loving, sexy, good, that is mobile.
  11. Venerable, famous, in this we are even.
  12. Savvy and amazing, and in this very seductive.
  13. Casanova, donjuan and love forever drunk.
  14. Insightful, you look in the soul, you want to listen all the time.
  15. Initiative, very creative.
  16. A cheerful, positive radiating.
  17. Flirting, enchanting, divinely intriguing.
  18. Incomprehensible and self-willed, and as a whole I am happy with it.
  19. Powerful, passionate, in love dangerous.
  20. Hot, desired, in love long-awaited.
  21. Fresh, carefree, I want to live with you forever.
  22. Winner and fighter, that's such a fine fellow.
  23. It is neat and elegant, and very pleasant to me.
  24. Magical, captivating, like a stream of life-giving.
  25. Cheeky, popular, and plush, and glorious.

top 100 compliments to the guy

How to properly say compliments to a guy

The most important thing on which anya compliment is sincerity. Many do not use this magic method and instead of open, honest words, it turns out to be a total lie. It must be remembered that one can not win a man with flattering words and sweet speeches, and in his head, at the same time, keep a clever plan.

Pronounce important phrases such as 100compliments the guy, if a person is nearby, it is better looking in the eyes, with the appropriate intonation. If the message leaves in the form of a text message or an e-mail, you need to insert certain punctuation marks and, if possible, smiles. They will help convey emotions in electronic form.

Important! Compliments should correspond to the situation, and even if they are spontaneous, should not put a person in an awkward position and embarrass.

100 compliments to the beloved guy

Inappropriate compliments

Considering the TOP-100 compliments to the guy, you can draw certain conclusions about what words you should not say to young people.

Naturally, in no case can you remind a person of his shortcomings or failures. Even in a joke, even beating and, it would seem, turning negative aspects in a positive way.

Do not go too far and stick in a row with a huge amount of let and charming, attractive words. The search will look too sugary, feigned and unnatural.

Even if there are 100 compliments to the guy in the arsenal, each of them must correspond to the situation, be sincere and unobtrusive. And only such a message will be accepted and appreciated.

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