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Traffic rules for schoolchildren: pictures, poems

The road represents a serious threat to healthand human life. Every day many people die in accidents. To save young children from danger, you need to learn the rules of the road with them. For schoolchildren, you can buy special books with pictures.

When to start introducing the child to the SDA

Roads and cars today surround us everywhere. By sending children to school or

traffic rules for schoolchildren
letting go outdoors, parents shouldto understand what a serious danger is for them cars. To prevent an accident, you must always learn the rules of the road with the child. For students there are special fascinating books with pictures and an accessible explanation of the rules.

Tell the kid about the importance of compliance with traffic rulesit is necessary already from an early age. To facilitate the study today there are a lot of children's books and colorings, which describe the main situation on the road. With the help of such literature, children will be able to visualize how to behave on the road and near it.

Traffic rules for schoolchildren

To make the child remember the traffic rules faster, it is recommended to hang it in a prominent place
a colorful poster on which a memo will be displayed: "Rules of the road for schoolchildren." You can buy it in the store or, if you want, draw it yourself.

The following rules must be present on the poster:

  • To cross the road is allowed only for the green signal of the traffic light.
  • If there is no traffic light, you can move only on the pedestrian crossing, having first looked around and making sure there is no traffic on the road.
  • Run across the street in the wrong place is dangerous for life.
  • Right-hand traffic only for transport.
  • On the sidewalks you need to walk on the left side.
  • Getting out of the bus, do not rush. You should wait until he leaves the stop.
  • Behave in the street should be neat and polite to the people around.

In addition, parents should explain to the child how to ride a bicycle or other means of transportation, and also to tell about road signs and signals given by cars.

Traffic rules for schoolchildren: pictures

rules of the road for schoolchildren: pictures

You can buy children's books with SDA in anybookshop in the department for small readers. They are very different, but the main thing in them is colorful pictures that will attract the attention of the child and cause interest. For the earliest age there are three-dimensional books that, when opened, create the effect of movement and scenery.

There are also coloring books in whichwritten rules of the road for schoolchildren. Pictures in them the child should be painted most. It will please the baby and draw him into the process. After working for a while on the drawing, he will unconsciously remember everything that was depicted on it or written. Coloring books are considered a fairly effective method of memorizing the rules of the road.

rules of the road in verse for schoolchildren

If your child is crazy about comic books, look for the traffic rules drawn in this style. Such books are also published and are in great demand.

SDA in verse

Usually children's traffic rules are writtenin verse. For schoolchildren, students in junior classes, this is an excellent opportunity to develop memory. The rhymed lines to remember at that age are much easier than the usual sentences.

Authors of such books try to help children getknowledge that will be useful to them. Poems can be learned at home, then told friends in the yard. It's a great opportunity to remember them not only to yourself, but to other guys.

In childhood, learning rhymes is quite simple. And some kids sometimes compose their own works. Parents or teachers can invite children to come up with rhymes about traffic rules. This will make children's fantasy and memory work.

Rules of the road in verse forstudents are short quatrains. They are written in plain language, so as not to overload the small readers. Poems are accompanied by colorful pictures that clearly show their essence.

traffic rules: pictures of schoolchildren

Learning the rules of the road in the game

Everyone knows that children are very fond of playing. This factor has become fundamental for the study of traffic rules. Information that is fed to the child during the game, it is better for them. Parents and teachers should be aware of this and arrange occasional role-playing games aimed at studying the rules of the road.

Usually for games a certain situation is taken,which can happen on the road. Together with the children you need to play it. Explain why it is necessary to behave this way, and not otherwise. Talk about what can happen if you do not follow traffic rules.

The guys will get involved in the game, start doing it themselvesinferences. It will be interesting to them, for a long time will be deposited in memory. Parents can, in their free time, draw a situation on the road in front of the child and ask him to answer the question of how to behave properly in such conditions.

The study of SDA in school lessons

The school has a great responsibility for its students. In the task of teachers

memo: traffic rules for schoolchildren
education of children not only in mathematics andphysics, they are also responsible for developing their useful skills. These include the rules of the road. Figures of schoolchildren on this topic allow them to better remember how to behave in certain situations. The point is that mechanical and visual memory is connected here.

In addition, the SDA must be studied in classOBZh in different classes. Thanks to this subject, children learn correct behavior and learn what to do in order to protect their lives from various unfavorable situations.

Occasionally, seminars and competitions between classes on knowledge of traffic rules should be conducted. The competitive spirit will stimulate children to study them.

Traffic rules for schoolchildren are veryare important. They will help children not to get lost and correctly orient themselves on the road. Remember, the knowledge of traffic rules can save your child's life, so treat them very responsibly.</ strong </ p>

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