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Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI): feedback

Higher education provides an opportunityget a decent job. This is interpreted to schoolchildren long before the time for them to decide on how their future life should develop. Therefore, many entrants are extremely responsible about where to continue their studies. Such future students carefully study information about the future university. This article is intended to facilitate this process somewhat. It will describe the Moscow Aviation Institute (departments, faculties, conditions of admission). This information will make it possible to make an informed decision: is it worth it to choose for itself the institution in question?

Mai reviews

About the university

Over the years of its existence, the MAI has grown froma small aeromechanical school to one of the largest national research universities. Today 1800 experienced competent teachers train more than 20,000 future specialists in 12 faculties in 42 areas of training. Graduates of the institute in question are unusually in demand. Thus, the employment of students is guaranteed.

Positive reviews

Should I attend the MAI? Reviews and opinions of people vary. Often in the most cardinal way. However, most of the responses are positive. Students and graduates tell about competent, experienced teachers, high-quality knowledge obtained at the university. Many share that they were able to get a good job after completing the training. The majority of graduates do not regret about the years spent in this institute.

Negative feedback

However, not all with such tenderness and gratituderespond to the training in the MAI. Some say that many teachers do not provide knowledge properly. Such students talk about the constant delays of professors, the lack of full-time studies, problems with the admission committee, the lack of relevant educational materials.

It is not easy to choose exactly which responses to believe. Most likely, all of them are partly based on a certain basis. As a rule, everything depends on the specific people with whom you will have to cooperate. Conscientious teachers will provide quality knowledge, others will spend your time.

Mai reviews and opinions of people

Moscow Aviation Institute: passing grade

Applicants must take into account a lot of nuances. So, what else is important to know to those who are going to independently come to the MAI this year? Reviews recommend paying attention to what passing scores on the results of USE established this institution. They are relevant both for those who plan to enter a budget place, and for those who have opted for a paid training option.

Thus, the minimum score for computer science (orinformation and communication technologies), as well as in social studies, 50, in Russian language - 48, in mathematics - 39, in physics, foreign languages, history and geography - 40.

It is imperative to consider these requirements when applying to the MAI, reviews are recommended to each applicant. This will help objectively assess their chances.

Directions of training

Before choosing a specialty for which you will apply to the Moscow Aviation Institute, the reviews recommend that you read the list of necessary examinations.

So, there are several blocks of objects,the test results for which should be provided upon admission. The first block: Russian language, physics, mathematics. These disciplines are relevant for the following areas of training: applied mathematics and computer science, basic computer science and information technologies, physics, computer science and computer technology, information systems and technologies, radio engineering, instrument engineering, biotechnical systems and technologies, laser technology and laser technologies, electric power and electrical engineering, Applied mechanics, automation of technological processes and productions, technospheric safety, materials science and technologies of materials, metal rgiya, standardization and metrology, motion control and navigation systems, missiles and aerospace, ballistics and fluid dynamics, aircraft engines, aircraft, control in technical systems, Innovations, Nanotechnology and Microsystems.

The second block of disciplines: mathematics, history, Russian. It is relevant for those who are planning to study for a linguist.

Third block: Russian language, computer science and information and communication technologies, mathematics. These examinations will have to be handed over to those who are going to enter the following areas of training: applied mathematics, applied informatics, software engineering, information security, information technology and communication systems, electronic technology design and technology, quality management, systems analysis and management.

Mathematics, Russian language and geography will have to be handed over to those who want to study ecology and nature management.

In turn, social studies, the Russian language andMathematics will be needed for those who want to continue their education in the following specialties: Economics, Personnel Management, Management, Business Informatics, State Municipal Administration, Advertising and Public Relations, Organization of Work with Youth, Service.

This information will help you to review your plans and evaluate opportunities.

Mai reviews and opinions of people


The main thing that needs to be determined beforehand is the direction of training. For this it is important to carefully study the list of available faculties in this institute. These include the following:

  • "Radio Broadcasting".
  • "Aviation equipment".
  • "Foreign languages".
  • "Engines of aircraft".
  • "Aerospace".
  • "Applied Mathematics and Physics".
  • "Radio electronics of aircraft".
  • "Applied mechanics".
  • "Management systems, informatics and power engineering".
  • "Social engineering".
  • "Robotic and intelligent systems".
  • "Pre-university training."

