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Wedding greetings from parents. Wedding greetings from the parents of the bride

For the parents of the newlyweds the wedding istouching and important event, because it is on this day that their children become independent and independent, so to say "leave the parent's nest." In the whole world there are no more close and dear people than Mom and Dad. Therefore, the most sincere, most sincere, kind, gentle and beautiful, of course, will be wedding greetings from parents.

Let's look at the main points that parents should pay attention to when preparing for their wedding wishes, and also give examples of possible congratulations.

The rules of wedding greetings

Of course, you can wish your children happinessand love for several hours, but keep in mind that the wedding greetings of parents young should not be long - no more than 3-4 minutes, so carefully think over the most important, warmest and most important wishes. Your words and phrases should be bright and memorable, so that the attention of all guests is drawn to your speech. To give emotionality to congratulations, you can use sayings or aphorisms.

Wedding greetings from parents

A few tips for making a wedding greeting

First of all, wedding greetings from parentsshould be concise and understandable. Therefore, when preparing for a wedding toast, use simple sentences, easily perceived by listeners. Also you can recall some funny story from the life of your children and tell the guests about it, laconically including it in your congratulations. Do not talk about anything that could hurt or hurt your son or daughter.

The wedding day will be very exciting, therefore,so as not to get lost and forget the prepared speech, it is better to write it down and take it with you. Before the congratulation, read the words again and leave it next to you. Wedding congratulations to the newlyweds from the parents are better read than bad to tell and be out of the overflow of emotions. When making a speech, be sure to look at the newlyweds.

Form of wedding wishes

As a rule, the wedding script does not clearlyThe moment of the beginning of congratulations of young is defined, as the leader independently is guided, when to give a word to the mother-in-law and a father-in-law, and also the mother-in-law and a father-in-law. Most often, wedding greetings from parents are the first to be pronounced. After their speech, the newlyweds are congratulated by their grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters, brothers and other guests.

Be prepared for what the toastmaster will preparea special ceremony of your wishes to the children. Usually the wedding greetings from parents are accompanied by quiet soul music or light effects. The form of your parting words and wishes can be different. For example, you can speak in verse or prose. Also, it can be wedding greetings of parents in their own words. Choose the most convenient option for you. In fact, it is not so important what kind of method you choose to congratulate the bride and groom, since the main thing in the congratulation is neither its form, but the sincerity of your words. All parents are proud of their children, so say your parent speech in such a way as to show how proud you are of your heirs. Pick up the most gentle and touching words addressed to the newlyweds - and none of those present will remain indifferent to the solemn event.

Wedding greetings from the parents of the bride

Wedding congratulations from parents - poems

If you are artistic, and relaxed yourselffeel in front of a large audience of listeners, congratulations in verse - the most suitable for you option. We offer several examples of wishes for a wedding from parents.

Today you have a special day,

Save this moment for a long time!

Let there be a joyful family,

Let life be easy.

Keep caress, faith, tenderness,

Fire in the eyes of the first meetings.

And your gold rings,

Be sure to save it forever!

With all my heart we congratulate you!

We wish you a bright way,

Health is strong and understanding.

We wish our grandsons,

Children are our weakness,

And we ask very little,

Children are about five.

Let the house be full of laughter,

Let your eyes sparkle with happiness.

Let the sun shine brightly in your life,

And love will never fade.

In this day happy,

We especially want to say,

Warm and kind words to give.

Wish you a happy happiness,

Huge love and warmth.

The first daughter, and the son of the second,

A friendly and strong family.

Be closest to you for many years,

Do not know misfortunes and separation!

Wedding greetings in prose

A wedding greeting in the prose of parents consists offrom the most gentle and affectionate words addressed to children. You can begin your congratulations with memories from the childhood of the newlyweds, or you can immediately begin to make your own wishes. We offer several possible wedding toasts.

Wedding congratulations to parents in their own words

Dear children! Here comes the day when you matured, created your young family and leave our parental home. We wish you great love, mutual understanding and mutual respect. Appreciate each other throughout your life. Remember: from today, you are a single whole, you are a family, now there is no closer person on Earth than you are for each other. Live together, look to one side and a half, help and help each other out. Well, we will be close and always support on the path of life.

Favorite and dear children! Today you have the most long-awaited, the most important and the happiest day in your life - the wedding day. Remember it every minute and remember when it becomes sad. We wish that your family was the happiest and most friendly in the whole world, be sure to appreciate and respect each other. We want to become a caring guardian of the home, best friend and happy mother. We want to wish the groom to become a strong "wall" and support of our family! For you, our dear ones, be healthy and love each other, and the rest will come true! Bitterly!

