/ How to get rid of an annoying fan? How to politely refuse a guy

How to get rid of annoying fan? How to politely refuse a guy

In the life of every woman, there are situations whenit is the subject of someone's sighing. With the fact that it is nice and flattering to self-esteem, it's difficult to argue - it really is. But after all, men are different, and some of them do not know the boundaries in achieving their goals. Such fans can go to many things in order to achieve the coveted lady.

Yes, maybe it's fine, but only if she is ready to respond to feelings. And what should the fair sex do in other situations to discourage an unwanted admirer?

how to get rid of annoying fan

Question of behavior

In order to answer the question of howget rid of the annoying admirer, you should think about the reasons for his appearance. All the reasons why a woman has a new admirer can be divided into casual and intentional ones.

The former relate to situations where a woman doesdid not try to please someone. This means that she did not have a specific goal to get the attention of any man. And this is a very important point, since having a desire, a girl can always enchant anyone.

how to refuse a guy on a date

In cases when it purposefully seeks to take hold of the attention of a man, one can speak of intentional reasons. And in such a situation it will not be so easy to dodge a fan.

The woman uses the maximum of methods of seduction,which work perfectly for almost every member of the stronger sex. And the latter receives just a huge dose of various sexual signals from the seducer, which it is almost impossible to ignore.

Temperamental men

Most likely, every girl knows how to refusethe guy on the date. The question is, this does not always work. Some men are particularly stubborn and intrusive. This quality can push them even into aggressive and rash acts, which they can later regret. In order to protect yourself from such a fan, you need to recognize it in time. It is very important to understand that it is better not to play "cat-and-mouse" with the described person.

Harmless male sex

Also it is necessary to single out separately the category of men who simply love the game of undivided love. They can for years love the same woman, be faithful to her and hope for reciprocity.

In the soul, such men rarely seekfeeling. They like the role of an unhappy wanderer who is crazy about the lady of his heart. This type of admirers is often classified as chivalrous, because knights choose the object of love and worship once and at the same time go to the battlefield.

how politely to refuse a guy

But still there are representatives of the stronger sex whocan just believe that you are interested in them. These are normal, typical, average men. To play with a person's feelings or not is a personal and deeply moral question.

Politeness is a good helper

To understand how to politely refuse a guy, you should think about what type of men he belongs to. If your fan is calm and balanced, everything will turn out quite easily.

But you can face self-confident and insolentmen and even those who have certain deviations in the psyche. Therefore, it is very important to understand that it will be polite to refuse only a normal adequate person. Such a man will listen to you and understand that there are no prospects. Even if he already has feelings, he will fight them alone and will not disturb you anymore.

How politely to refuse?

In order to explain to the man that nothingit will be necessary to be extremely sincere and delicate. It is very important to combine these two qualities correctly in oneself in order to give a concrete rebuff to a person, but, if possible, not to hurt his tender feelings.

Do not leave the conversation, it is better to callthings by their proper names. Just explain to the young man that he is not in your taste. It is also very important to make it clear that nothing will happen, even if he continues to look after and seek you. This is an important point, as some young people perceive rejection as a hint that courtship becomes more frequent and pronounced.

how can I refuse an annoying fan

In order to understand how to politely refuse a guy, you should put yourself in his place. This simple exercise will help to understand that it is better to say everything right away, as it is.

How to get rid of annoying fan?

In order to get rid of your fan,you should know several important rules. They must be guided by them, otherwise the young man may misunderstand you and accept the refusal as a kind of continuation of the love game:

  1. So, first you need to forget about the softness andpity. It is necessary to clearly and clearly tell the man that there will be no continuation. Explain the reasons or go into explanations in any case impossible. Observing this behavior, the man will quickly figure out what to do, and this will happen even unconsciously. As soon as a woman begins to make excuses, she creates a sense of guilt. This is where people can play very skillfully. Even if the man did not plan to manipulate, he will feel this slack and will not fail to take advantage of it.
  2. You should also pay attention to your ownbehavior. How to discourage the guy from himself, if you take all his signs of attention? No way. This moment is important, as many women make the same mistake. You can not communicate, flirt with and flirt with a man if you want to get rid of it. Women often do not attach much importance to their behavior. Do not repeat this mistake - ignore the fan you do not need and do not communicate with it.

annoying admirer

Do I need to accept gifts

If you do not know how to refuse an annoying fan, think about how many gifts he gave you. Too many of his gifts in the house? Alas, this is a typical mistake.

If a woman wants to get rid ofits admirer, it is necessary not only to ignore communication with him, but also not to receive presents. Many girls say that they warned a man, and since he still gives them, why not? But, as experience shows, refusal in this case the man perceives as a hint, that you need to give more, and only then you will go on contact.

Male logic is simple, but iron. If the girl does not want to continue, why does she accept my gifts? Therefore, it is necessary to understand this moment from the very beginning, then not to pay for the rings and fur coats.

how to drive a guy away from himself

Critical situations

How to get rid of annoying fan ifno methods work? In this case, it's worth taking care of your own safety. If after a frank conversation a man continues to chase you, you should think about it. So, when a girl notices the shadowing of herself or other secret interference in life, she needs to immediately resort to the help of the police.

The problem is that many criminals withthis and begin. First they just follow their victim, and then they want more. And since the woman knows everything and does not react at all, the man thinks that the way is open to him. That is, in this case, you can run into big trouble if you do not attract law enforcement agencies in time.

Reporting about the surveillance of yourself must be done right away,because it is completely beyond the scope of romantic relationships. However, the process of detaining a persecutor may be delayed for lack of evidence. Therefore, if you do not know how to get rid of the annoying fan, ask your brother or friend to accompany you for a while.

Summing up, it should be said that the woman herselfoften provokes representatives of the opposite sex. So, it's important to monitor yourself and not give signals that you are ready for a relationship, if you really do not want it. It should also be understood that an annoying fan can turn out to be a criminal or a mentally ill person.

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