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Day of self-government in school: interesting ideas for holding on Teacher's Day

The most long-awaited day in the life of every schoolboy- this is the day of self-government, when teachers give their reins to the students of 10-11 grades. This event often takes place either on Teacher's Day, or on March 8, due to the fact that most teachers are still women. Whichever the disciple is, a graduate or an excellent student, on that day he finds his study subject for self-realization.

day of self-management in school interesting ideas

To hold a day of self-government in the school, the graduates are sure to discuss interesting ideas on the organization of this day with the teachers and the school administration.

Do not forget that, although on a holidayfrigate called "School" is run by graduates, teachers need to keep their ears openly. After all, no one is immune to unforeseen situations, and each graduate should know where to go for help.

Preparation of the Day of Self-Government

Preparation for the Day of Self-Government usually fallson the shoulders of high school students. It depends on them how festive will be the Day of Self-Government in the school. Interesting ideas can be offered by everyone, but only the best and original will be realized. Only close-knit work of high school students can become a pledge of a successful holiday.

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When you prepare a day of self-government in a school, the ideas for holding can be:

  • Shortened lessons and increased changes. On the changes you can show pre-prepared art numbers.
  • Organize the rest of the teachers, inviting them to sit down again for school desks for one day.
  • In the concert program devoted to the Teacher's Day, include numbers with the participation of teachers. Just remember that they should not be offensive.

While organizing a holiday, everyone needsSenior high school student give his commission, for which he will bear all responsibility. To complex tasks it is necessary to be treated with full seriousness, it is possible that for their solution it will be necessary to work with all the class staff. To such you can, for example, include the organization and holding of a festive concert.

Preparation of lessons for the Day of Self-Government

Undoubtedly, holding the Day of Self-Government does notexcludes the educational process. Lessons should be conducted in accordance with the schedule set for that day. Most often there are no more than four of them, because it is difficult for a high school student to prepare lessons in the full scope of the work activity of the replaced teacher.

day of self-management in school ideas

In addition, if the doubler educator fell ill that day, the lessons from the timetable are not removed and are held in the planned order, only the teachers will have to teach them.

Classes conducted by high school students on the Dayself-management, should pass according to thematic planning of the teacher. The abstract of the lesson should be for each teacher-understudy, in the compilation of it, the teacher's help is necessarily provided.

On the day of self-management in school, interesting ideas onthe conduct of classes should be welcomed. If the studied topic allows, it can be all sorts of lessons-games, lessons-trips, research lessons ... In general, there is a place for the boldest ideas, for the implementation of which the teacher absolutely does not have enough time.

Lessons for children

Do not forget that the Day of Self-Government isnot only a holiday for teachers and graduates, it is a holiday for all students of the school. And for this it is necessary that the lessons be as interesting as possible and leave only positive memories in children's memory.

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On the day of self-management in the school, the ideas of IZO lessons can be very diverse:

  • Conducting classes on the street, if weather conditions permit.
  • You can invite children to draw teachers of the future with the help of those educational supplies (pencil, paint, ink), which are planned according to the thematic planning of the teacher.

day self-management in school ideas russian language
Absolutely diverse can be in the dayself-management in school ideas. Russian as a lesson, too, can be carried out outside the box, it is best to build it in the form of an intellectual game. What kind of game to choose, to decide for everyone. Most Popular:

  • "What where When?".
  • "Who want to be a millionaire?".
  • "Clever and clever".
  • "One against all".

Whichever way a graduate chooses to conduct a lesson, one must remember that careful preparation is needed everywhere.

School line in the day of self-government

Traditionally, on the festive day, in the morning, a solemn line takes place, at which newly-educated teachers and the school administration are represented.

ideas for holding a day of self-management in school for a teacher's day

To make the line unforgettable on the Day of Self-Government in the school, the director can offer interesting ideas in the form of a comic decree, where the following provisions can be written:

  • Temporary cancellation of penalties for delay.
  • It is allowed to play on phones in silent mode.
  • The length of the lessons for 20 minutes, the rest of the time everyone who does not want to study works for the benefit of the school.

You can also declare that today the director during the day will receive complaints about teachers, and the school psychologist will work with them to eliminate the causes of behavior that are not acceptable to students.

Photos and video reports

If the technical equipment of the school allows, thenat the change it is possible to invite schoolchildren and teachers to the assembly hall. Here will be using the interactive whiteboard and computer to pass "School News".

What other interesting ideas on the day of school self-management?

  • Photos from the lessons.
  • Video addresses of students to teachers.
  • Video congratulations on the holiday, to which the Day of Self-Government is timed, from the graduates of the school.

Of course, here there is where to fool around fantasies, the only thing is to prepare for this in advance and carefully think through each type of activity.

Teacher's Day - Self-Government Day

Of course, every school has its own day forholding the Day of Self-Government. You can consider different ideas for the Day of Self-Government in school. On Teacher's Day, the best option, because, in addition to the festive mood, children try themselves in the role of a teacher. And if someone wants to change their plans for admission to the Pedagogical Institute, the graduates will still have time to work on this issue.

Let the good traditions live

To continue from year to year a good tradition- The day of self-management in the school, interesting ideas for improving the holiday can be recorded on a special stand. After all, not only teachers and high school students should take part in the celebration, and besides, any event requires detailed discussion after its holding.

Successful Self-Government Day!

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