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Why do not I have a girlfriend and what to do to make her appear?

The problem of loneliness is very important formodern people. We all try to succeed, often in several spheres of life. We lead an interesting or very rich spiritual life, but here comes the moment, and you understand that everything is in pairs, and you somehow did not work out. And then you are surprised in half with embarrassment - why do I have no girlfriend, am I good? Let's try to understand the problem.

And is there any chance for the ladies around them?

Why I do not have a girlfriend

If you are sure that the problems with the character andyou do not have behavior, try to rationally assess your own lifestyle. How often do you go to places where you can meet and communicate with women of the opposite sex? Or do you spend most of your free time exclusively on "masculine" hobbies and you just have no time to get acquainted? Sometimes the answer to the question "Why do I not have a girl?" Is banal: you have no time to get acquainted and communicate. In such situations, the Internet can help. Or get yourself a rule: at least once a week to get out to a disco, in a cafe or somewhere else, where you can meet a companion of life. There are often situations when a young man has too high demands. And just does not notice the ugly, in his opinion, girls or not smart enough. Remember, to you someone has been paying special attention recently? If you reject one lady after another, do not be surprised that, having noticed this trend, the girls will soon cease to show initiative in relation to you.

Perhaps something is wrong with me?

I do not have a girlfriend
"If I do not have a girl long enough,maybe something is wrong with me? "Rational thought. The most common mistake of modern guys is the inability to communicate and cause interest in the opposite sex. Someone in conversation with the girls is lost and begins to carry a complete nonsense, while others, on the contrary, want to seem "brutal" and push it away. The most important thing is to stay naturally and at ease, to be an interesting interlocutor. Follow the fashion trends, learn to keep the conversation on different topics. And then you do not have to ask yourself: "Why do not I have a girlfriend?"

Loneliness is the time for development

I do not have a girlfriend

Most of the modern educated and sufficientsmart girls are afraid of those guys who from the first minutes of communication start talking about relationships. Some value their freedom, others, let and suffer from loneliness, but just do not believe in any promises right after they meet. During the first meetings, it is enough to state my status - yes, I do not have a girlfriend. But do not tell a new friend about how much you want to find it. Try to communicate more and do not react to every girl who does not mind going somewhere together or talking like a potential second half. Let the relationship develop naturally, because you first need to learn so much about each other, to find common interests. And maybe, soon there will be some feelings, and she herself will not want to waste her time on someone other than you. Being in active search, you have enough time to live in your own pleasure, study and develop yourself. Let go of your obsessive desire to be paired with someone, and very soon everything will happen by itself, and you will no longer be concerned with the question: "Why do I have no girlfriend?"

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