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An ultimatum is a formidable demand

In newspapers, especially in connection with the latestpolitical events, we often find the term "ultimatum". This word has become even fashionable. Political opponents famously challenge each other, and this has a strange effect on raising their rating. Where did the fashion for this attitude to opponents go and what is the exact meaning of the word "ultimatum"? Let's try to dot the "i" in this little essay.

The ultimatum is


If we open the Latin dictionary, we will see thatan ultimatum is something brought to the end point, the extreme limit. In political categories, he began to denote a demand expressed uncompromisingly and formulated very formidably and categorically. As a rule, an ultimatum is exhibited with the designation of some tough deadlines. Usually the terms, during which the requirement must be fulfilled, are not discussed and are not negotiable, but are dictated. For example: "If you do not give up at this hour of this day, then all will be destroyed." Based on this context, it is easy to assume that ultimatums are placed primarily in situations of military or other tough confrontation between the parties.

Ultimatum value


Strangely enough, this term is not takenas much from the army, as from the diplomatic language. The ultimatum is a gesture that means that this side of the talks starts to communicate from the position of power and will not make any concessions any more. Sometimes such a requirement can be put up not directly, but indirectly. For example, English diplomacy uses a term such as "unfriendly act". This means that the refusal to fulfill a particular requirement will lead to a very negative reaction, up to military action. As already mentioned above, ultimatums are often used as a justification for the use of weapons. It often happens that people in private life also put uncompromising demands to each other. But this way of behaving badly influences the relationship and, in the end, can lead to a rupture.

The meaning of the word ultimatum

International law

One of the Hague Conventions of 1907that any declaration of war is impossible without a clear and clear warning to the enemy and an explanation of the reasons. Thus, an ultimatum is also a necessary condition for the formal use of force. However, such a requirement may become the subject of international arbitration in order to find out how lawful it is. On the other hand, the UN Charter prohibits the threat of both force and its use. However, if it is self-defense or some other situation of lawful warfare, then a hard-form warning is also not illegal.

The ultimatum of Curzon is

Historical examples of ultimatums

Many states and governments havetheir opponents uncompromising demands. Quite often in the language of diplomacy, an ultimatum is a note formulated more rigidly than usual. One of the first requirements of this kind is called statements of Tacitus. In the history of the twentieth century, the most famous such document is the demands of the English Ministry of Foreign Affairs handed over to the Soviet government. As formulated by the then head of the department, the document was also named after his name. It was distributed under the name "Curzon's ultimatum". These are categorical demands on Soviet Russia to stop religious persecution, apologize to the British Empire, withdraw its representatives from the British "zones of influence" and so on. In case of non-fulfillment, Lord Curzon threatened to break the trade agreement with the young state. But since this memorandum was not a military, but a diplomatic ultimatum, despite the storm of indignation raised by the Soviet side, both parties to the conflict agreed to each other. It is also interesting that in the recent history of Ukraine the ultimatum put up on the Maidan by the "hundred's fellow" Parasyuk, who threatened to resign if the then President of the country refused to go on an assault with weapons, is one of the reasons for Yanukovych's flight from the country.

And in his personal life?

It is customary to say that in relations between peoplesuch claims are unacceptable. That only ultimatums are exposed to those who crave power, not love and harmony. That they are resorted to either for blackmail, or in a state of frustration, trying to solve everything that has accumulated, immediately and in one fell swoop. But psychologists say that there are times when it is still necessary to put a family ultimatum. The meaning of this word - "to bring something to the end" - is not always negative. If something is really important to you - so much so that you can not sacrifice it for the sake of preserving peace in the house, then put your demands. Domestic violence, drugs or drunkenness are just a few examples when an ultimatum is perfectly acceptable. Otherwise your life can become completely unbearable.

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