Lovely our children! Today is your day, your family's birthday. We wish you love, go with it through your whole life and save it until the golden wedding. Separate all the joys and sorrows with each other, and let nothing be able to knock you off the path of life. Keep and protect your love, appreciate, understand and respect each other. We wish you that your family grows stronger and stronger with each year you have lived. To your house was filled with childish laughter and joy. For you, my beloved! Bitterly!

Dear ones (names of the bride and groom). On this special day, we want to wish you a long life together in a huge love and insane happiness. We wish you well-being, good, success in life. Let each day, lived together, be unforgettable and interesting. Appreciate, respect and always help each other, because there is no greater happiness in the world than a strong and friendly family. We wish you to hear children's laughter in the near future. We love you very much, our dear children. For your new family. Bitterly!

Wedding greetings from the parents of the bride

Of course, for every parent a weddingsymbolizes parting with the child, because on this day their children become adults and enter their own independent way of life. For the father of the bride - this is the day in which he passes his precious pet, the little princess to the strong and reliable hands of the bridegroom. For the mother of the bride, a wedding means creating a daughter of her home, so she wants to share her life experience with her and say parting words. Wedding congratulations to the daughter from the parents can be in verse as in prose. It's up to you. Undoubtedly, the daughter is a "flower" of each family, so the wedding greetings from the parents of the bride will be gentle and touching. Here are a few examples of the daughter's congratulations on the wedding.

Wedding greetings to newlyweds from parents

Greetings from the bride's parents in verse

Today you are wonderful, my daughter,

A tear rolls from happiness.

After all, you now have your own family,

Which you so long wanted.

So be you a wonderful wife,

Caring and gentle.

And take care in the family is always coziness,

And be a friend to your spouse.

Wedding greeting to the son from parents

How quickly the years rushed,

And you have matured, my daughter.

As if yesterday I took you to school by the hand,

And today you have a veil,

A new life began.

Let your life be full of love,

Happiness and warmth.

Children's laughter will fill the house,

Together with your spouse you will go to the wedding before the golden one.

Congratulations from the bride's parents in prose

Dear daughter! We never noticed how you grew up and became the most beautiful bride. We remember you as a little girl, whom, it seems, was plaited braids yesterday, and today you are already wearing a veil on your head. And on this remarkable day we wish you infinite happiness. We want, that in your house the fire of love always burned. So be the best wife and girlfriend for your spouse, help him, share with him both joy and sorrow. Appreciate and respect each other.

Dear our daughter! Today is the most important day of your life. So let your whole life be as happy, bright and unforgettable as today. Know that for us you will always be the most beloved and precious daughter. Therefore, we wish your family to be as friendly, reliable and strong as ours. Our dear, become one with the husband, go through life only together, help and help each other. Be the most beloved and faithful wife.

Wedding greetings in the prose of parents

Congratulations to the son from parents

A wedding greeting to a son from his parents cansay first the father, and then the mother. Since the father is the head of the family, his congratulations should be more precise and concise in comparison with the congratulations from the mother. As a mother loves, every child knows, so children also know that words can not convey all of her feelings and emotions.

Greetings from the father of the groom to his son

Lovely children, here comes the day when youleave your parents' home and start your own life together. I can not promise you that it will be easy and carefree. But going together, you will cope with all difficult situations. Let your faces always have the same smile as today. My son, be strong and reliable support for (name of the bride), love and respect her all life. I wish you happiness, dear children.

My son, today you created your family. Remember, now you are fully responsible for its future. Let her be the happiest in the whole world. Let your family replenish with children, because happiness is in them. Love each other.

Greetings from the mother of the groom to her son

My son, you are the most precious thing that I have. But today I let you go to another house - to your new home, I pass you on to your dear wife, so that she will love and appreciate you, as I did. After all, the husband is a reliable friend who should always be there, and the wife is his faithful support. I give my son, but promise that I will soon become a grandmother. I wish you love, happiness and a long, long family life.

Wedding greetings from parents poems

My beloved son, today is your most important day -your family's birthday. I can tell you for sure that in family life there is nothing more expensive than mutual love and children. So let your family, created together with (name of the bride), sound a child's laughter, and you will always enjoy each other, understand each other and respect. Let your love never go out, but only shine brighter and brighter every year. I wish you happiness, dear children.

As you can see, wedding greetings can bedifferent. Listen to our advice, choose beautiful words or poems from this article, and, of course, express only the most real and sincere emotions to the children - and they will remember your words for a long time.

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