Also very popular among studentsuses the Moscow Military Aviation Institute. It is important to carefully read all the features of the chosen specialty before submitting the documents. This will facilitate the process of adaptation to new conditions during training.

Moscow Military Aviation Institute

Special rights and benefits of applicants

Some applicants have the right without anyentrance examinations to enter the Moscow Aviation Institute. Students' feedback reports that this happens quite often. Among such entrants:

  • Those who participated in the All-Russian Olympiad or won it.
  • Those who participated in the All-Ukrainian Olympiad or won it.

Others can study at the expense of budget funds within a certain quota. This opportunity can be used by people with disabilities; orphans; those who were left without parental care; veterans of military operations.

Some conditions the higher educational institution can change at its discretion. Therefore, it is recommended to regularly inquire about current requirements.

Moscow Aviation Institute of the Department

How are individual achievements taken into account?

As reported by the IAA reviews in 2016, they candeclare when applying for training about their special achievements, which will certainly be taken into account when enrolling. For significant results points are awarded (from 1 to 10).

The following individual achievements play a role:

  • Sports victories (world champion, European champion, medalist or champion of the Olympic, Dead Sea and Paralympic Games).
  • Certificate of secondary general education (with honors or with the condition of obtaining a silver or gold medal).
  • Status of laureate, winner, winner of the Olympiads, corresponding to the chosen specialty).
  • Diploma of higher education received (with honors).
  • Diploma of secondary vocational education (Honors).

    Maximum is not more than 10 points.

Moscow Aviation Institute reviews of students

Receipt of foreigners

Can foreign citizens become MAI students? The feedback from the students shows that they can. However, for this group of entrants there are special conditions of admission.

For example, such citizens can study at MAI(feedback on the training of foreigners confirm this fact) both at the expense of financial support from the budget, and at the expense of funding, which is the source of any legal or natural person. In the second case, as it usually happens, a contract for the provision of services is concluded.

In the considered higher educational institutionThere is a strictly defined quota for the formation of foreigners, which is established in accordance with current legislation. It can vary depending on the chosen specialty, as well as over time. In other respects, foreign applicants are treated in the same way as Russian applicants.

Such applicants are not required to take the Russian language exam for admission. For neither the list of compulsory examination disciplines is adjusted in a certain way.

There is a certain quota of foreigncitizens who can be trained in those specialties whose educational programs involve the discovery of information that is classified as a state secret. This mechanism is governed by the relevant law.

The need for medical examination

A number of specialtiessome additional documents. These are the results of a preliminary medical examination, according to the requirements based on the current legislation of the Russian Federation. This condition is valid for the following specialties:

  • "Radio-electronic systems and complexes".
  • "Test of aircraft".
  • "Electrical power engineering and electrical engineering".

Consider this if you plan to enter onefrom these specialties to the Moscow Aviation Institute. The feedback from students confirms that knowing this kind of features makes the process much easier. Parents of entrants are encouraged to monitor how their child will prepare the necessary documents.

 Moscow Aviation Institute passing grade

Features of documents reception

What should be prepared before entering the MAI? Reviews recommend that you study this item in advance in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the process of filing documents. So, what do you need to know?

Together with the application for the desire to enter this institution, you must provide:

  • Any document that allows you to identify the identity of the applicant.
  • Two photos (black and white) format four by six centimeters.
  • Original document on the education received earlier (a photocopy is also appropriate).
  • If the applicant has any special rights upon admission, additional documents should be submitted to confirm this fact.

In the event that a potential student considers it necessary to present the admissions committee with something else, he has the right to do so.


The Moscow Aviation Institute is an educational institution that provided many thousands of students with high-quality knowledge and the opportunity to get a high-paying, prestigious job.

Be extremely careful when choosing a university andspecialties. This choice will have a significant impact on your entire future life. Take it very seriously. And then the coming years of training will bring you only the most positive emotions.

Good luck in your studies!

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