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What should I do if my husband insults?

Unfortunately, problems in the family are far from beinga rarity, even if it is a question of constant insults and even assault. Of course, if earlier women tolerated such treatment, then a modern woman should not allow this. That's why all women need to know what to do if the husband insults or beats. It happens that, it seems, this problem can not be solved, and even all modern methods of treatment and deep psychic analysis are powerless. But, nevertheless, in no case should you lose heart and lose hope for the best. In spite of the fact that the number of women suffering from domestic violence grows every day, there are those who are ready to fight for themselves and their rights. In addition, if a husband insults or beats his wife, she can easily go to court for help and support. Here is the answer to the question "what to do if the husband insults". The main thing is not to be afraid and be sure of your rightness, because the law is on your side.

Remember that in no case can you argueas your ancestors did, they say, beats, then they love. After all, you are a civilized and educated woman, what kind of love you can talk about, when a person "loving" puts you in danger, causing harm to you and your health. And where to come from love, if your husband will constantly humiliate and insult you. It's just impossible. And if this happened more than once, then, be sure, will still happen again. Maybe in a month, maybe in a year, but on the path of violence, there's no turning back. And you should never put up with it and let it all go "on the brakes". Protect yourself!

Of course, it is very difficult for any woman to realize thather husband is a tyrant and that it's time to part. But if you asked yourself the question, "what to do if the husband insults you constantly", then this is a signal saying that it's time to sort things out or put an end to the relationship, no matter how difficult and painful it was. It will only do you good.

In fact, what if a husbandoffends? First of all, try to talk with your husband in a relaxed atmosphere. Try not to raise your tone and not talk about your grievances and hurt your pride. Your task is to understand the reason for this behavior. Perhaps you are to blame for something. If the dialogue fails, then ask someone from friends or relatives to try to do the same. If all efforts are in vain, then contact a family psychologist, see what he says about it. Maybe you'll even have to part for a while. The main thing is, do not despair in advance, because everything can and get better if you have not encountered assault. After all, in this case, nothing good can not wait. Since if the husband beats, what to do in this case? - To run!

What should I do if my husband strikes?

If you are faced with a similar problem andintend to keep your family, then you must act very carefully and slowly. First of all, forget that you are afraid, because you love your husband, which means that fear is not the place! Try to be as caring, affectionate and helpful as possible. Tell him several times a day how good and caring he is, how lucky you are with him. The most important thing is for your husband to understand that when he loses control, he does something wrong and then regrets sincerely. After all, if everything is the other way around, then it's best to forget about any attempts to fix everything and just leave.

Thus, if the assault in your familygradually becomes familiar, then do not try to maintain such a relationship. After all, a person who loves you can not hurt you or offend you. Respect yourself! And you will certainly find a man who will love you and constantly prove your love without any violence on his part towards you.

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