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Vladimir Guskov - successor of the star's father

In February 2017, NTV viewers could seea new action-packed tape "Hacking", in which partner of the notorious Dmitry Maryanov (police colonel) became a twenty-eight-year-old Vladimir Guskov, who played the groom of his daughter, an IT hacker. The young actor liked the movie fans so much that many wanted to know more about him. A brief biography of the rising star is devoted to this article.

Guskov Vladimir

The beginning of the path, origin

Films of Vladimir took place in the ten-yearage. He played a schoolboy named Sasha in the popular series "Simple Truths" (1999). Despite this, the parents were sure that he would not choose the actor's way for himself.

Guskov Vladimir - the eldest son of the People's ArtistRF Alexei Guskov and the performer of the role of Nastasya Filippovna ("Idiot") - Lidia Velezheva. He was born in 1989, and his birthday is celebrated on January 7. He has a younger brother, Dmitri, who also intended the acting path. But he went to study at the VGIK on the producer, and it was Vladimir who decided to continue the family tradition.

The young man was fond of karate since childhood and todayis the owner of a black belt. But this only helps to deal with the main thing - to play on stage and at the cinema. In 2005 he became a student at the Shchukin School. The father told him the same way as the daughters from the first marriage - Natalia: "To do, if necessary, help, and then - only themselves!". Natalia, after thinking about her career, refused to go to the movies, and Vladimir Guskov went to meet his dream.

After graduation, in 2009, he was immediately invited to the theater. Mayakovsky, on the stage of which he still plays.

vladimir guskov

Creative activity

On the demand for a young artist says thatthe fact that now he is involved in 10 plays at once, even plays the role of an outstanding poet ("Mayakovsky goes for sugar"). In 2015 he was awarded the "MK" prize. The award for the supporting role of Vladimir Guskov, actor of the theater, was noted for the image of Alexander ("The Last", directed by N. Kobelev). He convincingly showed the young man turned into a mirror image of his father. Becoming an irresponsible person, surrendering to the power of bad habits, his character realized all parental fears and fears.

In 2009, the actor appeared on the screens in the film"Autumn worries." This tape and the series "Crippled" (2012) - a joint work with the star father. In total, Guskov, Jr. has more than ten film projects. The most popular among them are "Love Network" (series of 2015) and "How to raise a million" (2015), as well as a drama based on the work of D. Shakhov "Confessions of Zadrota." The action "Breaking" allows you to believe that the young actor has a great future.

Personal life

Vladimir Guskov - handsome man with a height of 186 cm -attracts many female fans. But, despite his youth, the young man is married. He carefully conceals his life companion from the press. It is known that in March 2016 the actor became a father. In his family, little Stephanie appeared. Perhaps in the future she will continue the acting dynasty of Guskovs.

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