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Why a man does not want to get married and how to survive it

It's in fairy tales He fights dragons and throws Her whole kingdom under her feet. In romantic films, it ends with a white veil and a ceremony in some blooming garden. But in life a lot

why a man does not want to get married
more often the question arises:"Why does a man not want to get married?". "After all, I'm smart, and beautiful, and I love children ... and I also know how to cook, wash, watch football (I need to emphasize)" ... But he prefers the status of a bachelor, even with pleasure dying your dinner and putting on the ironed clothes in the morning you shirt. He does not at all seek to cut a wedding cake with you and put on your cherished ring. He himself does not want to be "ringed".

And in fact in our consciousness so thisa stereotype of a happy life: a husband, a wife, two laughing children, a house, a garden ... And it seems to us that without a stamp in the passport, this is all "some not so". We wander through forums and torment girlfriends with the question: "Why does a man not want to get married?" And let's try to look at the situation from his point of view. What will give him a marriage from what he could not get, being a bachelor? A housewife?

if a man does not want to get married
It's easier to hire, and most women and sotries to take care of his lovers, cohabitants, partners, hoping to comfort and care to tie them to himself. The mother of her children? But to produce them, the stamp in the passport is not needed at all and even more - will lead to serious problems if the pair part. Mistress, warming the bed? But in fact it is known that in marriage passion quickly dies away, and affinity with the wife for many becomes almost incest. Status? It's not so simple at all. It was possible earlier to be related through a wife with a noble family name, get her dowry, make the necessary acquaintances. Now everything is not so clear. And wondering why a man does not want to get married, we understand that he is so much more comfortable: he is completely in control of the situation, especially if he knows that you need a marriage. For while you are waiting for his cherished words from him, you are ready for much for this. And if you get what you want, you can drastically change the situation. Perhaps this is what he is afraid of? He does not want to "swing the rights" to him, so that property relations arise, and in the event of a divorce, one would have to divide the acquired. He wants to decide for himself where to go on vacation and whether it is necessary to change work, where to live and with whom to meet.

If a man does not want to get married, this does not mean that he does not love his girlfriend. Simply, perhaps, with marriage, the idea of ​​permanent restrictions on which he is not ready is associated.

on what women are married men
It is known that life with someone under onea roof is not only a pleasure, but also a huge responsibility. This is a search for compromises. It is impossible to determine unambiguously which women marry men, and which ones do not. In our stereotypes, to become a wife has chances or a gray mouse, submissive, ready to serve, or a bitch, a female vamp, compelling her to fulfill her will. However, in life everything is not so schematic. And trying to understand why a man does not want to get married, do not think that he does not want to communicate with this woman, that she "does not hold out" in something. Everything is much more prosaic. He marries when he is morally ready for it. Or when there is an objective need to have the status of a family man. A universal recipe for how to marry a loved one is not and can not be. And for a woman, the behavior of a loved one can be a great lesson. He does not want to get married, he is not ready to take responsibility - think about it, but why should you associate your life with such a person?

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